Where To Play My Neighbor Alice?

With the rise in the crypto trends, one can find various RPG blockchain games today. Most of these play-to-earn games may require you to forge strong weapons and battle to succeed in them. Some great examples of these include Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades, My DeFi Pet, etc. While all these games are great, what if you need something with a more relaxing theme?

In that case, we have an excellent option for you in the form of a bitcoin game named My Neighbor Alice. This game is said to allow players to create their avatars, and design and decorate their land. Along with this, it has various activities like fishing and bug catching that the players will be able to engage in.

Interesting, isn’t it? In case you are wondering where to play My Neighbor Alice, this is the post for you. Let us quickly find out all about it!

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What Is My Neighbor Alice?

Before we find out where to play My Neighbor Alice, let us first find out what it is. First things first, this game is one of the creations of Antler Interactive – which is known for various innovations in VR. After the virtual reality, the company is now experimenting with Augmented Reality and bringing to its users My Neighbor Alice.

What Is My Neighbor Alice

This particular blockchain-based play-to-earn game leverages the Chromia blockchain platform. Owing to this the game is known to have advanced blockchain and in-game DeFi features. When it comes to the inspiration behind this crypto game, it takes it from games like Minecraft, Stardew Valley, and Animal Crossing.

One thing that is common in all these games is that they are all very social games. Also, these are from the Farming genre. When we talk about My Neighbor Alice, it is made on an island complex. These islands are in the Lummelunda archipelago. In this area, animals and humans coincide with each other.

The person Alice in My Neighbor Alice is someone who shares the archipelago with others. These are her friends and include Ivan the Merchant, Shipwright Jose, Bjorn the Bear, and Bob the beekeeper. An interesting part about that game is that it not only attracts DeFi professionals and blockchain enthusiasts but also ordinary players.

You should also know that this game is the first of its kind to attract ordinary gaming aficionados first, and then, later blockchain and DeFi fanaticThethe makers of the platform are of the view that My Neighbor Alice is a literal game for the global audience first, and then a game for blockchain players. The same is stated in the game’s whitepaper.

Where To Get My Neighbor Alice and Get Started with It?

Now that you know what this game is, let us move on to the most crucial part of the post –where to play My Neighbor Alice? If after reading all about the game, you are wondering – “Can I play My Neighbor Alice, the answer is Yes.

Where To Get My Neighbor Alice

You can readily Wishlist My Neighbor Alice on Steam. Alternatively, you can do the same via the official My Neighbor Alice website. You can also readily purchase the ALICE tokens. Once you Wishlist the game, and when it is made available, here is how to get started with it Toto gets started with My Neighbor Alice, you will need a digital wallet first. For it, you can download MetaMask.

  • If you do not have a Binance account, create one as you will need it to purchase USDT. Later, you can convert these to ALICE – the native token of My Neighbor Alice.
  • For USDT, you need to visit the Binance page and make a deposit (via bank transfer or any of your preferred methods).
  • Once you have USDT available, find the “Market” tab, and click on it.
  • Then, you need to select the Spot market and Fiat Market.
  • After this, look for the search bar, and type “ALICE USDT.” Once you do this, select the option presented.
  • Now, you will be able to purchase ALICE tokens readily.
  • If you wish to participate in the Land Sale Lottery, find the link for it, and head over there.
  • Lastly, you only need to connect your MetaMask wallet, and you will be able to deposit the needed amount of My Neighbor Alice tokens.

Now, you may have observed that to buy a plot in the game, Land Sale Lottery is needed. This is in the lottery format to give everyone a fair chance. Everyone using the game will have an equal shot at acquiring a piece of land in the Alice metaverse. Also, they will not have to worry about being the highest bidder.

What Are My Neighbor Alice Gameplay Features?

After this, let us talk a bit about the My Neighbor Alice gameplay features. If you have ever experienced playing Minecraft, Stardew Valley, or the Sims, My Neighbor Alice has a similar structure. For those who are not aware of any of these games, fret not. We will describe the ambiance of the game to you.

My Neighbor Alice Gameplay Features

Imagine yourself immersed in the setting of nature. Along with it, there is a soothing farm soundtrack playing in the background. This is My Neighbor Alice for you. Here, you are free to decorate and customize the land you own any way you want. All the in-game assets can be bought on the marketplace.

So, you are free to buy anything like veggies, plantations, decorations, etc. Not only this, but you can also create your assets with the help of NFT creators. Then, you can monetize these creations to earn ALICE. The game also has DeFi capabilities for the in-game assets. Next, there is the Lummelunda archipelago which has six key parts.

The first one has Fairy magic and is called Snowflake Island. After this island comes the Medieval Plains. These are the landscapes that are filled with low vegetation. The Lummelunda archipelago also has Nature’s Rest. This one comprises dense forests. It is also the home of Bjorn the Bear – one of Alice’s friends.

The next key part of the Lummelunda archipelago is the town area known as Lummested. You can find it in the middle of the map. In this area, you can meet other players, and interact with each other. Next comes the Sandy Coast. This area contains multiple islands and is a representation of the Maldives.

The last key part of the Lummelunda archipelago is the Submerged Islands. This is where the players can locate various treasures that are present beyond the waves and shipwrecks. While exploring the islands, you need to be extra careful as these also contain several pirates. Thus, to conclude, the six key parts of the Lummelunda archipelago are:

  • Snowflake Island
  • Medieval Plains
  • Nature’s Rest
  • Lummested
  • Sandy Coast
  • Submerged Islands

If we go by the whitepaper of this play-to-earn game My Neighbor Alice, it will have a dynamic progression system. This system will reward the users of the game as good citizens. Furthertoto makes progress in the game, the players will have to complete several fun quests, activities, and favors. There will also be Shared Quests and Community Events to help players bond well and work on a shared goal.

Does My Neighbor Alice Have a Mobile Version?

My Neighbor Alice sure does sound like a great idea. However, can you play My Neighbor Alice in Mobile? In case you want to know about the same, we are here to help you out. As of now, the makers of the game do not plan to launch a mobile version of the world of Alice. That being said, the game now has a mobile companion game.

This companion game connects to the main game and works in any browser. Thus, be it on iOS or Android phones, you can play it on any browser in them. For Alice’s Mysterious Seed game, players will need seeds that they can buy from the store. Alternatively, it is also possible to win them via giveaways and airdrops that the game company conducts on their official site.

There are two types of seed pouches that you can purchase for a player. These are “Alice” and “Chromia.” That being said, you can’t choose between the two. The one you will get will be a surprise. The prices for these can be 1 ALICE token or 40 CHR tokens. You only need to plant a seed, grow it, take care of the plant, and attain fruits from it.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, the answer for where to play My Neighbor Alice is either on its official site on Steam. If you are fond of the farming genre, My Neighbor Alice looks like a promising game for you. Unlike other NFT games, this one is relaxing and will need complete research and patience for following the roadmap to succeed in the game.

That being said, you need to remember that games like My Neighbor Alice need real money, and the price of ALICE may increase or decrease depending on the market potential.