Where can I buy Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Have you already fallen in love with a cute but scary Axie beast ready to fight? It’s possible that now is the best moment to purchase Axie Infinity Shards and dig further into the Axie Infinity game. In this article, you will learn about various exchanges from where and how you can buy Axie Infinity (AXS).

Axie Infinity is an Ethereum-based turn-based card game in which players may breed, grow, combat, and trade Axie creatures. Players who possess Axies and Axie Infinity’s unique token, AXS, may have a say in how the Axie Infinity experience evolves in the future. 

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity’s native coinage is AXS, an ERC-20 token. Axie Infinity is a portal that hosts Axie NFTs and merges the well-known Pokemon and Cryptokitties. It is developed on the Ethereum network. Sky Mavis, a Vietnam-based business, debuted it in 2018. The AXS token can be exchanged, bought, or acquired via gameplay.

To play the game, you’ll need 3 Axies to join a team, which may be a stumbling block for some users owing to the price. You own and command these Axies, who are gaming characters. The most affordable Axie is worth 0.03 ETH. Winning a game, on the other hand, would need solid team chemistry incorporating components such as Axies stats and cards.

What is Axie Infinity?

Players may earn money by fighting in PVP fights for up to $30,000 in leaderboard awards, breeding Axies and then trading them on the marketplace, or fighting other Axies for Small Love Potion tokens (SLP). Unique Axies can also be collected and speculated on by players. The most exciting feature of the game is the premise behind it: play to make money. Members will be able to stake their AXS tokens on the network to get regular payouts as a kind of passive income in the third quarter of 2021.

Axie Infinity (AXS) is the world’s 26th most valuable cryptocurrency, with a market valuation of $7,673,525,439. Axie Infinity is currently priced at $125.22, down -2.549 percent from yesterday’s pricing. In the last 24 hours, prices have fluctuated between $128.64 and $124.09. All values are in US dollars and are current as of 09:10 UTC on October 24, 2021.

Brief History of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity launched its gaming system in late 2017 and has since added a slew of new features. Axie Infinity, the real game, was published in May 2018 with only one feature: breeding Axies. Axies could be bought and sold, as well as bred for use in-game or for sale on markets.

Brief History of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has offered player vs player combat, NFT chunks of land, and idle battle types since its start. These aspects combine to create a comprehensive blockchain-based video game that is not only entertaining but also profitable.

Axie intends to introduce staking for AXS in the coming years, allowing token holders to accrue interest on their commitment. Axie will also debut gameplay that is connected with the land plots that are now for sale, providing the land in-game usefulness that it would otherwise lack.

How to buy Axie Infinity (AXS)?

How to buy Axie Infinity (AXS)?

Open an online account

You’ll need to have a crypto trading account with a structure that enables the Axie Infinity token to trade in AXS. Coinbase and Gemini are now the most accessible venues to buy Axie tokens.

Axie tokens may be purchased using Coinbase in a variety of ways. Using the “convert” tool on Coinbase, you may invest in Axie tokens using stablecoins tied to the US dollar (USD) or Bitcoin (BTC), or other cryptocurrencies. It can be beneficial to use Bitcoin as the baseline for cryptocurrency investments since it allows you to contrast your altcoin’s progress to that of Bitcoin.

Buy a Wallet (optional)

If you don’t intend on regularly trading your cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to use a cryptocurrency wallet. Wallets allow you to manage your cryptocurrencies, whilst centralized exchanges keep track of your cash. Many markets have been hacked in the past since centralized crypto exchanges are popular targets for cybercriminals.

Make your Purchase

It’s time to start making your purchase after you’ve created a Coinbase account and determined where to keep your tokens. On Coinbase, you may acquire Axie Infinity tokens in two ways: as a limit or market buy order.

Market bids invest in the coin you want to buy at the current market price, and they’re usually filled in a matter of seconds. You may also use a limit order to purchase your tokens at a specific price. The purchase order will never be honored if the token does not fall to the value on your market order.

Payment Methods used for buying Axie Infinity

Binance accepts over 100 different payment methods for depositing funds and purchasing Axie Infinity. Simply choose your chosen currency (most likely Indian Rupee in your instance) and the payment method you wish to use. They also accept the most common payment options, such as credit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal.

Trade or buy your first Axie Infinity from India

You can’t buy any cryptocurrency directly using FIAT currency in the realm of crypto and on platforms like Binance. As a result, exchanges developed stable currency such as Tether USDT.

These stable coins are cryptocurrencies that you may acquire and then exchange for the currency you wish. The term “stable coin” comes from the fact that the value of these coins is based only on the price of the US dollar. It’s a good idea to find up what coins are coupled with the coin you wish to acquire before you buy it. Some currencies, for example, exclusively couple with Bitcoin and Ethereum, while others connect with stable coins as well.

Prepare for the crypto future!

As previously said, the purpose of this article is to help you buy Axie Infinity (AXS), prepare yourself, and set up several safe accounts on exchanges. This way, you’ll be ready in the future if you wish to buy other cryptocurrencies that aren’t offered on your current platform.

Factors to consider when buying Axie Infinity

Factors to consider when buying Axie Infinity

Before purchasing AXS, consider the following factors:

  • Gamified DeFi: SLP tokens may be readily exchanged to ETH using UniSwap, ensuring an income for Axies Infinity. If a player does not want to continue breeding, they can cash out their credits. This is a one-of-a-kind mix of DeFi with a blockchain-based collecting platform thanks to the usage of UniSwap, which enables quicker and more efficient payments on the Ethereum platform.
  • Governance: You can invest and vote with AXS, the platform’s native coin. Users may earn tokens by engaging in the game and adding to the network. It is a fair distribution method since it pays participants depending on their talent, engagement, and effort.
  • Storing tokens: AXS tokens may be held in any ERC-20 compliant wallet, such as Trustwallet, or a Trezor One cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Gas Fees: As previously stated, Axie is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which draws high gas prices in addition to high Axie pricing, making entry into the ecosystem prohibitively expensive for newcomers. Furthermore, breeding necessitates the use of gas, which adds to the expense. The Ronin Ethereum sidechain was built specifically by Axie Infinity to address the issue of excessive gas prices.

Where can I buy AXS Infinity AXIE?

How do you get infinity in Axie Infinity? Read this section to find out where you can buy AXS.

  • Uphold
  • Binance
  • Gateio
  • FTX
  • Kucoin
  • Bitfinex
  • Crypto.com
  • Coinbase
  • Huobi

We’ve compiled a list of the top three exchanges where you can purchase Axie Infinity (AXS) using a credit card, debit card, or Bitcoin (BTC).


Uphold — A leading US exchange, Uphold is a seasoned and forward-thinking trading system that should be able to fulfill your demands for trading a variety of cryptocurrencies, including Axie Infinity (AXS). Further, then the trading platform’s simplicity of use and unique features, the company’s reputation in the sector stands out.

They provide a very user-friendly desktop and mobile trading history. On both mobile and desktop, the transaction view is customizable with the commodities that you trade the most, and it has a very simple to use, modern feel. It is a widespread and appropriate choice, especially for beginner traders.

The Uphold trading platform is not only visually beautiful, but it also makes it simple to place transactions. You can make trades immediately from your deposit method with only a few clicks, and you won’t even have to wait for the cash to transfer to your bank. This one-step purchasing is another development from a corporation that prides itself on its platform’s usability. They now have the power to execute limit orders as well.

Customers in the United States can also apply for a debit card that earns rewards and cryptocurrency. AXS is not available for purchase in the United Kingdom or Europe.


Binance is among the world’s largest and best-known cryptocurrency exchanges. The advantages of buying Axie Infinity (AXS) here include reduced exchange costs than other platforms, as well as improved liquidity, which allows you to purchase and sell rapidly to take full advantage of market-moving information.

This exchange is excellent for users from Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and other countries. AXS is not available to residents of the United States.


Gate.io was founded in 2013, and while it is not among the most well-known exchanges, it does provide a credible trading system with an easy-to-use interface for newbies, as well as powerful and comprehensive charts for traders of all skill levels, including advanced traders. They support a huge variety of cryptocurrencies, like Axie Infinity (AXS), and are frequently the first to list new tokens. Best of all, they are adamantly opposed to any form of market manipulation.

Residents of the United States are currently accepted on this exchange.

More information about Axie Infinity

More information about Axie Infinity

DYOR – Do Your Own Research

Always conduct your own study on the currency, the technology behind the coin, and the people behind the coin before investing in Axie Infinity. Before you invest in a cryptocurrency, you should conduct your own research about the coin, its tech, and the people behind it.

DCA – Dollar Cost Averaging Strategy

Dollar-Cost Averaging is a well-known investing and cryptocurrency approach. It’s a strategy in which you acquire a set quantity of a currency or investment that you believe in regularly. Every month, for instance, 100 Indian Rupees. When you purchase methodically, you limit your emotional connection while also spreading the risk of a shifting market.

Pros of DCA

  • Make little investments.
  • Markets are less volatile, thus there’s less anxiety.
  • Because you seldom buy full quantities on peaks, you have a lower risk of losing money.

Cons of DCA

  • You won’t be able to execute optimal transactions since you aren’t investing all of your money on the bottom.
  • It takes longer since you aren’t affluent after just one trade.
  • If you execute a DCA on one investment, you might choose a loser that will only go down in value. It is preferable to spread your investments out while performing DCA.


Is it a good idea to invest in Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity has outperformed most other cryptocurrencies in terms of returns, making it an appealing investment for people who believe in blockchain-based games. With the game set to launch this year on Google Play and Play Store, there may still be an opportunity for AXS to expand.

What amount of Axie Infinity (AXS) should I purchase?

The advantage of cryptocurrencies is that you may divide them and purchase only a (small) portion of them. In this manner, you retain ownership of your Axie Infinity piece, which you can use or hold.

To gain confidence, start with a modest quantity of Indian rupees to learn about the process of acquiring Axie Infinity. Once you understand the procedure, you can easily scale up your purchases and purchase additional Axie Infinity. (Be mindful of the fees associated with buying and selling cryptocurrencies.)


Other use applications for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are growing in prominence, thanks to CryptoPunks, NBA Top Shot, and Beeple trinkets. Gaming is one obvious application for NFTs, and Axie Infinity has taken advantage of it.

Users may purchase and sell in-game things such as Axies (in-game characters), pieces of land, and even accouterments for their Axies using Axie Infinity. This allows users to earn bitcoin merely by playing a game, creating new phenomena known as play to earn.

To play Axie Infinity, you must have at least three Axies. The cheapest Axies cost roughly $200, so you’ll have to invest $500 to start playing right now. These Axies, on the other hand, maybe traded on the marketplace, so you might be able to recoup your investment or even earn a profit once you’ve finished playing.