Wilder World vs Decentraland: Metaverse, Token, Price

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Many new ventures in the digital asset field have arisen as a result of rising interest in related items. The community has a plethora of NFTs and metaverses, which propels the story along. Wilder World is one of the most recent ventures that has piqued people’s interest. The NFT industry is the focus of this metaverse.

In this post, we will compare Wilder world and Decentraland. Wilder World vs Decentraland, let the battle begin!

Wilder World vs Decentraland: Metaverse

What is the Wilder World Metaverse?

Wilder World Metaverse

Wilder World wants to provide an appropriate decentralized platform for creative people. This platform would offer tools that would allow creators to display their work and products. It also aspires to be a community-centered platform that exposes people to the world of virtual reality. It wants to accomplish this by constructing cities for exploration.

Surprisingly, one of the project’s first cities, Wiami, is strikingly similar to Miami’s popular metropolis. Furthermore, the project team used Ethereum and ZERO technologies to build the town on a blockchain. According to new sources, the team constructed the city to allow people to explore metaverses.

Wilder World includes a plethora of in-game games that allow gamers to enjoy while earning money. Play-to-earn games have become increasingly popular as they allow games to generate money in new ways. It’s reasonable to say that this isn’t the only play-to-earn game available in the digital asset arena. In fact, due to the potential they provide, these types of games are in high demand.

Wilder World, like other virtual worlds, concentrates on subjecting users to NFTs. When playing some of the world’s mini-games, users can win tokens. Wilder Wheels, for example, is one of the most popular titles in Wiami. This game is only available on Wiami, and it allows players to compete or rent out their favorite automobiles for money.

Furthermore, automobiles have unique programming that affects their gameplay and speed. It’s no wonder that these cars have a very creative appearance, given that they’re NFTs. If you need a new vehicle, you may quickly browse through a variety of car designs that are identical to cars in the real world.

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What is Decentraland Metaverse?


Decentraland is a blockchain-powered virtual reality platform where people may develop, enjoy, and monetize services and applications. But it’s not quite that straightforward.

Decentraland is one of the pioneering efforts attempting to create a new sort of world, a decentralized network. People will own their digital assets in Decentraland, as opposed to typical online places such as Facebook or Twitter. You can also explore and chat with individuals from all over the world, as with any other virtual reality (VR) platform, and engage yourself in social VR activities.

But what makes this initiative truly groundbreaking is its use of blockchain technology to enable everything from land purchases to platform interactions.

Decentraland’s purpose is to establish an open-source system that allows people to build anything they want inside this decentralized virtual realm, such as virtual storefronts, online casinos, social networking platforms, or anything else they can think of.

Wilder World vs Decentraland: Working

How does Wilder World Metaverse Works?

Because Wilder World is an NFT-powered platform, it makes use of blockchain technology to work smoothly. This verse, in a way, exposes the burgeoning non-fungible token market, hastening its expansion. Other tokens, including WILD and LOOT, help to power the metaverse and improve connectedness.

How Does Decentraland Metaverse Work?

The Decentraland app is designed to keep track of real estate parcels specified by LAND tokens. The software uses the Ethereum blockchain to monitor ownership of this virtual land, and it needs users to keep their MANA token in an Ethereum wallet to participate in its ecosystem.

The Decentraland project (MANA) intends to build a virtual commonplace owned and controlled entirely by its people. Unlike other social media sites, you will own your online content on Decentraland. That is, if you build an avatar on Decentraland, you can trade or give it to another individual.

Wilder World vs Decentraland: Tokens

What is Wilder World Token?

Wilder World Token

Wilder World’s native coinage is the WILD token. It is believed to be used in the administration of the Wilder World system, as well as for other reasons such as token staking. It is worth noting that the Wilder World cryptocurrency was priced around US$7 in November of last year. But, except for a few brief price increases, the cryptocurrency has been in a downward trend since then. The WILD token debuted in 2022 with a price tag of US$3.3, and on this metric, it has failed to regain much ground. WILD’s trading volume increased by more than 50% in the last 24 hours, however, this did not transfer into price gains.

What is Decentraland Token?

Decentraland Token

MANA is a crypto token based on the Ethereum blockchain system that can be used to buy and sell items on the Decentraland Metaverse system.

Wilder World vs Decentraland: Price

In the sections below, we have compared WILD and MANA price statistics:

What are the WILD Price Statistics?

Wilder World Price $1.09
Market Cap $92,837,316
Market Cap Dominance 0.00%
Trading Volume $2,453,125
Volume / Market Cap 0.0264
24h Low / 24h High $1.03 / $1.10
7d Low / 7d High $1.04 / $1.28
Market Cap Rank #428

What are the MANA Price Statistics?

Decentraland Price $1.97
Decentraland ROI 9743.2%
Market Cap $2,980,445,442
Market Cap Dominance 0.15%
Trading Volume $294,655,267
Volume / Market Cap 0.099
24h Low / 24h High $1.86 / $2.00
7d Low / 7d High $1.86 / $2.21
Market Cap Rank #45


Wilder World advertises itself as a 5D metaverse with features such as gaming, virtual property investment, and NFTs. This sounds comparable to the offerings of projects with a higher market cap, such as Decentraland and Axie Infinity.

The Ethereum blockchain powers Decentraland (MANA), a virtual reality platform. It enables users to produce, interact with, and commercialize services and applications. 

With this, we end our Wilder World and Decentraland comparison.