What is the best pair for Wing of Astel?

What is the best pair for Wing of Astel?  This article provides suggested builds for the curved sword Wing of Astel, found in the Elden Ring. The Wing of Astel is a powerful weapon that any mage in Elden Ring should consider using if they favor intelligence-based setups. Its curved sword’s strong attack is highly potent, and its weapon skill, Nebula, causes enormous damage.

What is the best pair for Wing of Astel?

What is the best pair for Wing of Astel

What is the best pair for Wing of Astel?  For optimal use of the Wing of Astel Elden Ring in a mage build, consider increasing your Intelligence and Dexterity stats. However, Intelligence and Mind can be lowered in favor of Dexterity if the Wing of Astel’s attack damage is the priority.

You can spam Nebula a lot more without running out of FP if you equip the Carian Filigreed Crest, which lowers the FP cost of weapon skill strikes. The talisman can be purchased from the considerable blacksmith near the Carian Mansion. The Shard of Alexander is a second talisman that can be used in construction. It increases the damage of weapon skills by 15, significantly increasing the impact of the Nebula talent when it connects. After defeating Iron Fist Alexander in the final confrontation in the Crumbling Farum Azula, you will be rewarded with the Shard of Alexander.

The Graven-Mass Talisman is your third talisman of choice. Talisman increases the destructive power of sorcery spells when cast. You can get it at the Albinauric Rise in the Consecrated Snowfield just before the Haligtree. The Fanged Imp Ashes are needed to open the front puzzle box and retrieve the talisman from within. Alternatively, you can find the Graven-School talisman in the Raya Lucaria Academy behind the same secret wall you break to obtain the comet spell.

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What spells work best on Astel?

Fighting Astel is a simple matter of dodging his attacks. There are no transitional phases or other health bars during cutscenes. Even the more challenging Astel, Stars of Darkness, have similar attack patterns, albeit with greater damage output. Like any other, the key to success in this boss encounter is knowing your foe inside and out. No tricks are being played on you.

Below, we’ll go over the specifics of Astel’s signature opening move—a purple Cosmic Laser—but first, you should know that he almost always uses it. You can swiftly bridge the distance and begin dealing damage after you learn to avoid it. The majority of Astel’s dangerous close-range assaults originate from his head or his front arms. Watching those will give you ample warning of everything but the oncoming Gravity Wave.

How to beat Astel? Best recommendations for success

How to beat Astel

Target the head and the extremities first.

The “chest” of Astel, if you can call it that, is constructed of crystals that are highly resistant to harm. Fighting Astel by getting underneath it and swinging at its middle will be challenging. On the other hand, Astel’s body and brain sustain far more significant harm.

Astel’s many leg-arm monstrosity limbs are relatively easy to strike and should serve as your primary targets. If you hit the head, you can do more damage and potentially poise-break Astel for a crit. You risk getting bitten or grabbed by Astel if you stand too close to his head.

Watch Astel’s head to avoid the Cosmic Laser’s rays.

Although the Cosmic Laser appears shockingly sudden, there is a tell that can be used to time your dodging. Astel will first lower its head and stare you down before launching into a full-on charge. Astel’s head jerks up slightly before she fires the beam. Dodging Cosmic Lasers is as simple as rolling when you observe that movement.

No more Asel’s Gravity Wave to use

You will recognize Astel’s Gravity Wave attack if you have faced any of the bosses of the Fallingstar Beasts. Using this power, Astel generates a translucent purple pitch that traps debris in midair. Then, after a few seconds, it will take you and the trash into the air and smack you back down, doing a lot of damage. If you run back into the pitch before the lift stops, you risk injury from the falling debris.

Gravity Wave’s lift component acts like a grab and can’t be avoided. There is a window of opportunity within which you can time your roll to avoid both the lift and the debris drop, but doing so reliably is quite challenging. The simplest solution is to exhaust your supply of Gravity Wave. It’s tempting to attempt sneaking in one more attack before dodging, but it’s usually not worth it. Specifically, you should stay away from anything that might freeze your skin, such as frost weapons or spell

Avoid Frostbite weapons and spells

Astel’s resistance to elements and status effects is identical in all but one case. Astel is unaffected by her Frostbite condition. It’s inevitable that many players will encounter Astel, who will severely reduce the damage of their Icerind Axe and Hoarfrost Stomp builds. Frostbite’s low damage against Astel is probably due to this. If you need a new weapon for the battle, our guide to the most incredible builds in Elden Ring should have something that works for you.


This was all about what is the best pair for Wing of Astel. The Curved Sword Wing of Astel can be found in the Elden Ring. Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence are the primary scalars for the Wing of Astel. This weapon is helpful for those focusing on Intelligence and Dexterity in their character creation. In any case, thank you for coming.

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Is the Wing of Astel any good Elden Ring?

The Curved Sword Wing of Astel can be found in Elden Ring. The Wing of Astel scales largely with Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. For Intelligence and Dexterity focused builds, this is a good weapon choice.

Can Wing of Astel be upgraded?

The curved sword Wing of Astel is wielded by someone with 7 Strength, 17 Dexterity, and 20 Intelligence. At +8, it soon rises to B intelligence and C dexterity from its base of D in all three categories. Given its rarity, this weapon’s upgrade costs must be paid for with Somber Smithing Stones.