What is Mystic Axie?

What is Mystic Axie? Learn about this Axie class and its attributes here in this post. To get into the Axie Infinity game, you must learn everything about the Axie beings. By learning about their characteristics, you will be able to battle and breed new Axie species. Before getting into the topic, let’s learn about Axie Infinity.

What is Axie Infinity?

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Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trade and battle game that is greatly influenced by popular video game franchises such as Pokemon and Tamagotchi. In the game, players may earn, combat, nurture, breed, and establish kingdoms for token-based animals or digital pets branded as Axies in an open-ended, immensely adjustable gameplay.

The capacity of participants to own assets and monetize them on the network rises as the ecosystem grows. It was created by the Sky Mavis studio.

It is presently the most popular Ethereum-based game software, having pioneered and exposed the general public to a fun and informative method to learn about blockchain technology.

Axie infinite enables users to first acquire three Axies, which may then be bred into genetically varied Axies and sold as digital assets.

The players may earn SLP, which is worth 20 ERC tokens. With the SLPs, the users can either breed their Axies to create more, utilize them in combat, or sell them for a price in the market.

Similar to how central banks assign value to fiat currency, NFT minting ensures the uniqueness and non-duplicability of digital pets. Because the NFT is produced on the blockchain, where the information is tamper-proof and unchangeable, it results in a value that corresponds to the real-world time and effort that each Axie is bred with.

What is Mystic Axie?

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What is Mystic Axie? Mystic Axie is a class apart with unique and discrete features which is a prized possession that only a few players can hold. In this article we shall traverse the world of Mystic Axies, their origin, rarity, and special parts; in addition to that, we shall be introduced to the price of such Mystic Axies and the method to buy them from the marketplace.

Because of their scarcity, Mystic Axies are regarded as collectible tokens; they are the least abundant form of Axie in the game. Furthermore, its distinct look distinguishes it from all other common Axies on the marketplace and in battle mode.

What is the Origin of Mystic Axie?

Limited products, such as Origins, appear to be popular among players. Axie Infinity creators offered the Beast, Plant, and Aquatic Origin axis for an average price ranging from 22eth to 42eth when it was launched in April of 2018. The Origin Axies is unique in that each Axie has six distinct components, including eyes, back, mouth, horn, ears, and tail.

It was a pre-sale trick in the videogame where a player’s Origin Axie might build a Mystic portion. One or more of the Origin parts had a 1 in 18 chance of spawning as a Mystic part. At the beginning of the game, the Mystic components resemble the non-mystic elements from which they were carved. Nonetheless, such distinct variances can be seen clearly in such distinct sections.

AOC or Axie Origin tokens are given to users as referrals, or if someone purchases an Axie using the connection you provided, this was the only way for the players to gain Rare Class Origin. The AOC coins were redeemed at a 5-to-1 ratio for an Origin Axie. There are many 4088 Origin Axies, and each Axie has a unique tag, as well as a particular victory gesture when they conquer in Arena bouts.

What is the Rarity of Mystic Axie?

The designation of Mystic was once reserved for the most distinct and uncommon Axies; however, in the game, rare land pieces and even commodities are now referred to as Mystic if their origin is distinctive. The Mystic Axies reach the pinnacle of a rarity in Lunacia. By collecting AOCs, one can obtain a Mystic Axie. To be in the tournament, there should be around 1453 Mystic Axies.

Because AOCs are present, there may be less than 100 Mystic Axies that can be formed. There is a 29% possibility of getting a rare Mystic Axie, however, the chances of drawing more than one Mystic Axie are slim. The following are the possibilities of holding a specific quantity of Mystic Axies or parts:

Single Mystic = 25.04%

Double Mystic = 3.68%

Triple Mystic = 0.28%

Quad Mystic = 0.0127%

5x Mystic = 0.000299%

6x Mystic = 1 chance in 34,012,224

What are Mystic Parts?

mystic axie parts

The parts of Mystic Axie are the standard Axie parts, but with a twist. Between stages 2 and 4, the distinction between normal and mystic portions becomes increasingly clear.

There is still much discussion about what these parts will accomplish for the Axies; nevertheless, we do not yet know if the mystic components are the only ones that can level up to epic level 4. In comparison to basic parts, level 4 mystic parts are very one-of-a-kind and exaggerated, yet contain remarkable powers.

How to get a Mystic Axie?

You may obtain a Mystic Axie by purchasing one or by raising two adult Origin Axies. The mere existence of two Origin Axies seems improbable, given their great value and scarcity in the game.

What is the Cost of Mystic Axie?

At the time of writing, the lowest Mystic Axie costs 17.46 Ethereum, or $39,493; while the most costly Mystic Axie with 4 Mystic components costs a staggering 1500 Ethereum, or $3,394,346.

The cost will vary every day, and the quantity of Mystic Axies will remain constant. This simply implies that as time passes, Mystic Axies will become scarcer and more valuable.


There is a large audience interested in learning more about the in-game characters and assets in the groundbreaking realm of Play to Earn blockchain-based games like Axie Infinity. As a result, we provide you with a thorough reference about Mystic Axies, their origin, rarity, and sale price, as well as information on how to acquire a Mystic Axie.

We hope that this article will meet the demands of our readers and lead you to a more informed conclusion about the Axie Infinity platform.