What is Star Atlas Coin? All You Need to Know

Blockchains and gaming have been coupled with their cryptocurrency in video games and crypto. These video games allow users to buy in-game items with cryptocurrency, earn cryptocurrencies in the game, and even have a role in the game’s evolution.

Star Atlas (ATLAS) is one of these games that has become increasingly popular. To build a compelling multiplayer virtual world, the game combines cinematic excellence, strategy, and science fiction. In this post, you will learn everything about Star Atlas Coin.

What is Star Atlas?

star atlas

Star Atlas is a digital metaverse game that will immerse players in a futuristic metaverse while also allowing them to utilize the project’s token, ATLAS, for a variety of in-game tasks.

The game is set in the year 2620, and players can join one of three sides. These factions each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that might affect how you play. In the Star Atlas virtual world, players struggle for resources in an immersive future reality.

Within Star Atlas, users can explore a vast cosmos via first-person flying and high-definition graphics. You can explore the metaverse on a little budget, and a higher investment will allow you to command ships, harvest resources, and form guilds with other users.

ATLAS can also be used to buy items and level up your character. ATLAS can be used to earn money. Armor and ships, for example, can be purchased with non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This option enables players to ensure that their in-game gear belongs to them.

The Solana blockchain is the foundation of Star Atlas. Solana is noted for its speed and low charges, which is one of the reasons the developers of Star Atlas chose it. The team has collaborated with a decentralized exchange (DEX), which will allow players to easily trade, stake, and use their in-game currencies.

POLIS is a governance token for Star Atlas. This token grants holders voting rights, allowing them to influence the game’s future direction.

The game is still in production as of December 2021, and no launch date has been specified. Users can, nonetheless, choose their group and begin purchasing stuff now to get a jump start when the game launches.

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What is ATLAS Coin?

star atlas coin

ATLAS is the coin of the Star Atlas game. ATLAS will be used to acquire digital assets like ships, crew, land, components, and equipment at first. ATLAS is the unit of currency used to accomplish operational requirements, whether through NPC traders or direct peer-to-peer exchanges.

Furthermore, running costs such as employees for mining equipment, shipping fuel, and damage fixes will also have to be paid in ATLAS. It will also be the most widely used currency in the NFT market.

How Do You Get The Star Atlas coin?

If you want to buy a Star Atlas coin, you can follow the steps given below:

Open an Online Account

To buy ATLAS, you must first create an account on a trading site like FTX. However, FTX only accepts ATLAS outside of the US, so you will have to use DEX if you’re from the US. It’s simple to open an account with FTX. You provide simple paperwork to validate your account after signing up with an email and password. You fill your account with a bank transfer when it has been validated.

Buy or Download a Wallet 

While purchasing and storing ATLAS straight on a trading platform is simple, it is not always the safest option. Wallets allow users complete control over their assets and are often safer than exchanges. Additionally, having a crypto wallet allows you to spend your digital assets in DeFi and allows you to get cryptocurrency airdrops.

Make Your Purchase

Go to the ATLAS website using your funded FTX profile. It’s the ATLAS/USD combination for FTX. Once you’ve found a suitable combination, enter the desired amount and execute the deal. Your balance will then be saved in your portfolio.

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets For ATLAS 

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

Hardware wallets are devices that hold the private keys required to send cryptocurrency. This method is frequently regarded as the safest method of storing cryptocurrency.

The hardware wallet brand Ledger is compliant with the Solana network. The Nano S and Nano X models are available from Ledger. The Nano S is for beginners, while the Nano X is for those who want additional storage and Bluetooth connectivity.

Best Software Wallet: Phantom

Private keys are stored online by software wallets. Although less secure than a hardware wallet, this method nevertheless allows users complete control over their assets.

The phantom wallet is a Solana-based wallet that supports all Solana-based assets. It employs a variety of security features, ranging from password protection to a wallet-freezing locking mechanism. It can be used in conjunction with a Ledger hardware wallet.

Trade, Sell or Convert ATLAS

Look for a suitable pair to swap with your ATLAS to convert it. However, because the token is so new, there aren’t many possibilities right now.

Input the amount to exchange and complete the deal once you’ve found the desired pair. The new currency will then be added to your portfolio.

To pay out your stake on FTX, you can trade for USD. To sell on Gate.io, you’ll need to switch back to USDT and then USD.

ATLAS Price Statistics

atlas price stats

Check out the price statistics of Star Atlas coin ATLAS:

Star Atlas Price $0.023079961938
Market Cap $49,847,328
Market Cap Dominance 0.00%
Trading Volume $2,970,343
Volume / Market Cap 0.0596
24h Low / 24h High $0.022824045829 / $0.023345011107
7d Low / 7d High $0.022864617263 / $0.025526777455
Market Cap Rank #613

How Many Star Atlas Coins are There? 

There are 2,160,000,000 ATLAS coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 36,000,000,000 ATLAS coins.


Star Atlas is currently a mostly high-risk investment. The token has few applications, and the game is currently in its early stages. If the game is released and receives great reviews, the price may rise as additional people purchase the token and find new applications for it. The price of ATLAS in the future is mostly determined by the game and its release date.