What is VSync in Minecraft?

What is VSync in Minecraft? First, you need to know the full form of VSync, VSync stands for Vertical Synchronization, it is a display option that you will find in almost every contemporary 3D video game. Generally, it allows you to load the screen as a whole all at once, without tears. 

In games, tears usually happen when your PC is not equipped to load high-quality graphics. Most PCs have a particular speed or refresh rate which lets you renew the image displays. 

What is VSync in Minecraft?

PCs that support high-quality graphics have a refresh rate of 240 HZ. This depicts that the image displayed on the screen can be refreshed 240 times per sec, which allows the player to have a smooth gaming experience. 

It varies from game to game, as every game has a certain frame rate that can be adjusted. Generally, most games max out at approximately 60 frames per sec, however, every latest game is pushing its boundaries for the players to have a better experience.

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The ultimate goal of VSync is to synchronize the refresh rate of the player’s PC with the frame rate of the game. This will allow the monitor to refresh every frame as it displays on the screen. You will view tears when there is un-synchronization, there will be two or more frames on the PC screen at the same time. When it is perfectly synchronized you will be able to view one frame at a time, giving you a smooth graphic free of tears. 

VSync’s main purpose is to allow players to streamline the gaming experience by matching the frame. It lets players focus on playing without getting distracted by splits and glitches on the screen. As it gets very annoying when tears occur, especially when you are in the middle of the exciting part.

What is VSync in Minecraft

Now you know what is VSync in Minecraft, so let’s proceed toward how you can enable it in the game setting. In Minecraft, you will have the option in the game setting to enable VSync. By setting the VSync now you will be able to play the game without any glitches or tears.


Now you learned how you can play Minecraft without facing any glitches that can spoil your mood in the middle of the game. Fix your setting so that you can have a smooth gaming experience.

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