Why did Iji die in Elden Ring?

Why did Iji die in Elden Ring? An unforgettable evening. After the founding of Elden Ring, the Night of Black Knives is the second most pivotal time in the region’s history. Only the Shattering surpasses its significance, and some may even argue that the Night of Black Knives was more pivotal. This is because Marika broke the Elden Rune as a direct result of the events of that night.

You may have picked up on multiple allusions to “The Night of Black Knives” throughout the play. The Spirit Ash of Black Knife Tiche first appears in the game’s opening cutscene, and you’ll encounter other Black Knife Assassins and possibly more later on. During her quest, Ranni the Witch mentions it explicitly today. References to the night in question will pop up frequently, although it may be challenging to put together what happened.

What is Iji’s location in the Elden Ring?

What is Iji’s location in the Elden Ring

Why did Iji die in Elden Ring? When you arrive at Liurnia of the Lakes, look for Smithing Master Iji in front of the Road to the Manor Site of Grace, north of The Four Belfries and west of the Bellum Church. After players agree to serve Ranni the Witch and begin her questline, they will encounter Iji in Spirit Form in the Three Sisters location. In addition to his part in Blaidd’s quest, Iji is one of the few NPCs who will sell you Somber Smithing Stones, which are required for upgrading certain types of weapons, including those used by many bosses. It’s worth noting that Ranni’s questline is intrinsically linked to that of Iji and Blaidd. Thus your participation in that questline is the only way to see their ultimate destinies.

What happened to Iji in the Elden Ring?

What happened to Iji in the Elden Ring

Why did Iji die in Elden Ring? Once you’ve finished the quest and defeated Blaidd, you may chat with War Counselor Iji about Blaidd’s death by selecting the “Blaidd’s Death” option. Iji will then discuss Blaidd’s death and say that he will “follow [Blaidd] shortly” in the ensuing dialogue. If the player leaves the location and returns later, they will discover Iji dead and engulfed in black flame.

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Why did Iji die in Elden Ring?

Why did Iji die in Elden Ring

Assasins from the Black Knife group murdered Iji because he betrayed the Golden Order. The Two Fingers presumably ordered the assassination of Iji. Essentially, Iji served Ranni The Witch in his role as War Counselor. When you first meet Ranni, she’ll tell you this.

Why did Iji die in Elden Ring? Ranni’s ultimate purpose is revealed as you progress through her questline: she wants to start a new era in The Lands Between by betraying the Golden Order. Iji reveals later in the questline that Blaidd, another of Ranni’s servants, has been placed there by the Two Fingers with the explicit instruction to eliminate Ranni should she ever decide to violate the golden order.

Blaidd eventually figures it out and loses his mind as a result. Blaidd must be killed outside Ranni’s rise at that point. If Iji learns of Blaidd’s demise, he will likely state that he, too, is nearing the end of his life. When Iji’s body is discovered after resting at a Site of Grace, it will be engulfed in black flame, his helmet will be off, and three Black Knife assassins will be lying dead next to him.

There are two main inferences to be drawn from this:

  • It was learned through the data on Iji’s helmet that it was effective against assassination teams like the Black Knife. Many of Iji’s admirers assumed that he had committed suicide because of his final comments and the fact that he wasn’t wearing his helmet when he passed away. He took the helmet off so that his killers would find him more easily.
  • The second is that he must be a traitor to the Golden Order because the Black Knife assassins targeted him because of his loyalty to Ranni.

Where to find the Iji in Elden Ring?

Liurnia, the Land of the Lakes, is home to Iji. Players must travel to the shore of Northern Liurnia Lake to reach Iji. You can go to the Kings realm Ruins by continuing straight ahead once you get the grace light.

Upon entering the remains, go straight until you reach the north wall and see the inscription. On the contrary, a blow to this wall would uncover a road and the “Road to the Manor” Site of Grace. Iji, the War Counselor, lives to the left of this Holy Ground.

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Who killed Iji in the Elden Ring?

One of the non-playable characters in Elden Ring is Iji, a war counselor. He’s a trader and a blacksmith rolled into one: you can buy Somber Smithing Stones from him, and he can also improve your weapons. When first seeing him, he bluffs to the Tarnished that the Caria Manor to his north is surrounded by a spell that will destroy it. Why did Iji die in Elden Ring?

The Tarnished’s alliance with Lunar Princess Ranni reveals that Iji is an ally and war advisor for Ranni. When the Tarnished finally manages to take down Starscourge Radahn, Iji locks Blaidd up in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol because she thinks Blaidd will give in to the Two Fingers’ manipulation.

After the Tarnished obtains Ranni’s Dark Moon Ring, perhaps at the same time she kills her Two Fingers with the Fingerslayer Blade, Blaidd can flee the Evergoal despite Iji’s best efforts to keep him there. Once the Black Knife Assassins have been eliminated, Blaidd will be located at Ranni’s Rise. Iji is murdered by many Black Knife Assassins soon after learning of Blaidd’s demise.

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Can you save Iji in the Elden Ring?

Fortunately, Iji can be rescued in Elden Ring. However, Iji’s mission cannot be fulfilled in this manner. Ultimately, Iji’s pursuit would lead to his demise. The players should not tell Iji that Blaidd has died in Elden Ring if they want to keep him alive. Blaidd dies after you inform Iji of his fate.

Players who refuse to tell Iji about Blaidd’s death will be unable to complete the final phase of Iji’s mission. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to finish the task and save Iji’s life. After Iji dies, his bell will be available to the players. Giving him a chance at life means the players can use him as a blacksmith.


Why did Iji die in Elden Ring? One of the non-playable characters in Elden Ring is Iji, a war counselor. Initially met as Smithing Master Iji, the kind Troll who serves as War Counselor, Iji offers his skills to the player and the Carian royal family.

If you travel to the northern slopes of Western Liurnia of the Lakes, you should be able to locate him. We aspire to have both entertained and educated you with this piece.

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