Where to use Erudition Elden Ring?

Where to use Erudition Elden Ring? FromSoftware games heavily emphasize the use of gestures. In addition to being utilized as a form of greeting amongst players, many players also use them to express how they feel after completing a particularly challenging boss fight. Ring motions also serve as game mechanics in Elden. In today’s guide, you’ll learn everything you need about the Erudition Gesture, a critical gesture required to access some locked towers in the Elden Ring.

The boss battles in FromSoftware games have always been renowned for their extreme difficulty and brutality. The boss fights in Elden Ring are some of the most challenging in the series. Some of the most demanding bosses in Elden Ring are Maliketh, Malenia, Radahn, and the Godskin Duo. 

Where to use the Erudition gesture in the Elden Ring?

Where to use the Erudition gesture in the Elden Ring

Where to use Erudition Elden Ring? The Erudition gesture in Elden Ring serves a dual purpose: it can be used to solve some tower riddles in addition to striking a stance in PvP or at any other time. Fringe Tower Conversion and Tower Conversion are the buildings under question here. When used in conjunction with other gestures, it can be used to access otherwise inaccessible areas and advance the story in Elden Ring.

As you might expect from such a significant show of affection, achieving it is no simple feat. The process of earning the Erudition gesture is fraught with difficulty. If you’re already here, you might as well check out our breakdown of the top Dex and Strength weapons in Elden Rings. Without further ado, let’s talk about how to get the gesture and what it can be used for.

Path of Thops Quest

You must start the Sorcerer Thops Questline to receive the Erudition gesture. The place of Thops’s grace on a cliff above Lake Facing can be seen outside Stormveil’s castle. When you arrive, make your way to the Church of Irith, where you’ll find Thops relaxing on a bench next to the enormous Statue of Marika.

His words will eventually run out, and he’ll admit that he must return to Raya Lucaria Academy. The Academy Glintstone Key is required for this. 

First Glintstone Key

When you first enter Liurnia of Lakes, one of the first things you’ll notice is the enormous castle in the middle of the land. You’ll also need a Glintstone key to enter the school’s buildings.

If you want the Glintstone key, you must travel to the academy’s west side and enter Temple Quarters. To find the glintstone key, head north from the Temple Quarter site of grace until you come upon a giant sleeping dragon.

Battle with Glintstone Dragon Smarag is optional but recommended if you want to reach the body. You can engage this Dragon in combat or quickly approach the body to retrieve the key. The decision is up to you. As for the Dragon itself, it’s not that tough of an opponent. Its move set is identical to that of Flying Dragon Agheel, with the addition of a few magical strikes.

That Dragon can be slain for its Dragon Heart and a nice haul of runes. Remember that Thops cannot accept the First Glintstone Key and will return it to you if you hand it to him anyway, as he has no interest in stealing your only means of entering the academy.

Happily, he can find a second Glintstone key in the school’s secure vault.

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Where to use Erudition Elden Ring? 

Where to use Erudition Elden Ring

Where to use Erudition Elden Ring? FromSoftware titles like Elden Ring benefit greatly from cooperative play with buddies. Exploring the Lands Between with a group of friends willing to “jolly cooperate” to take on challenging dungeons and mind-bending monster encounters is a lot of fun.

Different emotes players can employ and find strewn about the realm give even more depth to the experience. These expressions are frequently tucked away out of sight or behind a chain of quests the player must complete to unlock them. What do you want? Spread Out, The Ring, and Fancy Spin are some of the most frequently used emotes. One, though, is sought after by many players but remains elusive.

How to use the Erudition in the Elden Ring? 

How to use the Erudition in the Elden Ring

Where to use Erudition Elden Ring? Acquiring the Erudition action requires speaking with NPC Thops in the Church of Irith behind Stormveil Castle. An overview of the task is provided here. To continue his education at the Academy of Raya Lucaria, Thops will require a Glintstone Key. Thus you need first arrange to meet him in the chapel above. This key is up in the ceiling of the Cuckoo Church. Defeating the Red Wolf of Radagon is a necessary step to accessing this area of the magical academy.

Locations of All Imbued Sword Keys on the Elden Ring

Going left from the boss room’s exit will take you up a set of broken stairs, then another set of intact stairs will take you to the next level. At the top of the second set of stairs, traverse to the left over a railing, ascend another set of stairs, then across the left bar to reach the roof. To access the Church of Cuckoo, climb a ladder and traverse the second set of roofs downward. Drop from the ceiling onto the chandelier holding the Glintstone Key. To unlock the Erudition gesture, you must return to Thops and hand up the key.


Where to use Erudition Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s Converted Towers and Converted Fringe Towers house a different and challenging puzzle. Two statues in the Liurnia of the Lakes area allude to the answer.

In the Converted Tower, there is a monument with the inscription “May Erudition Light the Way!” while “Erudition Guide Thee!” can be found in the variation in Converted Fringe Tower. No additional context or clarification is provided. The key to unlocking Oridys’s Rise and the other towers in the game is usually close at hand. To open the door, you must usually find some hidden spirit turtles.

In this situation, however, the key to accessing the Converted Tower and Converted Fringe Tower is connected to completing a mission involving a specific NPC. Thanks for reading our post.