What to do before NG+ in Elden Ring? [7 Important Things To Do]

If you are a fan of FromSoft games, you are probably familiar with the concept of NG+, the optional playthrough that brings new challenges and opportunities for exploration. What to do before NG+ in Elden Ring? In Elden Ring, NG+ is no exception, and to make the most out of your subsequent playthrough, there are some essential preparations you should make in your first journey. Let’s dive into the key steps to take before entering Journey 2.

What to do before NG+ in Elden Ring?

What to do before NG+ in Elden Ring

Here are 7 things you must do before NG+ in Elden Ring:

1. Collect All Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones

In Elden Ring, leveling up your weapons is crucial to maximize your damage output. To do this, you’ll need Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones and their Somber versions. These stones can be found worldwide and can also be purchased from the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold. Make sure to gather as many of these stones as possible to upgrade your weapons in NG+ without any limitations.

2. Seek Out Legendary Items and Weapons

Having explored most of the map in your initial playthrough, it’s time to find the Legendary items and weapons scattered across the world. There are a total of 6 Legendary Ashen Remains, 9 Legendary Armaments, 8 Legendary Talismans, and 7 Legendary Sorceries and Incantations to discover. Each item comes with its own unique achievement, making it a rewarding challenge to track them all down. Completing this collection will significantly contribute to achieving 100% completion in the game.

3. Don’t Miss the Walking Mausoleums

The Walking Mausoleums are awe-inspiring creatures with buildings atop them. They grant you the ability to duplicate Remembrances from defeated bosses or acquire both items dropped by bosses, providing you with valuable options. Even if you don’t need the items, they offer free Runes, allowing you to enhance your character further. Finding and activating all Walking Mausoleums will ensure you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

4. Complete NPC Questlines

Elden Ring is rich in NPC questlines, each offering unique rewards at their culmination. These questlines add depth and intrigue to the game’s narrative, so make sure to keep track of them as you progress. One significant questline to pay attention to is the Ranni questline, which not only rewards you with the Dark Moon Greatsword but also offers an alternative ending. Before heading into NG+, endeavor to complete all the NPC questlines you encounter, as they often lead to acquiring Legendary items.

5. Secure Maps for Every Area

The maps you have collected in your first playthrough will carry over into NG+, providing you with a comprehensive view of the places you have explored. This will help you avoid revisiting areas needlessly and keep track of important locations. Before embarking on Journey 2, ensure you have found and marked all the Maps, making your subsequent playthrough smoother and more efficient.

6. Stock Up on Upgrade Materials

Prepare for the challenges of NG+ by stocking up on upgrade materials. Upgrade all the equipment you can in your base NG playthrough, and don’t hesitate to buy out all available stock at shops. It’s essential to gather Bell Bearings for Smithing Stones, as they won’t carry over to the next journey. By collecting and securing as many upgrade materials as possible, you’ll be ready for whatever awaits you in subsequent playthroughs.

7. Gather Golden Seeds, Sacred Tears, Larval Tears, and Crystal Tears

Your Flasks are vital tools for survival in Elden Ring, and having them upgraded is crucial. Seek out 30 Golden Seeds to fully upgrade your regular Flasks to +14. Additionally, find the 12 Sacred Tears to increase the amount each Flask restores. Lastly, stock up on Larval Tears to reallocate your attributes after defeating Renalla in the Academy of Ray Lucaria.


In conclusion, taking the time to complete these tasks and gather essential items and upgrades before starting NG+ in Elden Ring will significantly enhance your subsequent playthroughs. By being well-prepared, you can make the most of your adventures and tackle the heightened challenges that await you in Journey 2. 

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