Where is the Church of Vows Elden Ring?

Where is the church of Vows Elden Ring? This church has seen better days like the others strewn throughout the Elden Ring. The Church of Vows may look like nothing more than a wreck from the outside, but don’t let that deter you from exploring what’s going on within. Miriel, the Pope of the Church of Vows and one of Elden Ring’s most significant characters resides there. In addition, the statue of Lady Rennala may be seen in the church, providing a means for players to make amends for their sins.

Where is the Church of Vows Elden Ring?

Where is the church of Vows Elden Ring

Where is the church of Vows Elden Ring? Eastern Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Raya Lucaria School, is where you’ll find the Church of Vows. After defeating Godrick, the Grafted in Stormveil Castle, you generally wish to go to Liurnia of the Lakes. But there is a quicker way to get there. Jump onto the little plateau on the left after reaching the end of the destroyed bridge to the east of the castle (the one with the Finger Reader). If you want to avoid Stormveil Castle and head straight to Liurnia of the Lakes, take the path across the mountains.

Proceed along the road from the castle’s rear gate until you reach the Place of Grace. If you’re interested in beginning Thops’ questline, you can find him at the adjacent Church of Irith. If you stick with it, you’ll be rewarded with Thops’s Barrier and the Erudition gesture, both of which are required to enter the Converted Fringe Tower and steal the Cannon of Haima’s wizardry. If you already have them, you can find a bandit camp by continuing past the chapel and down the hill.

After leaving the camp, head downhill towards the lake by turning right. Across the lake, near the cliff, is where you’ll find the Ghost Spring. You may get to Liurnia Highway South by hopping on the spring. Jumping down a series of platforms embedded in the cliff below Stormveil Castle provides a faster way to reach the eastern part of Liurnia but is also extremely dangerous. Taking the longer route is safer, and you should visit the Church of Irith anyway.

You can get to the Liurnia Highway North checkpoint from the Site of Grace on the Liurnia Highway South by avoiding the ruins. Next, turn right and head north on the gravel road. Following the road will lead you to the Carian Study Hall and, further on, the Artist’s Shack, but there are many dangers and foes in your path. You may see the Church of Vows perched on a hill to the northwest once you cross the stone bridge behind the hut. You may easily visit the tortoise pope by crossing the field and climbing the mountain.

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How do I get to the Church of Vows?

Players must destroy or avoid Stormveil Castle before continuing to the Castle of Vows. Where is the church of Vows Elden Ring? The Church of Vows is located in the game’s second-largest region, Liurnia, which they can now visit. The church can be found around the area’s eastern edge. The cliff side of the Grace site that faces the lake is an excellent place to begin.

Keep to the right side of the map as you travel north. You’ll pass the Carian Study Hall and the Purified Ruins on your way to worship. To the west of the Artist’s Shack, you can make out a church in the distance. The Church of Vows can be reached by traveling over the bridge from Artist’s Shack.

You can also access the Church of Vows via a portal in Raya Lucaria Academy if you don’t feel like making the trek. You can enter the building from the courtyard by taking the steps on the right. The entrance to the portal that will take you to the Church of Vows can be found on the right side of the foyer once you’ve entered the building.

What does the Church of Vows do Elden Ring?

What does the Church of Vows do Elden Ring

The Elden Ring location is known as the Church of Vows. At Liurnia of the Lakes, atop a plateau on the eastern continent, stands the Church of Vows. Routes heading north along the east continent will take you there. The Waygate at Raya Lucaria School provides an alternative approach. Miriel, Pastor of Vows, is a giant friendly turtle with a voice that may be heard in the Church of Vows.

Miriel, the Pastor of Vows and church protector, welcomes you. Miriel will teach you about the church’s history and how you might learn about the sorcery, incantations, and lore surrounding Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, and Lord Radagon. Look for a chest to the right of the church’s door to find the Golden Tailoring Tools and Gold Sewing Needle.

A statue of Lady Rennala dominates the altar in the church’s central nave. While an “Atone” option is shown on the statue, players can choose to interact with it. If you have a Celestial Dew and your sin, the hatred you may have created for NPCs will be removed, and they will become friendly again. A sacrifice cannot bring back a dead NPC. There are several places to find the essential Celestial Dews. 

How do you make a Bell Bearing Hunter appear at Church of Vows?

A mysterious Bell-Bearing Hunter visits the Church of Vows after dark. It is advisable to wait until nightfall and then fast-travel to the neighboring site of grace to get him to appear upon entering the church ruins, as doing so otherwise will cause Miriel to despawn.


This was all about where is the church of Vows Elden Ring. You can obtain helpful supplies and learn potent sorceries at the Church of Vows in Elden Ring’s Liurnia of the Lakes district. Our Elden Ring Church of Vows guide has already covered the basics of getting there, including where to find it, the loot you may anticipate, and the location of any potential bosses.

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