Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring?

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, those who practice magic place great value on Sacred Seals. If you want to use the multiple Incantations available to you to deal with foes and bosses, you’ll need a Sacred Seal. You might as well be flailing your hands in the air if you don’t have one. The locations of all the Sacred Seals in the game are listed here.

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring?

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring

The Finger Seal is available from the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold and is the default weapon for the Confessor and Prophet classes.

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? In exchange for a Deathroot, which can be obtained from the Beast Clergyman in northeastern Caelid, you will receive a Clawmark Seal. The Deathtouched Catacombs, located next to Stormveil Castle in Limgrave, are the first place players will likely come across a Deathroot. The Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, the first fog wall dungeon players will enter on their approach to the First Step, is where you can find the Dragon Communion Seal.

Get the Erdtree Seal from Volcano Manor, close to the Prison Town Church. One of the most time-consuming Seals to obtain, the Frenzied Flame Seal, requires you to do many missions for Irina, Edgar, Hyetta, and Millicent. The Godslayer’s Seal is guarded behind the foggy gates of Stormveil Castle and can be accessed using the Stonesword Key.

Seal of the Golden Order: Obtainable at the Minor Erdtree Church in southwest Capital City.

How many Sacred Seals are there in the Elden Ring?

How many Sacred Seals are there in the Elden Ring

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? Each Sacred Seal has its strengths and weaknesses in combat, and players should use them to their advantage while adventuring in Elden Ring’s Lands Between. The release of FromSoftware’s dark-fantasy epic Elden Ring was met with universal acclaim, and the game has since received patches to improve many aspects of the experience. Nonetheless, the Lands Between trip features the typical FromSoft difficulty, so players need to use any advantage they can, such as the Sacred Seal weaponry.

Incantations performed with these one-of-a-kind weapons directly impact a player’s Faith level. There are nine Sacred Seals to collect in Elden Ring, and each has something to offer players of different classes who are willing to risk their lives.

Frenzied Flame Seal

Competent gear may or may not perform similarly for different players, just like other types of goods and weapons, such as Elden Ring’s eight Legendary Talismans. In many cases, this is determined by the player’s choice of character class, and if they know what they’re doing, the Frenzied Flame Seal is a great example of a weapon that can yield high rewards.

While this Seal isn’t beginner-friendly, it offers some nice bonuses to the Frenzied Flame Incantations that give the Seal its name. Simply put, these abilities gradually cause foes to lose health as they accumulate Madness. However, for players with the correct build and situational awareness, the Incantations the Frenzied Flame Seal bonuses can be quite effective.

Finger Seal

The Finger Seal is a reliable choice for individuals who need a Sacred Seal early in the game. This Seal is also the one new players to Elden Ring are most likely to encounter for the first time. The fact that the Sacred Seal is the simplest to obtain complements the other advantages players can employ, such as Elden Ring’s extensive catalog of Spirit Summons, to take on the enemies of Limgrave and even Liurnia of the Lakes.

Those who desire to put a smaller portion of their character’s resources towards Faith in favor of other characteristics like Strength might consider the Finger Seal. The cheap entry point makes it a versatile and trustworthy choice for modest and hybrid Faith builds, but it doesn’t flourish where other Seals do (and it doesn’t grant extra bonuses to Incantations, either).

Giant’s Seal

If you want to play a character focusing on employing Pyromancies, the Giant’s Seal is a good weapon. The catch is that you won’t be able to get it until late in the game.

The Giant’s Seal, as its name implies, enhances the power of the Fire Giants’ Incantations. Specifically, the Seal can be used to strengthen the Burn O Flame Incantation, unlocked once players complete the story-based boss fight against the Fire Giant and become the game’s first champion.

Godslayer’s Seal

One of the Sacred Seals is The Godslayer’s Seal, which may be obtained in Elden Ring’s early game and is important to the plot. You may locate it in Stormveil Castle, the game’s first major story-focused dungeon. In addition to killing Margit, the Fell Omen, and using a Stonesword Key to access it, players will need to collect some of Elden Ring’s most valuable goods.

High Faith is required and has a narrow specialization (Godslayer Incantations). However, it still significantly boosts other skills for players who want to create a Faith build that can cast a wide variety of Incantations.

Gravel Stone Seal

The Gravel Stone Seal is, like the Giant’s Seal, a very powerful tool in the late game. The Lightning-based bonuses it provides are helpful for various late-game opponent confrontations. Still, it isn’t easy to find because one of the conditions is to activate the lift to the Altus Plateau.

It grants a small bonus to all Incantations based on the Dragon Cult, the Sacred Seal’s counterpart to the Dragon Communion, and requires a lower investment in the Faith stat than other Sacred Seals like the Godslayer’s.

Golden Order Seal

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? The Golden Order Seal is your best bet if you want to increase your spell power. It is especially useful for a build that combines Intelligence and Faith, as this allows you to cast spells from both schools of magic in Elden Ring.

To obtain this Sacred Seal, players must reach the late-game region of Leyndell, the Royal Capital, albeit they need not face a challenging boss fight to do so. The chants of the Golden Order, as could be expected, are most effective with this weapon. This Seal will test your patience as you delve deeper into the game’s tale, but it’s well worth the wait.

Dragon Communion Seal

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? On the other hand, Incantations involving fire are strengthened by the Dragon Communion Seal, so it’s not all bad. It’s also one of the best Sacred Seals to utilize if you’re a player that values both the Faith and Arcane stats. 

It could even be the first if the players are particularly bold and happen to have a Stonesword Key handy right away. This is one of the best Seals for individuals who aren’t afraid of a tough start because of its compatibility with Dragon Communion incantations, the Arcane, and the Faith.

Clawmark Seal

The Clawmark, like the Dragon Communion Seal, is an option for a player’s first Sacred Seal. The Clawmark Seal is another excellent choice for individuals interested in a hybrid build that combines Faith and Strength because of its stat scaling. As an early-game option, the Clawmark is superior to the Finger Seal in terms of power and flexibility.

To gain access to the Beast Clergyman in Caelid, players need to battle a Tibia Mariner, one of the many optional Elden Ring enemies, then return with the Deathroot it drops to D, Hunter of the Dead. Give Beast Clergyman Gurranq more Deathroots to cast more Beast Incantations, complementing this Seal beautifully.

Erdtree Seal

Players that wish to specialize in Faith employ Sacred Seals, and the Erdtree Seal is widely considered the best. It’s at the Volcano Manor, a late-game location, although players can reach there quickly by completing Mya’s quest, which starts in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Note that the Erdtree Seal grants the maximum damage output for any Incantation after an upgrade. Still, it does not provide any further buffs to individual Incantations beyond what it already provides for all of them.

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Where can I buy Sacred Seals?

Where can I buy Sacred Seals

Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? Sacred Seals are a lethal tool in the Elden Ring. It’s common practice to use them in religious rituals and rites, which are also necessary for incantations. Sacred Seals are unupgradeable while using Ashes of War. There is a wide range of sizes and forms to choose from while shopping for a Sacred seal. You can get your hands on one of these holy Seals by visiting Elden Ring and buying one or obtaining one as a gift.


Where to find Sacred Seals in Elden Ring? Players in the Elden Ring have access to various magical abilities, known as Sorceries and Incantations, respectively. The former is activated with a staff and depends on the Intelligence stat, while the latter, about which we will now speak, requires a Sacred Seal and is activated with the Faith stat. Although incantations are commonplace, the Sacred Seals needed to invoke them are not.

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