Why can’t I see my Friends Summon Sign in Elden Ring?

Having a friend join you in taking on Elden Ring’s difficulties is a fun way to experience the game and an efficient approach to lessen the impact of its more challenging obstacles. Don’t worry if you can’t make out your friends summon symbol. Elden Ring is more than a touch janky, and the mechanisms involved aren’t exactly intuitive. This article will guide you through solving this issue in detail. Let’s get started.

Why can’t I see my friends summon sign in Elden Ring? We’ve compiled a list of potential solutions to the problem of not being able to see your friends summon signs while playing Elden Ring together.

Why can’t I see my Friends Summon Sign in Elden Ring?

Why can't I see my friends summon sign Elden Ring

To bring players into an Elden Ring game, you must first travel to a summoning pool, which can be located in dungeons and with certain world monsters. Find the Martyr Effigies and cast you to summon a sign into the pool using the Small Golden Effigy.

However, Multiplayer Passwords can be used to restrict access to your world so that only your pals can be summoned there. The Multiplayer section of the menu is where you’ll find this option. Then, press the Triangle/Y button to access the sub-menu where you can change the Multiplayer Passwords.

How to summon 3 friends in the Elden Ring? 

To play Elden Ring with friends online, gamers must go through some hoops, as cooperative gaming has restrictions. One player acts as a “Host of Fingers” in Elden Ring online multiplayer, while the other players join their reality as ghost players who aid the host in their tasks.

There must be an active internet connection on both players’ devices for cooperative gaming. Following that, you and your friend will need to launch the game’s main menu and select “Multiplayer” from the list of available modes.

Choose “Settings” and “Multiplayer Password” after you are there. It doesn’t matter what it is, so long as you and your pals enter it accurately and it matches. With these codes, you may be confident that you and your friend will be the only ones who can see each other in the game despite its massive player base.

Now that this is taken care of, anyone who isn’t the host should use the Small Golden Effigy, a noted item in the multiplayer menu. That is, everyone should do this to save the one who needs assistance with a boss fight or a particularly challenging region. This will cause the text “Sending Co-op sign to summoning pool” to appear on the screen.

Go back to the initial spot outside the Stranded Graveyard, below the Tree Sentinel, if you don’t have the Small Golden Effigy. It will be propped up against the Martyr Effigy in the plaza. 

The host must then locate a little statue known as a Martyr Effigy in the area where they require assistance. Figures like this are ubiquitous and modest; they stand with their arms outstretched and can be encountered near the beginnings of dungeons or outside boss arenas.

By activating the summoning pool with your interaction, you will be able to contact other Small Golden Effigy users with the same Password as you. They’re finally ready to come inside!

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When Other Players Can Summon You?

When Other Players Can Summon You

Helping assist a fellow Elden Ring user via Summoning requires interacting with a Martyr Effigy, so do so if you’re in the spirit of cooperation. But this time, you’ll need to put down your very own Summoning sign! It’s accomplished with a tool known as the Tarnished’s Furled Finger. Once you’ve completed your Summoning, another player is free to select your symbol.

Your connection will initiate once you’ve been selected, and you’ll be taken into their gaming world. It will again be your mission to eliminate the area’s top boss. You can only be Summoned by other players of the same or higher level during general multiplayer.

How to Summon in Elden Ring while Playing with friends?

Using the Password system, you can guarantee that your friends will pick you. This feature, accessible via the Multiplayer menu, lets you and your pals create a secret password for use in the game. If the same password is entered into the Multiplayer menu by all players who wish to form a team, then only the Summoning signs of those players will appear in your game, and vice versa.

Players summoned via the Password system are not subject to the same level restrictions as regular users; nevertheless, your health, attack damage, and defense will be capped if you are significantly higher level than the host.


Cooperating with other players is a great way to get into any role-playing game, and Elden Ring is no exception. In the Lands Between, gamers can do as they did in Dark Souls and invite friends into their realms to help out. Elden Ring’s method of calling on them is a little different from other games, and if you want to team up with your pals, you’ll need to use the game’s password matchmaking feature. This post’s purpose was to provide entertainment and information, and we hope we succeeded.

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