What is Tuff used for in Minecraft?

What is Tuff used for in Minecraft? Minecraft adds new items every time it releases a new update, which makes it more interesting for the players. So, Minecraft in v1.17 added a new ornamental block Tuff, which is used for decoration purposes. I guess you want to know more about it, so why not just dive into the blog.

Basically Tuff is a new type of stone that has been introduced in the Minecraft game. It is formed from volcanic ash, light grey in color, and can be obtained in Y level 16, you need to dig it to get it out from underground in the game.

What is Tuff used for in Minecraft?

What is Minecraft Tuff used for

Tuff is currently a decorative block that you can use for aesthetic purposes or for decorating builds. This block has decent blast resistance so it can also be used as material blocks to build structures such as temporary shelters. 

However, Tuff blocks are relatively new in Minecraft that’s why they don’t have much use in the game. In the near future, with new updates, it might have more uses in Minecraft. Apart from these, you need to keep in mind that tuff cannot be made in the crafting table, you need to search for it. 

Now you know what is Minecraft tuff used for, so let’s proceed further to know where you can find them. 

Tuff is known as an ornamental rock that is made of volcanic ash. Most commonly found in all biomes in the Minecraft world but specifically in between Y level -63 and 16. You can also find them in the deepslate layer. 

Furthermore, you need to dig it out from the ground with the pickaxe tool in order to obtain these decorative blocks, and apart from this, there is no other way to obtain them.  The reason to obtain tuff is, you can replace blocks such as granite, diorite, stone, deepslate, and andesite. 

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Now you know what is Minecraft tuff used for, so it’s up to you how you want to use Tuff in your game and make it a more interesting gaming session. Use it as a decorative piece or building structure, all you need is a pickaxe to dig it out from the ground and all yours to use it. Share this newly added ornamental block information with your friends or gaming buddies.

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