What is the Skull with Glowing Eyes in Elden Ring?

What is the Skull with Glowing Eyes in Elden Ring? When playing Elden Ring, you will soon come across luminous skulls. These bones and body parts don’t appear like the others scattered over the area. Indeed, a ghastly glow emanates from their eye sockets, making them appear even in complete darkness. The purpose of these skulls is still being determined. Do they accomplish anything? Read on to know.

What is the Skull with Glowing Eyes in Elden Ring?

What is the skull with glowing eyes in Elden Ring

Pass Skulls are the name for the luminous skulls that may be found across the Elden Ring universe. They’re not there for show; instead, they’re there to help you make financial transactions. If you crack open a luminous skull, you’ll find a Golden Rune within.

The only thing you’ll get out of those glowing skulls is an easy way to get Runes. If you do, bust it open to find a Golden Rune inside. You can get 200 Runes by using this item or selling it to a vendor for that amount. Each illuminated skull is valued at 200 Runes.

Wait before you sell your Golden Runes. As an inventory item, Golden Runes are not lost upon death. You can withdraw money as needed without worrying about losing it if you die. This distinction becomes crucial when you’re just starting and dying frequently. Take care to only part with your Golden Runes at the last moment.

Crush any luminous skulls you find in the Elden Ring. Just swing your sword at it or ride your phantom horse over it. Gathering the Golden Runes that each skull drops will allow you to level up and purchase better equipment over time. The boost is modest, but it accumulates over time. Thus, new players still venturing into the depths of Limgrave should keep a remarkable eye out for these skulls.

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What does it mean when an enemy has Golden Eyes in Elden Ring?

Whenever an enemy in the Elden Ring has glowing eyes, it implies one crucial thing: they drop more runes than usual. They don’t appear to acquire new abilities, yet they are slightly more damaging than their regular counterparts. The Joysticklers have noticed that the runes dropped by foes with golden eyes are five times the average. Just having this around is a nice perk, but it can be beneficial when farming runes.

You will eventually encounter an enemy with these eyes if you grind souls in the exact location and rotate the enemies by visiting a Lost Grace. Take down these foes for maximum crop yields.

We have yet to find a way to have foes with golden eyes appear more frequently in the Elden Ring, but if we do, we’ll let you know. Their reproduction process is random. But only a single adversary with glowing eyes can spawn in a group at any time. While this is pure conjecture, it stands to reason that if any adversary generates bright eyes, it will be the toughest of the bunch.


This concludes our discussion on what is the skull with glowing eyes in Elden Ring. You are primarily on your own to discover the solutions to the numerous riddles and hidden things strewn over the stunning environment.

Among these is a particularly dreadful item scattered over the region of Limgrave. With any luck, we’ve explained what “glowing skulls” are and how to acquire them in the Elden Ring.

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In the Elden Ring, there seems to be an effect that causes the eyes to light.

What this means is that you are a devoted servant of the Blood Lord. Simply navigate to Rennala and toggle the appropriate setting to disable it. Because there will be an “On” and “Off” effect, turn it off. The name should be “Eye Change” or something like such.

How do I remove the Elden Ring, Dragon’s Eyes?

To alter your eyes, open the face editor and click the “Eyes” tab. The Eye Alterations selection is well down near the bottom of this page. It’s a toggle, so you can turn it off if you want your eyes and irises to look how they did before.