What is Sandbox Land? How to Buy Land in Sandbox?

For many investors, purchasing Sandbox Land is a significant step. It’s an excellent way to multiply your money. In Sandbox’s Metaverse, the land is digital real estate. On the Ethereum blockchain, each is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible ERC-721 token. Today’s article will study how to get started buying land in the Sandbox. This is an in-depth guide to purchasing virtual land in the Sandbox Metaverse. Land prices have recently skyrocketed, and there is still a lot of room for growth.

If you have any questions about buying and selling land in that Metaverse, this is the article for you.

What is The Sandbox?

What is the sandbox

The Sandbox is a cryptocurrency game where players use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain to create a digital world. To access The Sandbox metaverse’s various games, environments, and hubs, gamers, you can start creating avatars.

Consider it a blockchain-powered Defi version of Minecraft.

Pixowl launched The Sandbox as a mobile gaming platform in 2011 to compete with Minecraft. With over 40 million downloads worldwide, it became a worldwide success. However, co-founders Arthur Madrid and Sebastien Borget decided to create a 3D metaverse on the blockchain in 2018. Their ambition is to enable users to genuinely own their creations as NFTs and receive points while participating in the ecosystem.

Together with Axie Infinity and Decentraland, the new Sandbox offer was published in 2020 and quickly became one of the fastest cryptos in the world games.

In November 2021, Sandbox received $93 million in funding from investors led by Japanese mobile giant SoftBank. Over 50 collaborations for the game were also formed, such as Atari, an excellent gaming corporation, CryptoKitties, The Walking Dead, and hip-hop star Snoop Dogg.

What is Sandbox Land?

In The Sandbox’s Metaverse, a LAND is a digital piece of real estate. Game designers use LAND to create an online experience such as gameplay and dioramas, and it is also populated with ASSETs.

On the Ethereum blockchain, every LAND is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible ERC-721 token. There will be a total of 166,464 LANDs available.

ESTATES can be formed by combining multiple LANDs. A DISTRICT is a form of ESTATE owned by much more than a person.

LANDs can be found on The Sandbox’s official site via a virtual map.

The proximity of LANDs to large partner organizations and other critical areas will influence the gameplay, visitor counts, economic system, and accessibility of games built on such LANDs.

Game developers will also be able to rent LAND. Game developers will also collaborate with other developers or voxel artists to create a wonderful experience on that LAND.

Even as LAND is adjacent, it can be combined into larger ESTATES or DISTRICTs. Alternatively, ESTATES can be subdivided into smaller LAND parcels.

A typical 11 land plot measures 96 meters long and 96 meters wide. One meter equals 32x32x32 voxels in the Sandbox universe. There are different modes of real estate in the game, each with a different size:

  • Small (33) in length, with nine landholdings
  • Medium — 6×6 in size, with 36 landholdings
  • Large — 12×12 in size, with 144 landholdings
  • X-Large — 24×24 in size, with 576 landholdings

The primary function of LAND is to enable game designers to create, publish, and monetize a digital product. However, you can also participate in games created by other players. Such projects can be paid or free of charge at the creator’s discretion.

What is the point of purchasing a plot of land in a Sandbox?

Sandbox is an Ethereum blockchain-based decentralized community-driven gaming, artwork, and games development environment where manufacturers and developers can generate and commercialize their NFTs, art experiences, and playing games observations.

The primary goal of Land areas is to allow game designers and developers to disclose experiences on them that gamers can play and commercialize.

Other services, such as leasing out land and staking a land claim, will be available.

There are two types of land for sale: frequent and premium.

What can you do in the Sandbox with LAND?

Owning The land in The Sandbox provides its owner with a plethora of opportunities.

The primary task of LANDs is to host and learn through play such as games, dioramas, exhibitions, social hubs, and so on, which can be monetized as a source of revenue by the holder. They also serve as a venue for contests and events. The Sandbox’s Game Maker apps can be used to create such experiences.

You will receive some, probably the most significant, due to your efforts. This includes highly sought-after GEM tokens that are remarkably regarded and sought after by digital asset creatives in The Sandbox. The Sandbox’s utility token, $SAND, can also be staked on any LAND you own. The Sandbox’s utility token, $SAND, can also be gambled on any LAND you own.

You will also have a say in the governance of The Sandbox metaverse if you own LAND. LAND owners and $SAND token holders will be The Sandbox’s voice, deciding and trying to govern the product’s future through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

It’s okay if you’re not a strong developer. You can hire designers and artists to work with you on one property investment and create fantastic times. Alternatively, suppose you have no interest in experience development at all. In that case, you will be able to rent your LAND to designers for them to create experiences, trying to generate you some additional income from wanting to hold your electronic real estate.

How to Buy Land in Sandbox?

Purchasing Land from sandbox

Sandbox sells land during public auctions. The announcement is made in the official communities in front of the public.

You must first create an account to purchase a piece of land from the Sandbox. It might take a few moments to register. Here are the steps to creating an account on MetaMask, the most popular wallet.

  1. To begin, create a MetaMask account and download the MetaMask browser extension. You can create a MetaMask account and download the enhanced version from their website.
  2. After installing MetaMask, navigate to Sandbox’s official website and click the Sign-In button in the top-right corner.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose Web 3 (MetaMask).
  4. You would now be asked to enter an email address and a user ID. Then, click the ‘Create Account’ button. 

You’ll also need SAND tokens in the wallet linked to your Sandbox profile. You will also require ETH to cover any transaction cost.

Those interested in purchasing land during public property sales should go to Sandbox’s official website to look for the map.

Then there’s the matter of buying land:

  1. Select the available land that you want to purchase by clicking on it.
  2. The public Premium land will be marked yellow, while the traditional public land will be grey.
  3. If you’re going to buy the land, click the “Buy” button.

The property would’ve been reserved until the sale was confirmed, canceled, continued to fail (for example, due to a lack of gas), or expired (after two hours). The land then would turn purple to indicate that it has been reserved.

Your bank account should appear, prompting you to confirm the payment and state clearly how much gas (charged in ETH) you are using.

It will be completed once your bank balance confirms the payment. The amount of gas you choose and any blockchain overcrowding significantly impact the time taken to complete.

The property will turn red to indicate that you now own it when you succeed.

How will purchasing land on the Sandbox benefit Investors?

Acquiring a piece of electronic real estate widely recognized as lands on the Sandbox will give you lots numerous resources to gain a very clean and consistent stream of income. Let’s go over how the land can make you very wealthy.

  • Hosting Expertise

Property on Sandbox’s primary function allows users to upload life experiences such as gameplay, museums and art galleries, shops, sceneries, trying to engage education, and so on. These experiences can be designed and developed using Sandbox’s own game engine software, the Game Publisher, and then published on any creator’s lands.

Players may well be charged an admission price in cryptocurrency can reach the experience accepted for publication on the land.

  • Staking

A potential Sandbox feature will allow landholders to stake cryptocurrency on their properties in exchange for detached bonuses. One of those other bonuses is GEMs, an ERC-20 token extremely coveted and sought after by asset design professionals. In addition to standard wagering requirements rewards, these GEMs can be sold on the market. The multitude of Land areas you possess acts as a multiplier when you provide SAND-ETH cash flow to the UniSwap liquidity provider, increasing the amount of SAND virtual currency you obtain from cash flow mining.

  • Renting

Property owners will then be able to lease out their land areas to others, such as game developers and film production companies who missed out on land during the initial sales. Once all of the lands have been sold, the supply of available land for rent will skyrocket when more people become aware of the Sandbox and decide to offer expertise there.

  • Organize Contests and Giveaways

Lands can host events and giveaways, attracting a sizable number of paying purchasers to your land is allowed to penetrate the contest or giveaway. You could also enable others to access tournament games or giveaways on your Lands to promote their businesses – for a fee, of course.

  • Advertisements for Self-Promotion and Affiliate Linking

Are you an actual affiliate? Do you own a company? You’re a writer, aren’t you? Are you a creative person? Or anyone else looking to sell a product? Why not widen your visibility by utilizing some of your commercial time on your property to encourage gamers and visitors, who would otherwise be unaware of the existence of your good or service?

  • Asset NFTs for Sale

If you decide to publish expertise in the field on your property, you will need to set up entrance requirements and charge a fee to access the experience.

One of the entry requirements you can impose is that players own a particular asset NFT.

For example, a player may purchase a machine gun from an NFT sword collection you authored on the global industry to perform a swashbuckling pirate game you released on the land.

  • Land for Sale

Of course, selling land inside Sandbox is another way of making money, especially if it is in a high-traffic and sought-after area of the Metaverse. If you calmly hold on to your Areas of land for a more extended period, you will most likely earn more money over the long term from a combination of the other procedure listed above.

What does Sandbox land Cost?

The least expensive land available on Sandbox currently costs more than USD 10,000.

The regular land price increased dramatically in the last quarter. The average farm price increased from $40 to 960 USD in much less than a year.

Is there a Monetary Risk?

There is, of course. So exercise caution. Land prices might well fall in the future. It is relatively new and yet has to gain widespread acceptance. However, given the trends, it is doubtful that we will see a significant drop in land prices. But if there is, now would be a great time to buy. Sandbox has a lot of potential, in my opinion. It will be exciting to watch what the future has in store for us.


The Metaverse seems to be the future, and any money invested in land within Sandbox or other Metaverses could be a good bet. Again, the reward to risk ratio is enormous.

If I were to make a sandbox land price prediction, I would say that prices will rise 5-10x in less than a year. Nothing, however, is assured.

A word of caution: Because virtual land sales are subject to supposition, please invest whatever you can afford to lose.

Long term, there will be more opportunities for land monetization, so I suggest that you join the Sandbox society and keep up to date on advancement news.

Because land is in short supply, you should act swiftly to secure a piece of this marvelously simple money-making digital property investment! Therefore, we are incredibly optimistic about Sandbox as well as other Metaverses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the Sandbox’s land?

Sebastien Borget was the co-founder of The Sandbox game publisher in 2012 and currently serves as its chief operating officer. He claims that virtual land sales have skyrocketed in recent months, totaling $211 million between 2019 and today. As a result, Crypto connoisseurs, makers, and game players have all been attracted.

What is the size of a sandbox?

As you may be aware, The Sandbox Metaverse contains a total of 166,464 LANDs. In addition, the Sandbox owns 16,704 LANDs (10%) and uses them for special events. And 25,920 LANDs (16%) are kept in reserve and dispersed as rewards to partners, content producers, and game players.

What is the cost of the Sandbox?

The Sandbox’s current price is USD 5.86, with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 615,150,803.

What is the sand coin’s future?

This coin’s price is expected to reach $6.57656 in 2022, rising to $8.81669 by the end of 2023.