Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring?

Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s crafting system is vital, allowing players to make tools and equipment to aid them in their adventures in the Lands Between. For this reason, Gold Firefly is essential to the Crafting Materials.

Some people in Elden Ring claim to have seen Runes revealed by the enticing glow of a Gold Firefly. Typically, this stuff is located in ponds or other bodies of water close to Minor Erdtrees. As one of the ingredients in Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot, which boosts incoming Runes by 30%, it is also regarded as a valuable asset in the game.

Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring?

Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring

Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring? Elden Ring has many crafting ingredients, but their vague explanations aren’t beneficial if you’re looking for more. However, the rare Gold Firefly provides practical guidance in this respect.

You can “find gold fireflies around bodies of water close to minor erdtrees,” as the description says. Several potential sites fit this description, but the little pond in the Weeping Peninsula north of the Tower of Return on the accompanying map seems to be the best bet.

Careful, there are multiple octopuses in this pond, one of which is quite sizable, and they all threaten you. If you’re trying to avoid a confrontation, you can make a break for it on Torrent. On the other hand, the considerable octopus isn’t as tough as it looks. Using a heavy weapon with both hands and delivering charged serious assaults should swiftly disrupt its poise, opening up large openings for critical hits.

Any new Gold Fireflies can be used to make Gold-Pickled Fowl Feet, which temporarily boosts the number of runes dropped by foes. This helps gather runes in preparation for a large purchase or leveling up. You will need the Missionary’s Cookbook to make them.

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What is crafting material?

The majority of the time, Elden Ring Materials are put to use in the making of other rings. Obtainable resources can be scavenged from the wild, dropped by enemies, or uncovered in deserted towns and cities. Some of the world’s most valuable resources are hidden away, while formidable foes guard others. You may learn where to find Materials and what Recipes call for them on this page.

A Guide to Using Gold Firefly

A Guide to Using Gold Firefly

Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring? You can make your own Gold-Pickled Fowl Foot using Gold Firefly, a crafting resource. For the recipe, see below.

  • Gold Firefly: 1
  • Four-Toed Fowl Foot: 1
  • Rowa Fruit: 3

These may be the raw materials needed to make it, but you won’t be able to get started without the Missionary’s Cookbook. Once Patches finishes building his shop in Murkwater cave, you can purchase this item from him. Give the bell Patches dropped to the Twin Maiden Husks if you kill him by accident. If so, they have a Cookbook that you can buy instead.

This concludes our walkthrough of Elden Ring’s Gold Firefly’s whereabouts, usage, and importance.


Where to find Gold Firefly Elden Ring? In the Elden Ring, gold fireflies are a resource that may be found across the Lands. It is a firefly; as the name says, its glow is golden. However, its primary function is not merely to shine a light. This article taught us how to use the Golden Firefly and where to find it in the Elden Ring.