Where is the Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring?

Where is the Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring? Runes are an integral aspect of Elden Ring and will remain so whether a player is on their first or fifth playthrough. They provide the means for players to improve the power of their characters through either leveling up or acquiring equipment, goods, etc.

Though, the best opportunities to acquire Runes are only sometimes presented to players during the ordinary course of Elden Ring. Players have turned to Rune farming to make up for this shortcoming. Finding a slumbering dragon and dispatching it is an excellent way to amass a significant quantity of Runes.

This Sleeping Dragon has been a frequent destination for Elden Ring players since it was first uncovered early on. This dragon stands there while people slice at it and slay it for many Runes as a prize. Killing the dragon might be lengthy, depending on the player’s chosen weapon, but the payoff is well worth the effort. Let us read more about this.

Where is the Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring?

Where is the Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

There are several routes that players can use to eventually reach the dragon when it is asleep and slay it. Although it may appear challenging to complete, the benefits far outweigh the effort, especially early on in the game.

1) Fight and defeat Tibia Mariner to obtain a Deathroot

Tibia Mariner is one of Elden Ring’s world bosses. Defeating it will result in the acquisition of a Deathroot item. Fast travel to the Sleeping Dragon’s lair north of Caelid requires this item. The easiest Tibia Mariner to find and defeat is in Summonwater Village, east of Limgrave, in the Lands Between the region of Elden Ring.

2) Visit Caelid and Acquaint Yourself with D, the Hunter of the Dead

The RoundTable Hold was accessible again once the player returned with the Deathroot from Elden Ring. In that area, the filthy will run into D, the Hunter of the Dead. When players show him the Deathroot, he suggests they meet Gurranq, the Beast Clergyman. Once Tarnished acknowledges his introduction, the NPC will place a marker on the map showing the location of the Clergyman.

3) East of Limgrave, you’ll find a Sending Gate if you follow the arrow on the map

Players that use the Sending Gate will be sent to Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, located north of Caelid. The next step for the players is to enter the Bestial Sanctum and engage the Lost Grace of Power there. One can use this location as a checkpoint.

4) Fort Forath is located to the south, so we must travel there

The next objective is to find the bridge with the Flying Dragon Greyll on it as the party heads south. Before you cross the bridge, you’ll find a Site of Lost Grace, a welcome respite on the long trek over Caelid to Elden Ring and its coveted Dragon Hearts.

As soon as they cross the bridge, players must speed south, evading the Flying Dragon Greyll and the Putrid Avatar, the two world bosses. Note that the Putrid Avatar is only found in the company of Minor Erdtrees. In the back, near the Erdtree, is where you’ll find the Spirit Spring. To reach the Spirit Spring, players can use the Spring of air to be carried to the highest mountain peak. A Fort should be visible to the tarnished from above. The players must reach the Fort.

In the vicinity of the Fort stands a second Site of Lost Grace. When turned on, the dragon awakens and becomes a primary target for the players. The dragon appears exhausted or near death, making it an ideal target for the stained.

5) Combat the Dragon in its Sleep

The HP of the Sleeping Dragon is very high, but it is not difficult to kill. To slowly drain the Sleeping Dragon’s HP, Tarnished can employ weapons that inflict bleed. By defeating the dragon while it sleeps, players will be rewarded with 74,000 Runes (albeit the game will indicate +50,000) and five Dragon Hearts, both of which can be exchanged for more powerful Elden Ring Incantations.

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How do you farm the Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring?

How do you farm the Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring

The gigantic Sleeping Dragon in Elden Ring has baffled players for a time because it appears immune to all damage; nevertheless, it is especially vulnerable to bleed damage, and YouTuber Caspahz has discovered a technique to abuse the dragon to continue to spawn after it has been destroyed.

The aim is to instantly cease assaulting and gallop on horseback to the Fort Faroth Site of Lost Grace and relax once the dragon has been defeated. Quick thinking will ensure that the dragon is still waiting for you when you return, along with the 50,000 Runes you’ll need to begin the procedure again.

How do you get the Sleeping Dragon back in the Elden Ring?

The dormant dragon can be found near the region’s geographic center, not far from the Minor Erdtree and Caelid’s northernmost point, where it protrudes into the sea. Players who already located Fort Faroth will find the dragon adjacent to the Fort, where a Site of Grace can be found.

What is the point of the Sleeping Dragon in the Elden Ring?

The game of Elden Ring may be violent. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to take any “shortcuts” here. Thousands of Runes, which would take a long time to farm otherwise, can be obtained quickly by killing the Sleeping Dragon at the beginning of your adventure.

Consequently, you should only refrain from killing Greyoll if you want to give yourself even more incredible difficulty. In any case, the dragon in its slumber state will always be available for your slaughter, providing you with Runes and uniques in exchange for your efforts. It would help if you did not fear that Greyoll is connected to any particular mission. Taking her life will not prevent you from completing any tasks or abandoning them.


Where is the Sleeping Dragon Elden Ring? Elder Dragon Greyoll is one of the many potential bosses in Elden Ring but behaves unlike any of them. Elder Dragon Greyoll, more often known as “the Sleeping Dragon,” never seems to move. There is no way for her to defend herself or move.

Why bother trying to kill a dragon if it can’t defend itself? Killing Elder Dragon Greyoll is like opening a treasure chest; you’ll get a tonne of Runes, some of which will be used to craft one-of-a-kind weapons, spells, and other stuff.

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