What Keepsake to get for Samurai?

What Keepsake to get for Samurai? Keepsake is the initial item you’ll select in the Elden Ring. Keepsakes include things like a Golden Seed that fortifies your Sacred Flask and Fanged Imp Ashes, one of many Spirit Ash summons in the game. Picking the correct Keepsake for your playstyle is crucial because they provide a significant advantage, especially at the beginning of the game.

What Keepsake to get for Samurai?

What Keepsake to get for Samurai

What Keepsake to get for Samurai? The Golden Seed is the greatest Keepsake to start with. At the outset of the game, when your chances of survival are highest, having an extra Flask usage to restore HP or FP is invaluable. There are a few better options for providing you an advantage straight away in Elden Ring, even if several Golden Seed spots may be discovered there. When worn, the Crimson Amber Medallion temporarily boosts your Health, but you can also obtain one from the nearby Dragon-Burned Ruins.

Meanwhile, the ashes of the Fanged Imp are helpful if you need a summon to divert the enemy’s attention in the early stages of a fight. Nonetheless, ashes are a reasonably regular reward, especially in early-side dungeons. You may get this item in the world, albeit a little ways off the critical path.

The Stonesword Key is the only other object of note. This rare artifact may be used to unlock various doors and chests in the game. But, unlike the Golden Seed, owning a Stonesword Key right away provides little of an edge, and our Stonesword Key locations can give you some specific areas to find some pretty on.

It can mislead you; using one in the first crypts before emerging in Limgrave will lead you to Fringefolk Hero’s Tomb, a challenging dungeon you shouldn’t tackle immediately. There’s also nothing valuable or unusual that you can swiftly loot and abandon.

Is the Samurai good in Elden Ring?

What Keepsake to get for Samurai

When used correctly, this Katana can be used throughout the game, but it excels in the opening phase. Several foes in Elden Ring are sensitive to Bleed, and the additional burst damage can quickly alter the tide of any battle by draining enormous amounts of Health from powerful enemies and bosses alike.

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What is the Samurai best katana in Elden Ring?

What Keepsake to get for Samurai? Uchigatana. One of the few Katanas in the game, this one is mighty and helpful for countless hours. For my first fifty hours with the game, we used my slightly enhanced Uchigatana and had practically no issue defeating optional and legacy bosses. We then switched to the Elden Ring Meteoric Ore Blade.

The ‘Blood Loss Buildup’ passive effect of the Uchigatana, which lets you give foes the Hemorrhage status, partly contributes to this. This is a synonym for the impact of bleeding, and it increases as you attack opponents using Bleeding weapons or skills. When the bar is complete, the target absorbs significant damage.

This is wonderful, as it guarantees that your aggressiveness in combat will be rewarded with the swift demise of your foes. This is a primer on the most excellent Elden Ring bleed build in the early game, in addition to being an Elden Ring Samurai Build guide.

The Uchigatana’s “Unsheathe” skill is another potent ability against isolated foes and large groupings. You can take a stance by pressing the Skill button while holding the weapon. From this point, hitting the light strike will unleash a robust, wide-arcing slash that can hit numerous foes simultaneously.

On the other hand, a powerful attack will execute an overhead slash that causes enormous damage and can knock down most foes in a single blow. 

In addition, the Uchigatana initially scales poorly for both Strength and Dexterity, scoring a D. This indicates that the quantity of damage dealt will stay the same regardless of the stat you prioritize. The beautiful thing about Elden Ring is that you can use your Ashes of War to alter the Affinity of the weapon to any attribute you like.

Is Elden Ring’s Samurai game challenging?

Elden Ring is a complex game by any means. Although specific builds will breeze through the game more quickly than others, it is and always will be a massive game with immense obstacles, which is why we have been posting complete Elden Ring Guides on our page.


This was all about what Keepsake to get for Samurai. It depends on what matters to you as a player, whether the Golden Seed or Crimson Amber Medallion is the greatest Elden Ring Keepsake. The correct Keepsake can provide you a massive advantage in the game, while an average one will fill up space in your stocking. Thanks for stopping by.

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What would you recommend as a good first memento for Samurai?

It is our opinion that a Golden Seed is the ideal initial Keepsake. While early-game survival is critical, this will offer you an extra chance to utilize a Flask to replenish your health or spirit.

Where to put your money on the Samurai Elden Ring?

The Vitality, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity stats are the most important for a Samurai build. Starting around level 3-5, spending points on Vigor is a must. Never underestimate the importance of this stat early on, as it raises both your health and your defense.