Where to go after Rennala Elden Ring?

Where to go after Rennala Elden Ring? Players have the opportunity to demonstrate their prowess in the Elden Ring by vanquishing the powerful demigod known as Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. The queen resides in a location that is among the most out of the ordinary in the game, and her presence is essential to ensuring that players can respect their characters.

In addition, to complete Ranni’s questline, gamers are going to have to vanquish Queen Rennala in some way. You must be wondering where you should head next now that Rennala Elden Ring has been completed. Even though Rennala is not a required boss in Elden Ring, players should put more emphasis on defeating her than any of the other demigods. Players are required to acquire two Great Runes before they can get access to Leyndell, the Royal Capital.

Rennala ought to be considered one of the two Great Runes for a variety of reasons. It is not obvious what the following step is for the players who decide to battle her and end up winning.

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Who is Rennala Elden Ring?

Who is Rennala Elden Ring

Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon, is a boss in the Elden Ring. Locations of Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon in the Elden Ring, as well as helpful hints and techniques for defeating her quickly, are provided in this guide. Statistics and the mythology around Rennala are also included. Despite not being a demigod, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, is one of the many shard carriers that players may have to defeat to progress the plot. She can be found in Raya Lucaria’s Academy.

For some time now, the Carian Royal family has been led by Rennala, a strong witch. The academy’s pupils rebelled against the royal family after Radagon left Rennala to become Marika’s second consort, causing Rennala to fall into disrepair. Rennala was then imprisoned with her amber egg in the Grand Library. You do not have to fight Rennala to advance to the next region of Elden Ring, but you might choose to do so later in the game. At the outset of her first phase, she focuses solely on harming the young students with the golden aura to weaken their defenses.

Please take advantage of the fact that, later in the game, she frequently stumbles over minor obstacles. If she is ultimately defeated, she will leave behind the Great Rune of the Unborn and the Full Moon Queen’s Remembrance. In this form, she can also assume the role of a non-playable character whose sole purpose is to encourage you to be true to yourself.

Bosses are a special and difficult form of Enemy that can be encountered all around the Lands Between. Each shard bearer carries a different Great Rune and leaves a different Remembrance. The player can use these materials to create potent weapons, spells, talismans, and even ashes of war.

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Where to go after beating Rennala?

Where to go after beating Rennala

Rennala, who uses magic and Spirit Ash summons, is one of the simpler demigods to vanquish. She’s in a central place in Liurnia of the Lakes, so gamers usually find her entryway. Where to go after Rennala Elden Ring? Defeating Godrick in Stormveil Castle and Rennala allows players to enter Altus Plateau and reach Leyndell, Royal Capital. Elden Ring’s story continues. Altus Plateau and Leyndell are both challenging, high-level sites.

Players who want to finish the main tale swiftly can defeat Godrick and Rennala and proceed to the capital. Any player who does this will likely be under-leveled and have trouble advancing. After conquering Rennala, players should explore Liurnia. Liurnia features several tunnels, dungeons, and other hidden secrets.

Rennala and Raya Lucaria Academy are part of the region. Four Belfries and Carian Manor are to the northwest. On the region’s east side are numerous intriguing dungeons. After defeating Rennala, players can use her Great Rune at Liurnia’s Divine Tower. This east Liurnia tower requires players to advance Ranni’s questline. Ranni is in northwest Liurnia and sends players on a great Elden Ring adventure.

Players who don’t wish to perform Ranni’s quest can do Latenna’s, Rya’s, or Millicent’s instead. After defeating Rennala, players should see Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, in Volcano Manor. Volcano Manor is in Altus Plateau’s extreme northwest. Therefore players must have advanced the main story to reach it. Volcano Manor and Mt. Gelmir are challenging, so players should be level 65 to 80. General Starscourage Radahn in Caelid is another option.

Radahn isn’t a required boss in Elden Ring, although beating them advances Ranni’s questline. Radahn lets players explore the Lands Between subsurface. Caelid is required to Access Altus Plateau through the Grand Lift of Rold. Fort Faroth holds the Dectus Medallion needed to Access the lift and Altus Plateau. After conquering Rennala, players can explore Elden Ring’s Ainsel or Siofra Rivers. These are early-game underground sites.

They take a long time to complete and have amazing views, weapons, bosses, and foes. After defeating Rennala, players can complete questlines, visit new locales, and advance Elden Ring’s main story. The player decides how to play. Players must level up as they proceed to stay up with their enemies.

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Where to find Rennala Elden Ring?

Where to find Rennala Elden Ring

Even though we mentioned Rennala is at the Church of Elleh, some players may wonder where she is in the Elden Ring. Nonetheless, there is a catch: several people have mentioned that Renna is either nonexistent or not spawning. Up until midnight, when Renna spawns, we recommend killing time in the nearby Site of Grace. You’ll discover Renna, who, if spoken to, will give you the Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes, in the first section of Elden Ring. You now have all the details you need to find and get in touch with Renna. Where to go after Rennala Elden Ring? If you’re interested in learning more, keep on reading!

How to get Renna to spawn an Elden Ring?

Stop by the Touch of Grace outside the Stormgate and have a chat with Milena. She’ll make it so you can level up and unlock Torrent, the spirit horse. With this, you can create an instance of Renna the Witch. When we’re done here, you’ll want to use the teleporter to head to the Church of Elleh fast-travel location. Renna, who has been waiting for you on one of the crumbling walls, will summon you once you reach the ruins and scream out your name.

She will stop reproducing in the church if you return there. The Spirit Calling Bell and the Lone Wolf Ashes will be delivered to you after you speak with Renna. If you possess these two items, you will be able to summon spirit wolves to aid you in battle.

How to Fix the “Renna Isn’t Spawning” Bug?

She is reportedly hard to spawn for many people. Many people have found a resolution to their problems by teleporting back to the church at night if this describes their scenario. Once you’ve visited the Table of Lost Grace, you supposedly won’t be able to set up this meeting again. This makes it a priority that you finish it as quickly as feasible in the game. If you’re unable to retrieve this, the Twin Maiden Husks in the Round Table Hold also have the Lone Wolf Ashes and the Spirit Calling Bell.


Beating Queen Rennala is a significant win in the Elden Ring, but what happens next? Finding the following best path to becoming Elden Lord may appear complicated, but we have talked of the alternatives for tackling this next stage of the game. We trust that your questions have been answered by this post. We appreciate your time here.

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