What is Origin Axie? Why is It So Expensive?

Axie Infinity is based on Nintendo’s popular Pokémon franchise. It has you collecting cute creatures and pitting them against are other in cartoonish battle. However, getting started isn’t easy or inexpensive, and you’ll require a far higher initial commitment than you would for a typical PlayStation or Xbox game. The positive is that you own and can trade your Axie NFTs, and its “play-to-earn” strategy rewards you with cryptocurrency coins that can be swapped for cash. What is Origin Axie? Why is it so expensive? Read on to learn about this Axie in detail.

What is Origin Axie?

what is origin axie

What is Origin Axie? Axies generated during Axie Infinity’s 2-month pre-sale campaign in 2018 are known as Origin Axies. Axie infinity set a reasonable cap of 4,088 Origins to be sold during the presale. As of July 13th, 2021, there have only been 269 Origin Axies in the Axie Infinity Market, with a price cap of 4.4 ETH. There are many different types of Axie, such as bird, dawn, beast, fish, and many more; however, there is one type of Axie that is separate from all others: the Origin Axie. These Axies had no parents and were formed at the start of the game, as their names imply.

People with unusual Axies have a massive chance and luck, as they will rise to the ranks of Axie Infinity Legend.

Axies in the computer game Axie Infinity are divided into several classes, each with its unique set of bodily parts and physical characteristics inherited from their parents.

Such Axies’ purity is fully decided by their parents’ virtues; also, their skills and physical characteristics are passed down from their parents. The Origin Axies, on the other hand, were the ones who started the phenomenon.

The Origin Axies were supplied directly by the company that manufactured Axie Infinity, meaning that no one had taken an Axie’s offspring to gain an Axie Origin. The Origin Axies is said to be the Axie-Infinity cosmos’ Adam and Eve.

Even though their abilities and cards are rather common, the price of such Axies has skyrocketed due to their scarcity.

Why is Origin Axie So Expensive?

Origin Axies are the basic pieces of the Axie movement, having been sold during the first-ever Axie sale in 2018. Origins are the very first labeled Axies to be released, and there will never be any more. They are prized for their rarity, although they currently offer no visual bonuses or in-game value.

The rarity and “originality” of these Axies have driven up their values to a range of $9,621.51 to $21,374,987 US Dollars (PHP480, 000 to over 1 Billion Pesos).

Are Origin Axies a Good Investment?

origin axie good investment

We believe they have the potential to become more expensive! People want scarce things, and blockchain is ideal for maintaining scarcity and ownership. Origin axes are among the best-fixed quantity assets, and low ID origins, in particular, are a difficult market to get into.

Origin Axies may also be used as a passport to new adventures. For example, all Origin owners were invited to the closed beta, but non-Origin owners had to wait for the Open Beta.

What are the Best Axie Combinations?

axies combinations

Now, take a look at the top Axie combos to help you improve your game:

Team 1: Aqua-Aqua-Plant

Position  Axie Type Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Tanks  Plant (Pure) Pumpkin  Serious  Cactus  Hot Butt
Mid-Lane Aqua (Pure) Sponge  Lam  Oranda  Nimo
Last-Lane Aqua (Hybrid) Goldfish  Lam  Cuckoo  Koi 

This team is known as the Double Aqua combo, and it works well against the Beast and Bird classes. You can easily defeat the Beast and Bird classes if you can get three high-damage cards valued at 110 or more. The Beast and Bird classes frequently have 330 or more HP and low defense. The Koi card permits the last lane Aqua card to attack first by accelerating it quicker than the Bird’s swift class. Regardless, the Beast class is slower than the Aqua class.

Team 2: Beast-Bird-Plant

Position  Axie Type Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Tanks  Plant (hybrid) Pumpkin  Serious  Leaf Bug Hot Butt
Mid-Lane Beast (pure) Hero  Goda  Dual Blade Hare 
Last-Lane Bird (pure) Pigeon Post Little Owl Eggshell  Post Flight

This team displays a strategy known as the Backdoor Way in Axie Infinity. Little Owl attacks the opponent who moves the fastest, Shrimp attacks the opponent who is the farthest away, and Tri Spikes attack the opponent who has the fewest shields. A backdoor technique becomes possible as a result of this. This focuses the opponent’s attention on protecting its back axes, minimizing the amount of energy needed to safeguard the front axes. Goda may be combined with the Hero card and three high-damage cards like Hare and Dual Blade by the mid-lane Axie to demolish the opponent’s Plant Axie.

Team 3: Aqua-Reptile-Plant

Position  Axie Type Card 1 Card 2 Card 3 Card 4
Tanks  Plant (Hybrid) Pumpkin  Serious  Leaf Bug Yam 
Mid-Lane Aqua (pure) Blue Moon Lam  Oranda  Shrimp 
Last-Lane Reptile(hybrid) Snail Shell Tiny Turtle Lagging  Thorny Caterpillar 


Axie Infinity is much more than a video game for users. Axie Infinity’s play-to-earn mechanics have become a source of revenue for those who have been (and continue to be) financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inside Axie Infinity, there are several methods to make real money. The most typical method is to accumulate Smooth Love Potion and then sell it (SLP). SLP is gained by completing daily objectives and engaging in combat in the Adventure and Arena game types. SLP tokens may be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges such as UniSwap and Binance, and then converted into fiat cash (normal money).

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