What is the fastest way to find Endermen in Minecraft?

What is the fastest way to find Endermen in Minecraft? Endermen are basically a type of hostile mob in the world of Minecraft. The main reason why players search for them is that when you kill them they drop Ender Pearls which can be used to activate End Portals and at the time it can also be used for teleportation. So you might want to know what is the fastest way to find Endermen in Minecraft. Here’s a quick guide for you. 

What is the fastest way to find Endermen in Minecraft?

What is the fastest way to find Endermen

It can get a little difficult to find Endermen in the game but it’s not impossible. The best you can do is implement the listed below strategies which can help you locate them faster. 

  • First, you can build an extremely high tower, put up a bed, and turn up your render distance to 32 chunks and difficulty to hard. The height will allow you to look if there is any Endermen in your area. 
  • Second, Endermen are generally found in the End dimension, so you can pick up this hint and look for them in the End, you can travel there by using the End portal. You might luckily encounter the Endermen there.
  • The third tip is to search for them at night because usually they spawn at night, so you have a high chance to find them if you explore at night. 

Furthermore, in the end, the motivation is to end motivate is to obtain Ender Pearl, use a spawn egg or a command to spawn Endermen instantly, this is the quickest way you can get Ender Pearls. Apart from that, use a Looting sword that will increase the probability of obtaining more pearls per kill.

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Now you know what is the fastest way to find Endermen, right? So why not implement it in your gaming sessions as well. Even though it’s difficult to find them, but the strategies will help you through, also keep in mind it depends on the player’s gaming skills and sometimes luck to encounter Endermen. 

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What are Endermen afraid of?

Endermen have a few unique behaviors and vulnerabilities that you can take advantage of to kill them down. First, Endermen are afraid of water, when exposed to water they teleport away. So you can trap them down by placing water around them. Next, you can use fire-based weapons or traps to kill them as they cause a good amount of damage. 

Lastly, it’s for the players to do, do not look directly into Endermen’s eyes as they get provoked by it and start attacking. So try to avoid making eye contact as much as possible. 

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