Where to get Oil Pot in Elden Ring?

Where to get Oil Pot in Elden Ring? Oil Pot grants you the power to manipulate fire, harnessing its destructive force to your advantage. But where can you find this elusive item? In this post, you will learn where to get Oil Pot in Elden Ring.

Where to get Oil Pot in Elden Ring?

Oil Pot in Elden Ring

Where to get Oil Pot in Elden Ring? To get Oil Pots, you first need to go to the Siofra Well and find the wooden platform in the middle of the underground lake area.

Once you’re there, climb up the platform using the stairs and ladder. Be careful of the enemies on the platform, either avoid them or defeat them. After going up the stairs, go left until you reach more platforms.

Continue following the platform and go right across the bridge until you enter a bricked entrance. Then, go through the cave and past the fireplace until you hear music and discover a room with bricked pillars.

Drop down into that room from the cave and you’ll find a merchant who sells the crafting book needed for Oil Pots. The book is called The Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook [17] and it costs 1,000 Runes to buy.

To make Oil Pots, you’ll need one melted mushroom and an oil-cracked pot. The Oil Pot covers enemies in oil, which increases the damage caused by fire.

How do you free Alexander with Oil Pot in Elden Ring?

To unstick Iron Fist Alexander a second time in Elden Ring, head to his location near Artist’s Shack after defeating Starscourge Rahdan and completing the tournament arc.

To craft an Oil Pot, visit the Sofia Well. Leave the shack, climb the scaffolding, drop down, and follow the wooden platform path to a cave-like structure. Continue past the waterfall to find a vendor offering two books. Purchase the more expensive book to obtain the recipe. Craft the Oil Pot and return to Alexander.

Throw the pot at him, then charge up a large weapon attack and strike him to set him free. Alexander will reward you with Exalted Flesh. Be prepared to repeat this process.


In conclusion, freeing Alexander with an Oil Pot in Elden Ring requires some exploration, careful navigation, and strategic crafting. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can acquire the necessary crafting book and ingredients to create the Oil Pot. This powerful tool will enable you to cover enemies in oil and increase fire damage, ultimately aiding in the liberation of Alexander.

Remember to approach the encounter with patience and precision, as success may require multiple attempts. We hope this guide has been helpful and wish you the best of luck in your adventures through Elden Ring!

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