Where to buy Sandwich Ingredients in Pokemon?

Where to buy sandwich ingredients in Pokemon? In the vibrant world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, trainers not only strive to become the very best but also have the opportunity to explore a culinary adventure like no other. Sandwiches have become a popular choice among trainers and their Pokemon, and crafting the perfect sandwich requires the finest ingredients and condiments. 

In this guide, you will learn where to buy sandwich ingredients in Pokemon.

The World of Sandwich Ingredients

Just like in the Pokemon universe, sandwich ingredients in Scarlet and Violet are diverse, each with its own unique characteristics. They come in various types, tastes, and flavors, which can influence the effectiveness of your sandwich. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of every ingredient and condiment available in the game:

  • Lettuce: Grass type, Bitter taste
  • Tomato: Fairy type, Sour taste
  • Cherry Tomato: Bug type, Sour taste
  • Cucumber: Water type, Sour/Bitter taste
  • Pickle: Fighting type, Sour taste
  • Onion: Psychic type, Hot taste
  • Red Onion: Ghost type, Sweet taste
  • Green Bell Pepper: Poison type, Bitter taste
  • Red Bell Pepper: Fire type, Bitter taste
  • Yellow Bell Pepper: Electric type, Bitter taste
  • Avocado: Dragon type, Sweet taste
  • Bacon: Rock type, Salty/Bitter taste
  • Ham: Ground type, Salty taste
  • Prosciutto: Flying type, Salty taste
  • Chorizo: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Electric, Normal, Poison types, Salty/Hot taste
  • Herbed Sausage: Water, Ground, Fighting, Dark, Ghost, Psychic types, Bitter/Salty taste
  • Hamburger: Steel type, Salty taste
  • Klawf Stick: Ice type, Sweet/Salty taste
  • Smoked Fillet: Dark type, Bitter taste
  • Fried Fillet: Water, Ice, Electric, Steel, Normal, Flying, Bug, Dark, Ground types, Bitter taste
  • Egg: Steel, Fairy, Flying, Ice, Grass, Rock types, Salty taste
  • Potato Tortilla: Fire, Poison, Fighting, Dragon, Fairy, Psychic, Rock, Ghost types, Salty taste
  • Tofu: Normal type, Sweet taste
  • Rice: Grass, Fire, Water, Fighting, Normal, Flying types, Sweet taste
  • Noodles: Rock, Ground, Ice, Poison, Psychic, Electric types, Salty taste
  • Potato Salad: Steel, Dragon, Dark, Ghost, Fairy, Bug types, Sour taste
  • Cheese: All Types, Salty taste
  • Strawberry: Ghost, Psychic, Fighting types, Sweet/Sour taste
  • Banana: Bug, Electric, Normal types, Sweet taste
  • Kiwi: Fire, Dragon, Poison types, Sour taste
  • Apple: Ice, Flying, Steel types, Sweet taste
  • Pineapple: Water, Dark, Ground types, Sour taste
  • Jalapeno: Fairy, Rock, Grass types, Hot taste
  • Watercress: Ground, Rock, Steel, Normal, Fighting, Ghost, Flying, Poison types, Bitter taste
  • Basil: Dragon, Dark, Psychic, Water, Grass, Fire, Electric, Fairy, Ice types, Bitter taste
  • Mayonnaise: Fighting, Normal types, Sour taste
  • Ketchup: Poison, Flying types, Salty/Sour taste
  • Mustard: Rock, Ground types, Hot taste
  • Butter: Ghost, Bug types, Salty/Sweet taste
  • Peanut Butter: Fire, Steel types, Sweet taste
  • Chili Sauce: Grass, Water types, Hot taste
  • Salt: Psychic, Electric types, Salty taste
  • Pepper: Dragon, Ice types, Hot taste
  • Yogurt: Fairy, Dark types, Sour/Sweet taste
  • Whipped Cream: Ground, Normal, Flying types, Sweet taste
  • Cream Cheese: Steel, Water, Bug types, Salty/Sour/Sweet taste
  • Jam: Dark, Ice, Electric types, Sweet/Sour taste
  • Marmalade: Poison, Fighting, Rock types, Sour taste
  • Olive Oil: Fire, Grass, Ghost types, Sour/Bitter taste
  • Vinegar: Dragon, Fairy, Psychic types, Sour taste
  • Horseradish: Flying, Normal, Ground, Rock, Poison, Fighting types, Hot taste
  • Curry Powder: Grass, Fire, Water, Bug, Steel, Ghost types, Hot/Bitter taste
  • Wasabi: Dragon, Dark, Ice, Fairy types, Hot taste
  • Salty Herba Mystica: All Types, Salty taste
  • Sweet Herba Mystica: All Types, Sweet taste
  • Sour Herba Mystica: All Types, Sour taste
  • Bitter Herba Mystica: All Types, Bitter taste
  • Spicy Herba Mystica: All Types, Hot taste

Now, where to buy sandwich ingredients in Pokemon? Check out the section below.

Where to buy Sandwich ingredients in Pokemon?

Now that you’re familiar with the delectable ingredients and condiments available in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, let’s talk about where to buy sandwich ingredients in Pokemon. The best way to stock up on these ingredients is by shopping at Paldea’s four bustling markets: Deli Cioso, Sure Cans, Artisan Bakery, and Aquiesta Supermarket. 

These markets are conveniently located in most major cities throughout Paldea, making it easy for trainers to gather the necessary supplies for their sandwich-making adventures.

But that’s not the only way to acquire these mouthwatering ingredients. If you happen to stumble upon picnicking NPCs in different Provinces, be sure to strike up a conversation with them. These friendly folks will not only provide you with free ingredients but also offer you a chance to rest and restore your party’s HP and PP.


In the delightful world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, crafting the perfect sandwich is a delicious journey filled with diverse ingredients and condiments. Whether you’re searching for the sweetness of strawberries or the heat of jalapenos, Paldea’s markets and friendly picnickers have you covered. 

So, get out there, explore, and whip up some mouthwatering sandwiches that will keep you and your Pokemon fueled for your next adventure!

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