What is Pureness Axie?

Axie Infinity’s a whole environment. The result is quite comprehensive and has a high level of detail. Your pureness level is measured in axes. This aspect will determine which parts of the body will have the Axie, which cards will be used, and so on; if you want to know everything, stay with us.

We’ll go over what purity is, how to determine an Axie’s purity level, how it affects this, and so much more. Recognizing all of this information can assist you in obtaining the best Axies.

What is Pureness Axie?

An Axie can be pure. The pureness of an Axie suggests how many of its parts are from the same class as the Axie itself.

A plant Axie with five plant parts has a purity of five, and a plant Axie with six plant parts has six. To breed a pure Axie, your best option is to cross two Axies of the very same class with high pureness and then hope for the best!

However, a pure Axie is never warranted. Due to the hidden genetics, even if you breed two Pure Axies together, the offspring may be non-pure. However, hidden genes can be advantageous on occasion.

If you want to try your luck, some tools can help you discover the hidden genes.

Purity isn’t always the best option, especially if you’re just getting started with your collection. Axies are inflexible and vulnerable to counterattacks because they are pure.

To construct versatile teams, you should start with Axies from various classes. When playing against some of these classes, having only plant Axies would weaken your team. In exchange, your experience gain will be slower, decreasing the rate you can breed.

Pure Axies can be quite costly due to their scarcity. As a result, breeding for purity may yield some benefits.

Private classes of Axie Infinity: What exactly does purity have to do with it?

There are six types of standard classes in Axie Infinity, which are the ones we’re all familiar with (reptile, insect, plant, aquatic, bird, and reptile). The robotic, twilight, and sunrises classes of Axies, on the other hand, are challenging (and expensive) to acquire.

To obtain these Axies through breeding two adult Axies, we must keep in mind that they must be 100% pure Axies. A shortlist of the combinations you must make to obtain a rare or particular type of Axie can be found below.

  • Axie mechanicals will have a 33 percent chance of being created if a pure beast and a pure insect are combined.
  • Axie Sunrise has a 33 percent chance of being created when a pure plant and a pure bird are combined.
  • We have a 33 percent chance of getting an Axie Twilight if we combine a pure reptile and a pure aquatic.

These three combinations will almost certainly result in a unique or rare Axie. The form of purity and Axie has a significant impact on this factor. Although the probability and cost of these Axies are exaggerated, the scenarios are reduced or increased depending on the predominate, genetic mutation, and recessive 2 genes.

The Axie’s special classes are distinguished by their body image and their abilities and characteristics, as each type of Axie will enhance their parents’ statistical data. For example, in the repairman, the motion speed is increased. This type of Axie can give you a significant competitive edge in the arena.

The Base Stats of each Axie class are different. Here are some short descriptions for all of the classes that are currently available:

  • Beasts are protectors with a high level of accuracy and consistent attack damage. Their defense values are low, but their HP pool is moderate.
  • Plants have a lot of HP, defense, and mythological healing abilities, but they’re slow.
  • Bugs aren’t known for their high damage output. However, their long durability and good precision can be helpful.
  • Birds, like the wind, are powerful and swift. On the other hand, their defense is relatively weak, so direct hits can be devastating.
  • And although their accuracy isn’t the best, reptiles have very well stats and hidden attacks that make them valuable.
  • Aquatics are difficult to injure because they are fast, strong, and slippery. However, because of their poor eyesight, their accuracy isn’t the best because of their poor vision.

The Advantages of Pure Axies

Purebred Axies are preferable for several reasons:


  • The main reason why pure Axies outperform non-pure Axies is statistics (Axies with different body parts and card sets are called “non-pure or hybrid Axies”). Most of the time, this aids the overall battle strategy. A bird with 6/6 (Pure) parts, for example, will have a top speed of 61, giving it the advantage of attacking first and assassinating the enemy team. The same thing happens when Pure Plant Axie has the most HP, Pure Beast has the most moral, and so on.

Combinations of Cards

  • The best way to win in a battle is to use card combinations and synergy. Cards usually rely on self-synergy more than they would on Axie card interaction. Most of the time, this aids the overall battle plan. When it did come to card synergistic effects, Pure Axies always had an advantage.


  • Pure Axies would most likely produce dependable offspring when bred together (Pure Axie + Pure Axies = Pure Offspring). This is advantageous when we want to sell the Axies or build a strong team. Hybrids, on the other side, are less dependable whenever it comes to reproduction.

Each type of Axie has a distinct advantage over a kind of Axie while being weaker against others; let’s take a look at what those advantages are:

  • Twilight Out competes against a bird and an aquatic. In comparison to insects and beasts, it is inferior.
  • Mechanic Out is effective against reptiles as well as plants. When it comes to birds and aquatics, it is at a disadvantage.
  • Sunrise has the upper hand over beasts and insects. Against plants and reptiles, it doesn’t stand out as much.

Know how to use each type of Axie to your advantage, as well as how to counter an enemy with one of these Axies.

Bottom Line

We hope this information has helped you comprehend What Axie Infinity is, how it works, how to get begun, and how to make a profit.

Almost everyone has fantasized about earning money while playing video games as a child.

Crypto games and NFTs will transform gaming as we know it, owing to blockchain technology.

Keep in mind that Axie Infinity is still in beta.