Where can I buy Harmony Crypto?

If you’re seeking fresh prospects or crypto use cases, this is the right place to start your search. You may have already observed the Harmony network or heard about it in the crypto media.

After knowing the boon and its significant display in The Defi Kingdoms game, one might wonder Where one can I buy Harmony Crypto. But before knowing how you can buy the coin let’s first get to know harmony ONE.

Read this to learn more about What is DeFi Kingdoms ONE

What exactly is Harmony ONE? 

what is harmony one

Harmony One Crypto runs as an open community. It runs under absolute fairness and transparency which also drives the approach to fund the future of Web3. Transaction fees, governance, and staking are all handled by the company’s native token, ONE. You may buy ONE using a credit or debit card on Binance, or swap it for another cryptocurrency.

You can store ONE in EVM-compatible wallets like MetaMask and Binance Chain Wallet once you’ve acquired it. We will discuss this further about ONE but first, let’s understand more about Harmony. 

Harmony is granting $300 Million to open DAO Community. Hence, time and again it says people from around the world bring their passion, their dreams & their expertise. Harmony Crypto uses the 1Wallet which makes the Web3 experience safer, simpler, and more social. In short, it is one of those safest wallets for all your metaverse adventures. With its 2-second finality, it allows trustworthy, irreversible transactions at low fees.

Harmony One, a fast, open, and transparent blockchain for decentralized transactions was founded by Stephen Tse, who is the latest global industry leader and serves as a member on the advisory board of some top-notch universities. 

Where can I buy Harmony Crypto?

where can you buy harmony one

ONE can be purchased in a variety of ways on Binance. To begin, you can purchase with a credit or debit card in one of several fiat currencies. Go to the [Buy Crypto with Debit/Credit Card] page, choose the currency you’d want to play with, and then enter ONE in the [Receive] form. Follow the steps for your purchase by clicking [Continue]. 

If you wish to trade other cryptocurrencies for ONE, you may do that by heading to Exchange view. From here you can search for ONE and there you can find a list of available trading pairs. Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges (DEX) and marketplaces such as SushiSwap are also platforms where you can purchase ONE. 

Now to answer your question about where to find Harmony ONE, we have curated a list of top crypto exchange platforms where Harmony One trade and purchase are available.

  • Binance  
  • Uphold
  • KuCoin
  • Gate.io
  • WazirX (INDIA Only)

Where can I trade Harmony?

Harmony believes in open governance and vibrant participation in our ecosystem. Towards radical transparency, the platform and mechanism aim to disclose the funding and the deliverables of the projects as much as possible to as many people so that everyone is well aware of what is running around in the market. As mentioned above, several DAOs let you trade Harmony smoothly. 

Let us find below a few of these DAOs which assist you to trade Harmony in the most transparent way possible. However, an interesting point to be noted here is all of these DAOs work towards different causes and are run by a unique and separate group of people.

Blu 3 DAO: The members of this DAO believe in making the impossible, possible. It is a DAO that focuses on empowering women and non-binary people to earn independently. Along with earning, it sets up a platform to learn and play in Web3 via funding, community, and right mentorship.

To know, learn and be a part of this DAO, one can start gathering information from the below-mentioned page. It is quite active on it and readily welcomes its members and non-members to have a conversation around DAO and its cause. Head on to know more!

Africa DAO: Blockchain technology and mainly, cryptocurrencies with the good in them can work wonders for the world. It can focus on improving things around the world. For the same reason, Africa DAO was formed. Starting with developmental training, meetups, and hackathons, Africa DAO aims to reinforce the HArmony Ecosystem in the African continent, more so in places that are either underdeveloped or in the developing stage. 

With its speculative nature, it aims to achieve social impact and solve fundamental societal problems which have been ignored for a very long time now.

How will blockchain help in the same? 

The answer to this lies in the power of blockchain technology which can facilitate strong digital identities, smoother value chains, and environmental traceability, reduce the possibility of fraudulent activities and provide authentic and better documentation.

While in the embryonic stage, many people do suspect it to be unsafe, fake, and overly complex, with time, it will surely pick up the pace, once it starts solving problems through measurable initiatives, strategic, and concrete. 

Following mentioned are a few critical issues being addressed and targeted by Africa DAO to achieve its accomplish its final task:

Education: For the African continent, education means technical and non-technical training. The idea is to educate people in the country about Harmony. This is to not just educate them about the Web3 platform but also encourage them to use it for further develop professionally.

Training Metrics: The metrics which will be taken into consideration for these meetings will be:

  1. Engagement from Africa’s Harmony’s site
  2. Number of participants, the diversity of their backgrounds, and the seniority of their position
  3. Actions being taken post the meetup concerning Harmony and Web3 blockchain

Public Influence: To shatter the mainstream beliefs of people and what people consider shams and scams, it is important to spread the word through crucial discussions not only on Harmony but on Blockchain at large. 

The best way is to spread the right and enough information with the information givers i.e. stakeholders, moderators, regulators, and media. It is the duty to train them and support them. The Public Influence metrics are as follows

1) Diversity of participants and background sectors along with their seniority positions. 

2) Positive publications of journalists who attended the training. 

Using Technology for Good: Some of the areas where technology can be used for doing bigger and better good for nations are many but focussing on the most important ones for the start will prove to be a good idea. 

Some of these on the hot list are:

  • Remittances: Blockchain is constantly working on the value transfer across borders in a simplified way while fast-tracking the whole thing. In a country like Africa, where 20% of their earnings is from remittances, it is important to regulate the process.
  • NFTs for creators: To increase employment across professions using blockchain
  • Land registries: To ensure that there is a successful transfer of land registrations on blockchain for authentication and safety
  • Value Tracing for farmers: To increase the value and profit of Kenyan coffee farmers through traceability designs right from production to reach the final consumers. 

Conferences: To fulfill all the above concerns planned to be addressed and resolved by Blockchain Network, there will be an Ethereum conference in Kenya from time to time to support African developers as they understand existing DAOs, add their inputs and create their DAOs. It is believed that this will be a great opportunity for them to inspire and guide.

Zk DAO: To break it down in simpler terms, it’s a product with the product. Commonly known as a Zero-Knowledge DAO, Harmony is openly committing $10M for zkDAO and privacy DAO. It focuses on products with 100x benefits, magical uses, or universal constructs, based on the above-mentioned idea, zkDAO is divided into three types of product types i.e. 

Product 1 – Succinct: One of the two products lying in this category is Rollups, which in simpler terms, eases the process and makes it faster. It does similar work as the Ethereum layer but is better than that. The Succinct is known to be cheaper and more secure. 

The basic idea of Rollup is to aggregate a huge number of transactions into one Rollup block and generate a succinct transaction or activity for the chain. The other product is termed Stateless.

Product 2: Private: As a result of the basis of an ETH and ERC20 there has been created a token mixer called MicroMix has. It will be used for privacy-enhancing applications such as anonymous login, anonymous DAOs, anonymous voting, and journalism.

Product 3: Fair: To give an idea around what the third product is, here it is, about what it means and operates in. MACI is a set of smart contracts and zero-knowledge circuits upon which developers can build applications, such as voting systems or funding platforms. Rather, developers build applications on top of it which support MACI.

Is Harmony listed on Coinbase?


There are some cryptocurrencies more unique than others and harder to obtain than others too. One such currency is Harmony, which is not available on Coinbase App or Coinbase Wallet. But there are other ways to try your luck with Harmony. However, the exchange platforms that we mentioned in the blog earlier ( Binance, WazirX, etc) have Harmony available with them. 

They also provide you with the currencies you can use to obtain the coin. In pairs, there is always a mention of two currencies, The second currency is what you can use to purchase Harmony. For instance, if you would like to purchase ONE with the U.S. Dollar, look for ONE/USD.

A Troll on Harmony’s History 

One another interesting fact about Harmony is that it has successfully created a cross-over realm with Bored Ape Yacht Club. To understand, Bored Ape Yacht Club, often colloquially called Bored Ape, is an NFT collection built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The collection is the profile pictures of cartoon apes that are procedurally generated by an algorithm. 

Harmony, hence, launches a BAYC passport, successfully creating a cross-over realm where holders of BAYC tokens can trade into Harmony as well by showing their proof of apes. This crossover will also help them to enter DeFi Kingdoms.

This takes us to another interesting fact, DeFi Kingdoms which is technically Web3’s most played game was born on Harmony’s open platform. It is a gamified blockchain project which gives players the power of decentralized finance with the use of tokens in a play-to-earn setting. Hence, as observed, 

The Metaverse is a universe that unites culture with technology, providing a platform to adopt Web3 as much as possible. 

The Vision 2026 of Harmony One

  • Scaling Web3 via DAO and ZKP: With Harmony One came into existence around four years ago, it aimed to create a radically fair economy that is transparent and trustworthy. Four years down the line, the NFT wants to build on Web3 infrastructure facilitating many other areas like DeFi, the good of the world, and DAOs along with what already exists.
  • Adoption: The main themes on Strategy and Roadmap of Adoption are broadly categorized into:
  • Adoption: The platform is wanting to make more and more people adopt Harmony so that it can bring the optimum amount of utility to users through developers and partners.
  • Interoperability: This primarily involves a cross-functional strategy that will be bridged with Ethereum and Bitcoin. This will help enable new transactions and users.
  • Decentralization: Decentralization is a way to not give powers on one hand but distribute the powers with a promise of long-term governance
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Constant research is being conducted on products with magical use, 100x benefits, and universal constructs.
  • ETH Denver: It is another vision that the token carries but has been silent about it for now.

While there come many doubts and confusions with blockchain technology along with the issue of trust, it is always to be kept in mind that technology today is pacing up like nothing else while easing our lives a whole lot more and providing opportunities for all sorts. 


Whether you’re an investor, DeFi DApp user, or stakeholder, Harmony has a healthy ecosystem to explore and participate in. There’s plenty to use and explore even at this early level of the roadmap. Keep an eye on Harmony’s growth and be updated on any information related to the coin.