Where to Buy Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring?

Where to buy Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring? There are several helpful tools available in Elden Ring. Preserving Boluses are a tool that can be used to cure your character of the Scarlet Rot. Therefore, this guide will explain where to discover Preservation boluses in the Elden Ring.

There is a lot of this thing available, but you need help locating it. But have no fear; that’s where this manual comes in. So, without further ado, let’s go into this thing.

Where to buy Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring?

Where to buy Preserving Boluses Elden Ring

Consuming Preserving Boluses in Elden Ring will treat the rot ailment and reduce the accumulation of scarlet rot. This item can be purchased from several different vendors; however, making your own will save you time and money. Numerous foes and hazardous environments infested with Scarlet Rot await you.

This is essential if you plan to engage Malenia in battle or cross the Lake of Rot. You must use this item to avoid becoming infected with Scarlet Rot and taking significant damage when traversing this area.

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Where do you get Preserving Boluses?

Consumable Preserving Boluses are a health restorer and scarlet rot remedy. Many of your foes in the Elden Ring will use their poisoned breath to try to infect you. The issue is that getting your hands on this item requires more than merely wandering around and finishing tasks. You can find preserved boluses for free if you know where to look. Preserving Boluses, the only known treatment for scarlet rot, can be procured from one of three different sources.

The best spot to find free Preserving Boluses is in the shack of the decaying. Follow Caelid’s map until you reach a hut in the north. In the crumbling shed, you’ll find five Preserving Boluses. You won’t have to engage in violent conflict to win their possession. You should go to the shack immediately if you want a rapid solution.

Leyndell, a single preserving bolus is provided in the Royal Capital. A chamber can be found near the elevator in the capital city. Proceed inside to receive your complimentary preserving bolus. The Siofra River Well can be accessed through a lift, so go there today. Inside the structure, there are dead bodies. You’ll need to search through them all to find a body with Preserving Boluses.

Where can I buy Neutralising and Preserving Boluses?

Where can I buy Neutralising and Preserving Boluses

The Armorer’s Cookbook is required to make the Neutralizing Boluses and may be acquired from the Nomadic Merchant in West Limgrave. This is the same shopkeeper who will sell you Neutralizing Boluses if you ask him nicely. While he isn’t too far from the game’s starting point at the Stranded Graveyard, he is in a reasonably out-of-the-way spot, making him easy to overlook.

His hiding spot is on the shoreline west of the Stranded Graveyard. You’ll need to employ Torrent to make some severe descents to reach there. When you get to the right spot (as marked on the map above), you will discover a huge chunk of the cliff has collapsed and fallen onto the beach below. That’s where the Nomadic Merchant is hiding.

As the accumulation of Scarlet Rot can be cured by consuming Preserving Boluses, they are a very helpful consumable. This equipment is invaluable when encountering rotting opponents or traversing the Lake of Rot. You can get your hands on some Preserving Boluses all across Elden Ring.

The Nomadic Merchant in Caelid, North Highway, sells packs of three Perserving Boluses. To get to the building at Siofra River Well, I rode the elevator down there again. One’s body will have this. After exiting the elevator at the Leyndell, Royal Capital, you’ll find this in the adjacent chamber.

Find this in the Rotting Shack in North Caelid. Elden Ring is one of many places to make these goods, too. 


Boluses for food preservation are used up in the Elden Ring. Most Consumables have beneficial features, such as restoring HP or disabling a negative status effect, while some can be hurled at foes to cause damage. We appreciate your visit. Here’s hoping there will be more posts like this in the future.

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