Where is Lanya in Elden Ring?

Where is Lanya in Elden Ring? Elden Ring’s Diallos quest is one of the most involved NPC questlines, and the 1.03 patch gave it an actual resolution, though it isn’t a happy one. You’ll have to travel to dangerous areas and work with Volcano Manor to advance Diallos.

This method may be revolting, but it will get you some uncommon weaponry. In addition, some of the Elden Ring’s lost history is kept in Volcano Manor, and you’ll meet the friendly jar people of Liurnia further on. Read all about Lanya in this article.

Where is Lanya in Elden Ring?

Where is Lanya Elden Ring

One of the Tarnished in Roundtable Holds, Diallos, will ask you to help him find his servant Lanya. Unfortunately, there is no hint of where she could be, but he wants you to report her whereabouts to him if you do. Unfortunately, he disappears from the Hold at some point, possibly after you first enter Liurnia of the Lakes, but you can still move forward with this quest even if you didn’t speak to him.

Lanya, or rather her body, is in Liurnia at the moment. Her body can be found just north of the Academy Gate and somewhat west of the GraceTown Site. Diallo’s cries can be heard before you see the scenario, so you’ll know you’re in the proper place once you start to see them on screen. Although he does warn of a home full of vile villains, you are essentially helpless in this location.

Volcano Manor on Mount Gelmir is the residence in dispute. The journey to Mount Gelmir begins with the time-consuming process of activating the Dectus Lift with the two Dectus Medallion halves.

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Where to look for Lanya in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Where to Look for Lanya

After Diallos has finished talking to the players in the Roundtable Hold, he will inquire whether they have run into his missing comrade Lanya, who he claims may be in some peril. Even though he doesn’t elaborate much, his care for her rings true, and his questline kicks off once players have finished talking to him.

1) Locating Lanya in the middle of the Lakes of Liurnia

Lanya can be found in the heart of Liurnia of the Lakes, near the Academy entrance Town, which is easily accessible to the Tarnished. A Site of Grace can be found just to the southeast of the Raya Lucaria Academy, a very accessible location. Players must find their way to the Academy Gate Town from there.

The Tarnished will recognize Diallos’ voice as soon as they enter the city. If they follow him, they will find the nobleman sobbing over Lanya’s body on the floor. Once you talk to him, he’ll vow revenge on whoever did this to her, which will advance the storyline.

2) Traveling to Volcano Manor

When the Tarnished returns to Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold, they will discover Diallos waiting for them, and upon speaking with him, he will express a wish to visit Mt. Gelmir. This is located just off the ancient road heading west from Windmills.

Mount Gelmir, a landmark for Elden Ring players, can be found in the map’s northwest corner. Next, the group will need to find Diallos, who lives in Volcano Manor, after they arrive in the area. It is located on the western side of the Altus Plateau, where the mansion is a prominent landmark. However, the Grand Lift of Dectus is the preferred method of transportation to get there. Therefore, players must use both Dectus Medallion halves to trigger the mechanism.

Locate the Volcano Manor on the northernmost edge of the windmills to advance Diallos’ questline.

3) Diallos, the final piece to the puzzle

You’ll need the Drawing Room Key to unlock the rest of the mansion once you’ve arrived. Diallos, who appears to have been waiting for the Tarnished for some time, may be found in the Drawing Room once players enter the room. After you’ve had your fill of conversations with him, he’ll leave. Indeed, the player has met the nobleman, but that encounter is not the final.

Although he has accomplished his mission, he will play a minor role in the final resolution. Suppose the player waits until late in the story of Elden Ring after they have helped the people of Volcano Manor by defeating Old Knight Istvan. In that case, Diallos will have a few more words to say about the player’s assistance, completing his quest line. There’s no point in talking to him because he has nothing to offer.


The side missions and other activities in Elden Ring add up to more than twenty hours of playtime, and that’s not counting the main storyline. The length of the primary plot alone exceeds forty hours. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Elden Ring has some murky goals.

The quest to locate Lanya is a prime example of this principle at work since it requires players to assist a man named Diallos in his search for his friend. It’s difficult to figure out at first, but it’s much less challenging after players know what to look for.

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