Where to get Giant Crusher in Elden Ring?

Where to get Giant Crusher in Elden Ring? Giant Crusher is a massive weapon found in the Elden Ring. In the Giant case, Crusher’s Endure is the default weapon skill. Take an anchoring position to protect yourself from harm and gain temporary composure. Using this ability mitigates some of the damage you absorb. An in-depth discussion of this weapon is in order. Let us learn all about it in this article.

Where to get Giant Crusher in Elden Ring?

Where to get Giant Crusher Elden Ring

The Giant Crusher is a Colossal, physical damage weapon. The damage output of colossal weapons is high, but they move slowly. If you want to know how to acquire this weapon in the Elden Ring, this is your tutorial. You need 60 strength to wield the Giant Crusher. This Colossal-style weapon has a “Monster Hunter” slowness, yet scales with power and may deliver enormous damage. It also has one of the highest scaling strengths (8th) of any weapon in the Elden Ring.

Investing in your Strength is a great way to boost your offensive and defensive capabilities. For physical defense, increasing Strength above 99 points is useless. You can find the Giant Crusher in a hearse or a deathbed carriage south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace. Obtaining the item is simple, but be wary of the Tree Sentinel Duo you’ll run into on the way, and the Ulcerated Tree Spirit lurks near the hearse.

Capital Outskirts’ Ulcerated Tree spirit is just an average mob compared to Limgrave’s leader. Since the suggested level in this area is around level 90, this will still be difficult. Before you reach the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Grace, you’ll find the Tree Sentinel Duo. You can outrun the boss if you have good enough protection and speed.

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How do you get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring?

While the Giant-Crusher may be obtained with little difficulty, the region around the hammer is quite dangerous. An Ulcerated Tree Spirit will drop out of the sky and attack any explorers within the wagon’s range. In both Fringefolk Hero’s Grave and the sewers beneath Stormveil Castle, Tarnished will have encountered non-boss variants of these same beasts.

This one, though, will be substantially more powerful and damaging. Because of its susceptibility to Frostbite and Fire-related attacks and Spells, players are encouraged to take advantage of these. At close range, it’s easy to avoid its attacks, but archers and spellcasters may feel threatened by the beast’s speed.

The Giant-Crusher, however, is Tarnished once he boards the coach following the Ulcerated Tree Spirit’s loss. Those who have yet to make it to the western limits of Leyndell will encounter two Tree Sentinels guarding the enormous gate near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree. The Tarnished can avoid this boss pair if they’re fast enough, but their two powerful opponents might soon overpower them. Standing on the high ground on either side of the long walkway leading to the capital’s outer walls is ideal for using ranged attacks and cheese on the riders below.

How much damage does Giant-Crusher do?

How much damage does Giant-Crusher do

The Giant Crusher may destroy any foe that dares to stand in the player’s way when used with the proper talismans and the finest ashes of war. In combat, players need not worry about depleting their life bar if they use a combination of melee damage linked to their primary spell. Let’s get started with the complete breakdown of this construction! 

  • The Giant Crusher Build is a strength-based build to dispatch opponents with a barrage of blows quickly. Yet, it also allocates some points to Faith, allowing the player to use some rudimentary healing and other magical effects.
  • Those who opt for the Giant Crusher Build should equip the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, Giant Crusher, and Commander’s Standard. Using 60, 45, and 24 Strength, respectively, is necessary to use these weapons effectively.
  • The Clawmark Seal is the best-sacred seal to use when performing spells.
  • If you’re going for the Giant Crusher Build, the Raptor set is what you should equip. Due to the armor’s minimal weight, the wearer may quickly move and evade obstacles without slowing down.
  • Great-Arsenal, Jar’s Radagaon’s Sorseal, the Ritual Sword talisman, and the Claw talisman are all excellent choices to complement the Giant Crusher build. These talismans help with the equipment load, various characteristics, and damage.
  • When combined with your weapon, Royal Knight’s Resolve, the Ash of War, dramatically increases its attack power. When used in the heat of combat, this Ash of War increases the destructive potential of succeeding blows.
  • The Giant Crusher Build’s corresponding invocation is “Flame, Grant me Strength!” which increases the user’s physical and fire damage.

What is the best affinity for Giant Crusher Elden Ring?

We need your help deciding which affinity works best for Elden Ring, the enormous crusher.

The weapon’s appearance is enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart. It has a Strength scaling of S, and using it demands a whopping 60 Strength. The hammer deals incredible damage; equipping it with the hefty affinity increases its damage even further.


This was all about where to get Giant Crusher Elden Ring. The Giant-Crusher is a Colossal Weapon available in the Elden Ring. The Giant-Crusher is a good Weapon for doing massive amounts of physical damage because it scales primarily with Strength, but it also demands enormous Strength to wield. Used in the War of the Giants, this hammer was fashioned from a massive rock. We hope you found this content both informative and enjoyable.