Who Can Burn NFT?

Who can burn NFT? Read this post to get the answer. An NFT (non-fungible token) is a unique digital asset that, since it is maintained on the blockchain, permits proof of ownership. In this post, you will learn about the meaning of NFT burning, who can burn NFTs, and why they are burned. So, without further ado, let’s start reading.

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What is Burning an NFT?

NFT Burning

A non-fungible token is destroyed when it is burned. Burned NFTs are delivered to an unspendable address, thus removing your NFT from the database. Transactions preceding the burn, on the other hand, will stay on the blockchain record.

An NFT can be burned in a number of different ways. The goal is to reduce the number of tokens available at the moment. Although it may appear strange, burning tokens does not truly destroy them; alternatively, it leaves them worthless in the future.

One of the most typical methods is to send the NFTs to an eater address, also known as a null address. Because the transaction is irrevocable, tokens supplied to a null address are deemed unusable.

Tokens can be burned in order to limit supply and thus boost value. While the word burning conjures up images of flames and smoke, no tokens are burned. The tokens are simply rendered useless in the future. NFTs are also destroyed to correct errors or to encourage buyers to keep their NFTs when they become more expensive.

When the tokens are discovered, a Proof of Burn, or PoB, is established.

The proof-of-burn (PoB) consensus algorithm allows users to destroy their tokens. This, however, not only consumes a huge amount of resources but may also be highly expensive. PoB manages this by limiting the number of units that can be destroyed, hence reducing mining activity.

Destroying an NFT is essentially the same as deleting it. Before removing your NFT, consider why it has to be taken from the blockchain. Keep in mind that you’ll never see it again. Even though destroying a digital asset may appear extreme, burning cryptocurrency tokens is a pretty common occurrence in regular crypto activity.

This underlying strategy is used to influence a token’s market rate. When you destroy a token, you are permanently pulling it from circulation. When you pull your NFTs from circulating permanently, you decrease the overall supply. If done correctly, this can raise the rarity of your existing tokens.

Some NFT makers also allow individuals to combine NFTs in order to improve the project’s importance. The merged NFTs are often burned in the operation to guarantee that the new and enhanced one retains value.

Who Can Burn NFT?

Burning an NFT necessitates the original inventor or NFT owner to burn the NFT and issue a new one in its place.

An NFT is maintained on the blockchain, a peer-to-peer ledger where all clients can see who owns it, allowing for verified ownership. The blockchain’s architectural design allows all transactions to be observed and authenticated by everybody on the blockchain. This makes tampering with data (or blocks) in the blockchain difficult.

who can burn an NFT

Due to the structure of the blockchain, ‘deleting’ an NFT is not feasible; but, ‘burning’ an NFT is achievable by transferring it to an address that no one holds. While the NFT will remain on the ledger, there will be no means to access it, therefore it is deemed ‘burned’ or withdrawn from circulation.

Can Anyone Create an NFT? 

An NFT is a one-of-a-kind digital item with a single owner. The rarity provides an NFT value. Confirm that you possess the intellectual property rights to the thing you wish to convert into an NFT. Making an NFT for a digital asset you do not own could land you in hot water.

Why Would I Burn an NFT?

The most common reason for burning an NFT is to manage value. A decrease in supply raises the price of an asset, enticing investors and traders to engage as soon as possible. Some may destroy NFTs simply because the token contains a defect or fault, or there were too many created. However, the fundamental cause is value management.


Note that NFTs are only useful if there is a supply and demand for them. People buy non-fungible tokens or anything else for the sake of value and likeability. If there is strong demand but a low supply, the price may increase.