Where to Find Shangra Lost Ark?

Where to find Shangra Lost Ark? Are you stuck in the game? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out. Read on to learn more.

The amazing MMOARPG Lost Ark includes a variety of events that keep the players interested. Shangra Island is one such event. In Lost Ark, the majority of the islands are situated fixedly. They act like real islands, however, Shangra Island does not. It moves about occasionally, leaving the player to continually make guesses as to where it is. You will be able to finish the event and get some worthwhile rewards if you are successful in entering the Island in Lost Ark. In this post, we will help you find the Shangra Lost Ark island.

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Where to Find Shangra Lost Ark?

Where to Find Shangra Lost Ark

Shangra is one of the more difficult islands to locate in the game because it might appear in three distinct locations at random. In Lost Ark, there are many distinct islands to find, but not all of them are constantly accessible for exploration. Therefore, we can help you locate Lost Ark Shangra so you can retrieve its Island Token. Lost Ark’s Shangra Island can spawn in 3 different places. These places are:

  • Between Anihc & Arthetine
  • Between Vern & Shushire
  • Tortoyk Island, Luterra & Vern Triangle

At Lost Ark, Shangra Island will occasionally spawn in one of these places. There will be a whirlpool there, signifying that the Island is spawning there. It’s a short event, therefore, you should contact your friends or other gamers for help. If the spawning place is coordinated, everyone will gain. After arriving on the Island, you have to finish the Shangra Event.

You need to finish a lot of quests in Lost Artoto to get to Shangra Island. If you finish The Garden Path Quest and then the Shangra’s Pure Energy, you can obtain the Song of Spring. To reach the entirety of the island, you must have Wine Buff. For the Wine Buff, which generally lasts for 5 minutes, you must consume a Peach Wine or Blooming Spring Peach Wine. You can get the Peach Wine by completing either A Visitor to the Ladies’ Hot Spring or Shangra’s Best Wine. The Blooming Spring Peach Wine can be made by combining one Peach Wine with 20 Shangra Flower Dew.

You must purchase and plant a 1000-year-old Tree Bud in the Shadow Realm for 5,600 Firm Peach at the 1000 years old Jatoto receives the Island Token. You will be rewarded with the Island Heart after speaking with the NPC.

How to Get the Shangra Island Token?

To purchase a 1000-year-old tree’s bud, you must farm about 5600 firm peaches and exchange them.

By completing the key missions, like the Garden Path, you can farm the peaches. Along with continuous farming, you can also do group tasks.

The Island token may only be obtained by taking this blossom to a specific tree in the Golden Peach Orchard. Just be aware that these repeated missions will only drop two items at once.


There areseveralf islands in Lost Ark that players can eventually explore. One of them, Shangra Islanmaybe be a little challenging to locate. The information regarding Shangra Island, such as its location and instructions on how to acquire the island token, was discussed in this post. We hope we have helped you out with this game walkthrough.