Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring? [Location + Walkthrough]

Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, the Lands Between, one can find many powerful and one-of-a-kind weapons. The Nagakiba Katana is among the most effective blades available. This trusted Hunter’s dark Katana is both a slashing and piercing weapon, granting you access to the formidable Art of War thrusting technique known as Piercing Fang. The Nagakiba Katana is a legendary weapon in the Elden Ring, and this guide will show you where to find it.

Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring?

Where to get Nagakiba katana in the Elden Ring

Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring? Bloody Finger Hunter Yura is a nonplayer character you’ll meet for the first time in Elden Ring’s introductory zone, Limgrave. Killing Yura is the quickest way to obtain the sword because he will drop it when he dies. Find him initially under some rubble to the south of Agheel Lake. You can also receive the Nagakiba by finishing Yura’s questline if you’d instead not murder him. You can get a comprehensive guide on Yura’s questline here at The Nerd Stash. 

After Yura aids you in defeating Bloody Finger Nerijus north of Agheel Lake on your way to Murkwater Cave, you can speak with him to learn the fundamentals. The next time you see him, make your way to the Academy Main Gate on Raya Lucaria for the next step in your journey. If you want to help him out when an assassin attacks him, you’ll discover a summon symbol for it. Once you’ve done this, there’s only one more stop before you can obtain the Nagakiba Katana. The Altus Plateau, more specifically, the Second Church of Marika.

Where is Nagakiba in the Elden Ring?

Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring? Here are some pointers:

  • The Nagakiba can be obtained in the Elden Ring in two relatively easy ways.
  • Following the Bloody Finger, Hunter Yura Questline is the first option.
  • Yura, who can be found in the Second Church of Marika on the Altus Plateau, will reward you with the Nagakiba when you are near completing this questline.
  • Also, if you happen to run into Bloody Finger Hunter Yura outside Murkwater Cave, you can kill him to obtain the Nagakiba.
  • We advise against this because it will finish his mission. Defeating him, though, can be challenging. Therefore, you should take a break at the Murkwater Cave Site of Grace first.

Wishing you all the best in your quest to obtain the Nagakiba in the Elden Ring. Hopefully, you’ll be able to slay every foe in your way with the help of this Katana.

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How to get two Nagakiba in the Elden Ring?

How to get two Nagakiba in the Elden Ring

You can receive Nagakiba in two different ways. Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring? One option is to finish the quest chain involving Yura, Hunter of Bloody Fingers, and loot the item from his body. The second consists of traveling to Altus Plateau, killing a specified NPC, and returning to Yura’s camp in Limgrave to steal the sword. In this Elden Ring tutorial, we’ll go through both methods.

This guide will teach you how to defeat Yura, The Hunter of Bloody Fingers.

The First Step of Nagakiba Is to Meet Yura at the Beach Ruins

As you make your way toward Yura and the Nagakiba, you’ll want to make a beeline for the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, which can be found to the southeast of the First Step and south of Agheel Lake. You won’t want to fight Agheel, Yura says.

Yura’s questline will fail if you go to Altus and fight Eleanora too soon, but you can still get the Nagakiba from the camp near the Seaside Ruins. Please put it in the pot Yura used to stand next to the fire on the camp’s southern edge.

Second Step of Nagakiba: Assassinate Agheel and Communicate with Yura

Kill Agheel the dragon regardless of what this metal hat wearer says; no one ever listened to him. When you return to Yura, she’ll be happy about your success and warn you of Dragon Communion. In Elden Ring, the dragon spells are just too powerful. If you want to make progress toward Nagakiba, you should go ahead and pick it up.

Step 3 of the Nagakiba: Defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus

With Yura’s aid, travel to the lengthy riverbed north of Agheel Lake to do battle with Bloody Finger Nerijus. Due to your success, you will be awarded the Reduvia dagger. From the invasion zone, head north.

Yura will applaud your success in defeating Nerijus from beneath a rocky overhang.

Fourth Nagakiba Procedure: Touch the Red Summoning Sign for Yura, located just south of the Raya Lucaria Main Gate.

To access the northward bridge, you must first obtain the Academy Glintstone Key and travel to the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace. Disregard the seal activation instruction. Just pass through the sign and head north toward the distant golden tree. The red summon sign for Yura will be on the floor.

Go ahead and flip the switch to aid him in his fight against the Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin. The Raptor of the Mists Ash of War is the reward for completing this task. When you first appear, Yura will be there to greet you. Revisit your conversation with him.

Proceed to Altus Plateau’s Second Church of Marika, the fifth step in Nagakiba.

To reach the Second Church of Marika on the Altus Plateau, you can ride the Lift of Dectus or travel around Makar, the Magma Wyrm. It is situated on a hill north of Makar and the Lift of Dectus.

A dying Yura awaits you inside. Keep listening to his words until he passes away. Remove the Nagakiba from his system. Very soon, Eleanora, the Violet Bloody Finger, will invade. You will receive Eleanora’s Poleblade and the Purifying Crystal Tear in exchange for your efforts.

Following these instructions will allow you to obtain the Nagakiba katana and conclude Yura’s Questline. Along with the Moonveil, this item will round out any Intelligence or combat mage build.


This concludes our discussion on Where to get Nagakiba Elden Ring. Yura, the Bloody Finger Hunter NPC, is found in Limgrave, the first zone of Elden Ring, and favors the use of the Nagakiba Katana. Killing Yura is the quickest way to obtain the sword because he will drop it when he dies. Find him initially under some rubble to the south of Agheel Lake. You’re welcome to take a look around.


Can you get Nagakiba without killing?

Start your search for him on a pile of rubble to the south of Agheel Lake. You can also obtain the Nagakiba via finishing Yura’s questline if you prefer to avoid killing him outright.

Is the Elden Ring Nagakiba any good?

Definitely a top-notch blade, and my favorite Katana of all time. There is no finer sword for a Samurai fan than this one. It’s a great weapon to use in tandem with another Katana for a dual-wielding setup.

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