Where to get Poison Mist in Elden Ring?

Where to get Poison Mist in Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, the Poison Mist Spell can be performed as an incantation while moving, and it causes a cloud of Poison to rise in front of the caster. The location in Limgrave, Weeping Peninsula, makes this a helpful Spell that can be obtained early on. The only real hassle in acquiring Poison Mist is a teleporting Teardrop Scarab. Therefore players will need to act swiftly to achieve the Incantation.

Those who choose to reside in the Poison Mist for any length of time become well acquainted with the servants of rot. Also, death gives birth to life. Therefore it’s like the rebirth cycle. Alternatively, Tarnished can employ the Ash of War, known as Poisonous Mist, if the players aren’t pleased with this Elden Ring Incantation.

Where to get Poison Mist in Elden Ring?

Where to get Poison Mist Elden Ring

If you’re looking for this spell, you’ll need to head to the rampart of Castle Morne. From there, proceed to the southeast until you reach the location on the map below. On the other hand, a Teardrop Scarab will greet you as you approach the woodland. Fight this foe, as it is the only source of the Poison Mist.

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Where can I find Poison Mist Ash?

You can further refine your weapon in the Elden Ring with the help of the Ashes of War. Locating these Ashes of War is the first step toward giving your gun a unique flair that reflects your character. The Poisonous Mist is one such talent, which confers the Poison effect on a weapon. The location of the Ash of War in Elden Ring is the Poisonous Mist.

The Aeonia Swamp, located west of Sellia, Town of Sorcery, is where you’ll find this Ash of War. Head south and slightly west to find a little island with a white Scarab waiting in the center.

Getting here may be challenging if you want to stay safe through the marsh; you should rely on Torrent, your horse. Also, be swift with your melee weapon or have access to a ranged weapon. The white Scarab clutching this Ash of War will teleport if you take too long to attack it. After scoring a hit, you can upgrade many of your weapons with the Ash of War: Poisonous Mist.

How do you activate Poison Mist in Elden Ring?

The first step in learning the Poison Mist spell is to travel to the location highlighted in the above map. To find the white ball-like monster, travel south on the road. If you want the Poison Mist spell, you’ll need to chase and attack the beast. Always factor in the FP cost of casting a spell or using magic. The Poison Mist Spell requires 18 FP to cast. The minimum Faith required to cast the spell is 12.

How much damage does Poison Mist do in Elden Ring?

How much damage does Poison Mist do

Poisoning a boss is an option in the game. Crystalian foes and those with a spirit-like appearance are probably immune to Poison. Most of the game’s other bosses can receive a Poison state via weapons, incantations, and other means during boss encounters. This, in addition to the harm done by weaponry, will eventually kill them. You can also use the following

Poison Grease

In Elden Ring, you can use Poison Grease to inflict Poison statuses on bosses and opponents. It’s a temporary Poison coating that can be applied to a weapon and then consumed. Two Poisonblooms and a Root Resin are all needed to make it. Use it to Poison a melee or ranged weapon before taking on a boss to immediately ensure you have access to that damage type.


When it comes to Poison, a few chants can be used effectively. Poison Mist is the first. Players who use Poison Mist merely let out a cloud of Poison gas, which can kill bosses caught therein. Second, we have Poison Armament. This enchantment eliminates the requirement for the consumable Poison Grease, allowing players to Poison the coast of their right-hand weapon.


They were shed by a mysterious Teardrop Scarab that prowled the northeastern area of Aeonia Swamp in eastern Caelid and dropped them there. Keep an eye out for the glowing footsteps, analyze their pattern, and then move in front of them to attack as they come. We wish you found this information to be helpful. You’re welcome to take a look around.

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