What is the Punch Enchantment in Minecraft?

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What is the punch enchantment in Minecraft? In Minecraft, enchantments are a way for players to upgrade their tools, weapons, and armor with various abilities and effects. One such enchantment is the punch enchantment, which can be applied to a bow. The punch enchantment is a powerful tool in the game, allowing players to knock back enemies and send them flying through the air. Read on to learn more about it.

What is the Punch Enchantment in Minecraft?

punch enchantment in Minecraft

What is the punch enchantment in Minecraft? Punch is a bow enchantment that amplifies the knockback of an arrow, similar to the Knockback enchantment for melee weapons. This has no effect on the bow’s damage.

What does Punch Enchantment do in Minecraft?

Now that you got the answer to “What is the punch enchantment in Minecraft?” let’s learn about its function. If you shoot an arrow at a monster or a player and strike them, they will take more damage. This implies they’ll be 3 or 6 blocks further away from you than the base knockback. The base knockback differs based on the mob or player’s knockback resistance: Iron Golems, Shulkers, and the Ender Dragon, for example, are immune to knockback.

The degree of the Push enchantment determines whether your targets will be pushed by 3 or 6 blocks: level I Push gives an extra 3 blocks knockback, while level II Push (the highest level) delivers an extra 6 blocks knockback.

The Push enchantment provides the same benefit as the Knockback enchantment, which can be applied on Swords.


The Punch enchantment is situational and is not something you should always have on your Bow. It can be very aggravating to push foes away who are rushing away from you, giving them more distance. A Push charmed Bow is not suitable for chasing adversaries, but it might be useful while being chased or when surrounded by enemies, allowing you to gain more distance.

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