Why is Discord Laggy when I play Games? [FIXED]

“Why is Discord laggy when I play games?” If this question is bothering you, read on. In this blog, we’ll discuss the reasons behind Discord lag during gaming and some possible solutions to help you improve your gaming experience.

Have you ever been on a Discord call and suddenly started experiencing lag, even though your internet connection was fine? It’s the worst feeling when the person on the other end sounds robotic and stuttery, making it difficult to have a proper conversation. And what’s even more confusing is when some games work flawlessly while others keep lagging.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! Many people have faced the same issue, and the good news is that it’s fixable. We’ve gathered some proven solutions that can help you get rid of Discord lag and get back to smooth chatting with your friends.

Why is Discord Laggy when I play Games?

Why Is Discord Laggy When I Play Games

“Why is Discord laggy when I play games?” well when playing games on Discord, you may experience lag due to the app consuming excessive processing power from your device. This could occur if the app is not optimised for your device, there are numerous users on the server, or the internet connection is weak. 

To address this lagging issue on Discord, you can attempt several solutions such as shutting down other apps that are currently running in the background, rebooting your device, or connecting to a more reliable internet source. By taking these steps, you can alleviate the lag and enjoy a smoother gaming experience on Discord.

How Do I Stop Discord From Lagging My Game?

How Do I Stop Discord From Lagging My Game

If you are a passionate gamer who communicates with fellow gamers through Discord then you must have faced the annoyance of the Discord app slowing down or experiencing speed lags while playing your favourite game. If you’re facing this problem on Windows 10, you can try one of the fixes below!

Set CPU Usage

If you’re experiencing lagging or stuttering while gaming on Discord, it could be due to high CPU usage. This can cause your CPU to run at 100%, resulting in lag and crashes. Heavy applications like intense games, streaming services, and even video editing tend to consume high CPU power, leading to this issue. To address this, try adjusting your game’s CPU priority from high to normal.

Another solution is to reboot your system, which can fix CPU usage and clear out unwanted caches. Additionally, closing any unnecessary background applications may also resolve any software conflict issues.

Remember, optimising your system and prioritising CPU usage can help improve the performance of Discord while gaming.

Check Power Options

Did you know that your system’s Power settings could be impacting your gaming experience? If you haven’t customised them, chances are they are set to Balanced by default. While this setting conserves energy, it may also slow down certain processes, including gaming applications.

To address the Discord lagging issue, you can try switching the Power Options to High Performance. This can be easily done through the Control Panel, and it may help to optimise your system’s performance while gaming.

Hardware Accelerator

Running heavy applications like games can be challenging for standard CPUs. In such cases, these applications may require additional components to run efficiently.

Enter the Hardware Accelerator. By activating this feature, you can prevent heavy applications from overloading your CPU. However, it’s crucial to ensure that your system is compatible with this feature before enabling it.

Furthermore, it’s important to acknowledge that not every user has access to high-end hardware. Disabling Hardware Acceleration may be a better option to optimise performance in such cases.

Clear Discord’s Cache

Whenever you use specific applications, they tend to create temporary cache files to help them operate more efficiently. However, when too many of these files accumulate in your cache folder, it can cause issues, especially if they become corrupted.

If you’re experiencing lag while using Discord, it might be worth clearing your cache files to see if that helps. Here’s a quick guide:

  • Click on the Startup menu on your computer.
  • Type “Run” in the search box to open the command window.
  • Type “%APPDATA%/Discord/Cache” in the command window and press Enter.
  • Select all the files in the window and hit the Delete key to remove them.

Once you have emptied the Discord cache folder, launch Discord and see if the issue persists.

If you are still wondering, “Why is Discord laggy when I play games?” then this quick video is for you.


In conclusion, Discord lag can be a frustrating issue for gamers, and as we’ve explored in this article, there can be several reasons behind it. Whether it’s due to your hardware, software, or network, it’s essential to identify the root cause of the lag. 

By applying the troubleshooting tips we’ve shared, you can diagnose and fix the source of the lag and enjoy seamless gaming on Discord. So, next time you wonder, “Why is Discord laggy when I play games?” you’ll know what to do.


What Does Clearing Discord Cache Do?

Here’s the deal: Over time, when you use Discord, it creates cache files to make the application run smoothly. But when these files pile up and become too large, they can consume a significant amount of your storage space. So, if you want to make the most of your storage space and keep your system optimised, it is best to clear your Discord cache regularly.

Why Is Discord Vc So Laggy On Mobile?

The Discord app can experience lag due to several reasons, one of which is a software conflict. When multiple programs are running simultaneously on your PC, it’s possible that one of them might be conflicting with Discord and causing it to lag. To resolve this issue, it is advisable to disable any unnecessary programs while using Discord.

How Do I Fix Discord Lag On Ios?

To improve the performance of Discord on your iPhone, you can try disabling the background app refresh option for the app. This will prevent the app from running in the background and consuming system resources unnecessarily. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings and navigate to the ‘General’ tab. From there, find the ‘Background App Refresh’ option and disable it.

Another option is to reinstall the Discord app. This can help to clear any temporary files or data that may be causing the lag or slow performance.