Where is Game Activity on Discord?

Don’t know where is game activity on Discord? Don’t worry! Gamers widely consider Discord as the top communication app, thanks to its diverse set of features and tools. It seamlessly integrates with any game, functioning smoothly in the background and providing players with an exceptional gaming experience.

Upon installation, Discord will automatically detect most games and showcase them in the Library section located in the Home tab. Yet, certain games might not appear in the library, and encountering this issue on an inconvenient day can be frustrating. Although this problem may not pose a significant challenge, it remains an annoying inconvenience for users.

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Where is Game Activity on Discord?

If you are wondering about where is game activity on Discord then one thing that you need to know is that Discord doesn’t possess a conventional library, per se. Instead, it boasts an Activity Status feature that informs others about the kind of game you are currently playing and maintains a record of your previously played games.

When you launch a game on the same device as Discord, the ‘Activity Status’ section should display the game automatically. By detecting any active processes on your device, the application can detect and display the game you are currently playing.

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How to enable Game Activity on Discord?

enable Game Activity on Discord

The activity status feature on Discord proves advantageous when streaming games on voice channels or notifying others of your gaming activities.

Only Discord’s desktop client allows users to activate and personalise their activity status. Unfortunately, smartphone and web users can’t showcase their activities to their Discord friends.

To turn on the Discord activity status:

  • To access your Discord settings, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left corner of the screen, next to your username.
  • In the left sidebar, choose ‘Activity status’.
  • Enable the option titled ‘Display current activity as a status message.’

Discord can usually detect and list games automatically when they run on your computer. However, to include other programs, click on the ‘Add It’ option.

How do I turn off Game Activity on Discord Mobile?

To disable the activity status feature on the mobile application, start by launching the app and tapping your profile icon on the bottom navigation bar.

Next, select the ‘Privacy & Safety’ option from the settings menu. This will direct you to the ‘Privacy & Safety’ settings page, where you can switch off the toggle for ‘Display current activity as a status message.’

How do you get Game Activity on Discord?

Enabling Discord’s activity status is a straightforward process. First, locate the Gear icon adjacent to your username, positioned at the bottom left-hand corner. 

Next, select the ‘Activity status’ option from the left corner of the sidebar. Finally, switch on the ‘Display current activity as a status message’ option to activate the feature.


In conclusion, the activity feature on Discord offers users a convenient way to share their gaming activities with friends and even live stream games on voice channels. If you’re wondering where is game activity on Discord, you can find it by going to your profile picture in the bottom left corner of the desktop client and selecting “Settings.” 

From there, navigate to the “Activity Status” tab, where you can activate, customize, or disable the activity status feature on the Discord desktop. With the easy-to-follow steps outlined in this post, you can easily manage your game activity status and keep your friends updated on your gaming adventures.