Where is the Preserving Boluses recipe? [Location + Walkthrough]

Where is the Preserving Boluses recipe? Scarlet Rot is a terrible disease that has plagued Elden Ring. When a character is severely affected by the rot illness, their health decreases dramatically. Fortunately, a consumable in the game may cure Rot and prevent further scarlet Rot from building up. An example of a consumable form of Preserving Boluses is presented. You can either buy them, make them, or discover them. There are two rot lakes to cross, and various foes that will inflict Rot on you, so possessing them is a wise investment.

This post will examine all aspects of Preserving Boluses to help you lessen your vulnerability to scarlet Rot.

Where is the Preserving Boluses recipe?

Where is the Preserving Boluses recipe

Where is the Preserving Boluses recipe? To prevent the spread of Scarlet Rot, Preservation Boluses are a must-have consumable. While encountering rot-building monsters or traversing the Lake of Rot, this item is invaluable. The Preserved Boluses can be purchased from many establishments all across Elden Ring.

The Nomadic Trader in Caelid, Highway North, sells packs of three Preserving Boluses. To get to the building at Siofra River Well, use the elevator down there again. This is something that would be on a dead person. After exiting the elevator at the Leyndell Royal Capital, you’ll find this in the adjacent chamber. It is located in the Shack of the Rotting in North Caelid. These things are also workable in the Elden Ring.

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Preserving Boluses recipe location

Where is the Preserving Boluses recipe? If you’re perplexed by the question, “Where on the Elden Ring are the Conserving Boluses?” Players can make their Preserving Boluses but they can also be found at various locations in the Lands Between. You’ll locate a five-bolus shack named “shack of the Rotting” on North Caelid’s map.

You can get on one bolus by going to the Leyendell Royal Capital. The Siofra River is where you’ll find the lone preserving bolus fragment. The boluses are another product sold by the Nomadic Merchant. Along the Caelid Highway heading north, he’ll be selling about three Preserving Boluses. You can skip making ten boluses and discover them strewn across the Lands Between.

North Caelid is home to the lion’s share of the world’s boluses. The finest spot to get your hands on five free preserving boluses is in the Shack of the Rotting. You’d be better off making your own than buying three from the Nomadic Trader at 2500 Runes apiece. The deciding factor is to what extent you are exposed to the crippling Scarlet Rot.

How do you get a bunch of Preserving Boluses?

How do you get a bunch of Preserving Boluses

The Nomadic Trader in Caelid sells packs of three of Preserving Boluses. Finally, making your Preservation Boluses is the most efficient way to acquire them. The best option is to make them yourself, as the materials required will regenerate after visiting any grace site. To make Preserving Boluses, you will need the following items.

  • Cookbook for Armsmakers: This cookbook is essential for creative endeavors. Even if you have all the necessary materials, you will need them to make the item. The required materials are listed below.
  • Sacramental Bud: x1 (You can get it near the Church of the Plague site of grace)
  • Crystal Cave Moss: x1 (You can get it near Academy Crystal Cave)
  • Dewkissed Herba: x2 (You can get it at Siofra River)


This concludes our discussion on where is the Preserving Boluses recipe. Many try to get Preserving Boluses in the Elden Ring before heading to Lake of Rot. This is because it is a consumable medicine that effectively treats Scarlet Rot. So, many players can employ it in these circumstances or against foes whose buildings are vulnerable to scarlet rot attacks. We hope you enjoyed reading this post.

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Can I buy Preserving Boluses in the Elden Ring?

The Preserving Boluses are available for purchase in the Elden Ring, and they may be purchased from the wandering merchants. These vendors are located up the Caelid Highway from the north. You can buy up to three Preserving Boluses for 2,500 gold.

Is there a bell bearing for Preserving Boluses?

Medicine The Twin Maiden Husks will accept the Peddler’s Bell Bearing in exchange for the following items: Neutralizing Boluses.