Where to find Ds brother Elden Ring?

Where to find Ds brother Elden Ring? While free roaming is encouraged in Elden Ring, some quest chains may require you to travel between different areas of the world. While the majority of these activities outline the steps you need to take to complete them, there are a few that may leave you to rely on guesswork, which can be challenging if you ignore certain dialogues.

The player will get a letter from Rogier during Fia and D’s quest line, detailing D’s brother’s condition and asking them to wake him from sleep.

You’ll need to track down D’s brother, and you won’t be able to nudge him awake to get started on this mission; come prepared.

Where to find Ds brother Elden Ring? 

Where to find Ds brother Elden Ring

Where to find ds brother Elden Ring? You will meet D’s brother inside the Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, the Eternal City. You can find him on a balcony close to the Mist Gate, hands over his head. Your first inclination might be to give D’s brother an excellent smack to shake him awake, but you’ll need D’s Twinned Armor to do the trick. If you’re prepared, the game will ask if you want to wake up D’s brother by giving him his Twinned Armor when interacting with him.

Where to find D’s younger brother in the Elden Ring? 

Where to find D’s younger brother in the Elden Ring

If you head to Summonwater Village from the eastern path, you won’t have trouble finding D, Hunter of the Dead. It is also possible for players to head north from the Artists Shack in Limgrave.

D will be seen grieving over a body and will be found by the player. In his opinion, the small town to the east is “filled with phantom fiends,” thus the adventurers should not go there. He’ll also place a “Sending Gate” icon on the player’s map to get to the Beast Clergymen.

Players can now fight and kill D, Hunter of the Dead, for the Twinned armor set or offer him Fia’s weathered Dagger. This makes it possible for Fia to assassinate him while satisfying two quest requirements at once. That’s just the kind of thing Elden Ring does.

Finding Fia in Roundtable Hold begins the lengthy questline she initiates. If you have a Cursemark of Death, this quest will also let you get the Mending Rune of Death. 

A complete set of Twinned Armor can be obtained through either of these means. Players that choose to go the Fia’s Weathered Dagger route should reload the location after handing it to D, as she will be a dead body at that point. Last but not least, you must return to D’s brother and present him with the Twinned Armour in the hopes that he may eventually emerge from his deep sleep.

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How to wake up D’s brother in the Elden Ring? 

How to wake up D’s brother in the Elden Ring

D also has a brother, so tracking down his sleeping spot could save both of them. Where to find ds brother Elden Ring? D’s brother lives in the Nokron aqueduct district of Eternal City. After defeating Starscourge Radahn, the gates of Nokron will open. D’s brother can be found dozing off near a cliff before the battle between the Valiant Gargoyles and the Evil Skeletons.

Without D’s armor, he will ignore you completely. If you have D’s brother’s armor, you can choose to give it to him if you like. It is entirely up to you to decide whether or not to carry this out. Choosing this path will affect Fia’s story quest and also give you the option to obtain the Inseparable Greatsword as a reward.

Getting to point D is relatively easy because there is usually just one way to get from A to B to C to D. You may easily avoid the Jellyfish by running up the slope to the side of the Hollowhorn grounds and then descending onto the stone ledge. Following this route will lead you to Siofra Aqueduct; from there, you need to stick to the area’s right side.

How to kill D’s brother in the Elden Ring? 

Where to find ds brother Elden Ring and kill him? If Fia is responsible for D’s death in the Roundtable Hold, D’s brother will seek vengeance. When the player first encounters him at Summonwater Village, they get a single chance to slay him. In such a case, gamers can reload the region to find and engage in combat with him.

What happens if you kill D’s brother in the Elden Ring? 

Fia’s goal requires you to advance Ranni’s until you have the Carian Inverted Statue in your possession. Once you’ve defeated the Valiant Gargoyles, head to Nokron, Eternal City, to meet D’s brother outside the arena. Provide him with protective gear. Keep in mind that this will cause him to awaken from his (not so) eternal slumber and eventually murder Fia on her mission. If you don’t wake him up, Fia will be safe until the very end of the game.

The Duskborn ending is unaffected by Fia’s death, as it occurs after she gives you her Mending Rune. You can also deliver D’s armor to his brother and murder him if you run into him near Stormhill Shack before going to Roundtable Hold. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of Fia’s death, the brother will choose to fight you.


Where to find ds brother Elden Ring? It’s essential to complete the optional tasks in Elden Ring since they all lead to different stories with different possible outcomes. Although exploring new areas is fun, the game’s many optional side tasks can be challenging.

Fia’s questline reveals D’s twin brother’s whereabouts through linking stories for D, Hunter of the Dead, Rogier, and Ranni. This post has discussed in detail where to find D’s brother in the Elden Ring and how to finish Fia’s questline. We appreciate your visit.