Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring?

Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring? In the video game industry, Elden Ring has become THE most exciting event of 2022. Quite a few distinct factors contribute to that. However, the vast selection of weapons, armor, and other stuff will surely be a highlight for many gamers. In fact, after every battle or encounter, you’ll find new and intriguing items to loot. However, the game’s best weapons and armor sets are unlocked only once specific quests are completed.

An example of this is the Sorceress Sellen quest chain. Two fantastic sets of mage armor may be obtained from this item. These are the Glintstone Set of Azur and the Set of Lusat. It would help if you tracked down Master Lusat to get Lusat’s Set. Many players wonder, “Where is Master Lusat?” because the Elden Ring provides no hints. In the Elden Ring, this is where you may locate the Master Lusat.

How to find the Master Lusat in the Elden Ring?

How to find the Master Lusat in the Elden Ring

Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring? It is a short descent into the cave from the Sellia Hideaway entrance to the Grace Site. Keep going deeper down the cave until you reach an open area containing giant crystals, past a couple of adversaries. Quickly cross the crystal bridge before you and descend onto the bridge to your right. Remove the threat, then leap to the next platform. Continue around the right side of the forum and through the next gap on the right. If you continue down the slope, you’ll reach another crystal bridge. You can kill an adversary by running up and jumping off of it. There’s a cave behind the bad guys, and two enormous crystals on either side. If you enter, you’ll find the body of Master Lusat.

How to get to Master Lusat in the Elden Ring?

How to get to Master Lusat in the Elden Ring

Because the tunnels in the Sellia Hideaway are so dim, Tarnished is advised to bring some light source with them if they intend to explore them. Another illusionary barrier will stand in the way, but gamers should be able to tell that it’s not there because the crystal-mining foes are rather loud. Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring? Tarnished will find a pit with a Grafted Scion scurrying around in its depths in the first colossal region he explores. Those who seek to engage the demon in battle and plunder his possessions need only descend; nevertheless, the pit holding Master Lusat in the Elden Ring is located beyond this one.

It’s easy for players to find the secret passage they need by looking for the long crystal walkway with the aggressive snail perched on top of it. Careful, a Raya Lucaria Sorcerer is protecting the dungeon down there. Tarnished will discover a dazzling, shimmering ward closing a small tunnel after slaying the Sorcerer. Using the Sellian Sealbreaker, Sellen may remove the obstruction and lead the way to Master Lusat.

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Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring?

Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring

The initial location of Sorceress Sellen is located far to the east of the westernmost point of Elden Ring, which is Limgrave. Waypoint Ruins hold a treasure chest, and Sorceress Sellen will be waiting for you there. Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring?

The Witchbane Ruins are another location where the Sorceress of Sellen might be found. A prisoner there, she is held captive there. The “Red Wolf of Radagon” boss fight features the sorceress Sellen as an optional summon. This is only possible if the player completes the quest line and makes her way back to the Raya Lucaria Academy.

When the primary mission is complete, the player must head to the Raya Lucaria Library door, where the Sorceress Sellen will offer them one of two summon signs: one to aid the Sorceress Sellen and the other to challenge her.

The Sorceress Sellen can be contacted in three ways: through learning sorcery, presenting a scroll, or presenting an introduction letter. The Sellen Sorceress teaches spells in return for runes, and the player must do so to learn a particular spell from her. Some sorceries and intelligence spells can be learned from the Sellen via scrolling, but only after being interrupted by a notable sorcerer; the player can also purchase sorceries from this Sorcerer.

Preceptor Seluvis may send the player a letter, and then the player can meet with Sorceress Sellen, who will advise the player on defeating General Radahn.

Sorceress If your INT is low, Sellen won’t converse with you. The more times you see her, the higher your INT will become. Thus it’s worth it even if you already have a high INT. Then she’ll let you be her pupil and learn all her spells and sorcery. 

Successfully Completing the Sorceress’s Sold-Out Questline for the Key

Getting started on Sorceress Sellen’s quest involves arranging to meet with her at the Waypoint Ruins. Sellen, the Grave Witch, will introduce herself and begin your training. This is the only way to convince Sorceress Sellen to finish the quest line and get access to additional conversations and spells.

Getting to the Top of Mount Gelmir and Meeting Master Azur

After she gives you the go-ahead to learn from her, you can head north of Hermit Village to Mt. Gelmir. The player can acquire the Comet Azur sorcery from an elderly Glintstone sorcerer, Azur, who can be found in the Elden Ring. Continuing with the Sorceress Sellen questline requires that the player returns to her at this point.

The Elden Ring, which belongs to Master Lusat, is locked up in the Sellian stronghold of Caelid.

Getting to Where Master Lusat Is

Having acquired a key from Sorceress Sellen, the player can now seek out Master Lusat. The Sellia Hideaway is where you’ll find Master Lusat, but you’ll have to destroy some Crystal Holes to get there.

As the player continues along the tunnel, they will eventually reach the boss. The hole the player needs to drop the Stake of Marika into is close by. Even if you track down Master Lusat, you won’t be able to harm him in any way. He never moves, and neither your sword nor your spells will affect him.


Where is Master Lusat Elden Ring? Finding Master Lusat in the Sorceress Sellen questline is a prerequisite for the Astrologer Class. To complete the challenging task of finding the Sorceress Sellen’s former master, you must visit the Sellia Hideaway while armed with Sellen’s Spellbreaker. Following this tutorial, you can locate the Master Lusat in the Elden Ring. We appreciate your visit.