Who is Jenny from Minecraft?

Who is Jenny from Minecraft? If players have been playing the game for a long and are continuing they will be aware of the new update. That added a new fictional character name, Jenny. So in this blog, we will discuss who is jenny from Minecraft.

Who is Jenny from Minecraft?

Who is Jenny from Minecraft

Jenny is a new fictional character in the game which was created by Slippery Tum who is a developer working for Minecraft. So Jenny is an exciting character that you can think of as your virtual girlfriend. You can accompany Jenny on dates and gift her jewelry like emeralds, diamonds, and gold. Even though she is a virtual character you can still share your feelings with her.

You will find Jenny mod in a pointed roof structure in the game.

Jenny does not only act as your virtual girlfriend but also she has a few unique abilities that can help you in the game.

Who is Jenny from Minecraft? She is a character in Minecraft with special abilities. You must be thinking about what kind of abilities a virtual girlfriend will have in the game. Like Enderman, Jenny can teleport. She has the skills to heal so that in case of attack she can recover her strengths quickly. Also, she can use water-breathing skills and probability manipulation methods to manipulate the situation in her favor provided by drinking a lucky potion.

However, you need to keep in mind that Jenny Mod does adult interactions, which is not appropriate for children. Furthermore, it should be noted that this update is not authorized and not appropriate for usage at work (NSFW). 

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So now you know Jenny is your virtual girlfriend who has some special abilities in the game. So, keep on playing the game to find out more unique characters. 

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How does Jenny get the armor in Minecraft?

You can get armor for Jenny in the game by following given below steps.

Step 1. First, you need to make sure Jenny’s hands are empty

Step 2. After that, all you need to do is right-click on the weapon list and select the armor

Which Minecraft Version Supports Jenny Mod?

As it is a new update so Currently, Jenny Mod 1.12.2 is supported only by Minecraft Version 1.12.2

Additionally, the mod is only available for the PC version of the game. There is therefore no possibility of exposure from users of the PlayStation, Xbox, Android, or iOS. But the “creative” mod in which the mod runs is quickly gaining popularity.