Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition

The world of Minecraft PE is about to become even more thrilling and challenging with the introduction of the Wither Storm Mod. This mod brings an exciting boss battle experience to the game, where players will face off against the formidable Wither boss and a bonus boss called the Ultra Drowned. Prepare to embark on an epic journey filled with danger, teamwork, and intense combat as you strive to defeat these powerful adversaries. Let’s delve into the details of this thrilling mod and discover what awaits Minecraft PE players.

Name of Mod Wither Storm Mod 
Version(s) applicable 0.14.0 – 1.19.83
Category Mob Mods
Platform Android 


About the Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE

The Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE introduces a challenging and thrilling boss battle experience. Once installed, players will face intricate and difficult-to-beat mobs. The Wither boss now consists of six unique and deadly stages, requiring players to progress through each stage without much time for restocking and preparation.

Defeating the Wither in Minecraft PE is extremely difficult without assistance. The mod encourages players to team up with their bravest and strongest friends for the battle. The Wither possesses immense power and is considered overpowered in MCPE. In the first stage alone, it has one million heart points, making victory seem almost impossible.

However, despite the immense challenge, there are ways to overcome it. While the first four stages are relatively similar, the difficulty increases gradually, with the Wither gaining more lives and power. The most significant transformation occurs in the final stage, where the Wither morphs into the formidable Wither Storm, reminiscent of the boss in Minecraft: Story Mode. At this stage, the monster becomes incredibly massive, bulky, and almost invincible in MCPE.

Additionally, the Wither Mod offers an exciting bonus boss called the Ultra Drowned. This boss is exclusive to the Chinese version of the game and poses a similar level of danger as the Wither.

Overall, the Wither Mod for Minecraft PE introduces two epic and perilous bosses, providing players with a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience.


The Wither Storm Mod for Minecraft PE takes the excitement and difficulty of boss battles to new heights. With its intricate and difficult-to-beat mobs, the Wither boss presents a formidable challenge that will test the skills and coordination of even the most seasoned players. From its initial stages to the awe-inspiring transformation into the Wither Storm, the Wither boss pushes players to their limits. Furthermore, the inclusion of the exclusive bonus boss, the Ultra Drowned, adds an extra layer of danger and excitement to the gameplay. Embrace the challenge, gather your bravest allies, and prepare for an epic battle that will reward you with an unforgettable Minecraft PE experience.