What is the fastest way to find Cows in Minecraft?

What is the fastest way to find cows in Minecraft? The cow is one of the valuable resources that can be helpful to players in various ways such as you can use their leather for making books and other items. Not only this, it can be a good source of food as it produces meat and milk, which can work really great during survival time. 

To obtain all these benefits you need to first find a cow, so what is the fastest way to find cows in Minecraft, we’ll share a quick guide in this blog. 

What is the fastest way to find Cows in Minecraft?

What is the fastest way to find cows in Minecraft

Since you know the advantages of getting a cow, you surely will try to find a quickest way to get one. So for players, there’s  a piece of good news, it’s not that tough to find them all you need to do is explore grassy biomes, like plains or savannas, because usually cows spawn in these areas. 

Another fast way is to use a lead which you probably have, that will pull cows to your location. Lastly, the best option of all is if you have wheat, you can lure cows to you by holding the wheat in your hand, which will make them follow you, easily and quickly. 

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Since you have an idea on what is the fastest way to find cows in Minecraft. Why don’t you try it practically in your game? You never know you might get lucky on your first go and find them quickly and can use them for your own specific purpose that will help you survive in the game longer.

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What food attracts cows in Minecraft?

All a player need to use is wheat to attract and lure the cows. You need to hold wheat in your hand and approach a cow, and the cow will start following you, it’s that simple. Now you can move the cows to any desired location. 

You might be thinking about how to get wheat, you need to gather and harvest wheat seeds from a grassy location and open your crafting table and just simply turn the wheat seeds into wheat. Another way is to loot village farms or trade with them to obtain the wheat.

There are other food types also such as carrots, potatoes, and beetroot, however, wheat is generally the most efficient and reliable choice for attracting and luring cows in Minecraft.