What is My Neighbor Alice? A Complete Guide

If you are wondering What is My Neighbor Alice, read this article for a complete guide with details.

During the past couple of years, cryptocurrencies have made a name for themselves, it has been successful in attracting investors from around the world. The technology has experienced a surge in its growth and popularity recently, and that too at a rate that could never have been expected, therefore helping it to reach greater heights. On top of that, the crypto world has gained the trust and support of many along the way, as well as being able to mark its presence around the world. 

A blockchain builder game with strong elements of decentralized finance, My Neighbour Alice is a blockchain builder game with strong elements of NFTs. Discover more about the game below. 

How My Neighbour Alice is blockchain technology? 

A decentralized blockchain platform is what makes the crypto world possible. you might be thinking what is Blockchain technology? and how is it related to My Neighbor Alice? Blockchain technology is essentially responsible for verifying and recording transactions that happen over a network. It also eliminates all risks of counterfeiting or double-spending.

In this, you are going to find out the answer to What is my neighbor Alice? We are also going to discuss How does my Neighbour Alice works? What is my Neighbour Alice Crypto?

How does my Neighbour Alice work?

My Neighbor Alice improves the overall gaming experience by allowing players to interact with other users and players. It’s an open-world game that lets players explore Alice’s surroundings indefinitely and create avatars with which to communicate with other people.

Alice’s universe is made up of many virtual islands that are separated into My Neighbor Alice land plots. These land plots are represented by NFTs, which users can use to personalize their in-game property, change the topography, build a new patch, and decorate. In addition, the game has a storyline that users progress through as they complete objectives.

The amount of land that players can purchase is limited, which helps to keep the value of NFTs in check. The rarity and scarcity of the assets they represent influence the price and worth of NFTs in this play-to-earn crypto game.

Users can also develop assets such as vegetables, and houses, as well as describe their supply requirements, all for free. Users must, however, pay transaction fees when purchasing and selling non-fungible assets such as land. 

Players can also use the lending system to borrow NFTs and play the game. Lenders can profit from the loans they make, allowing them to augment their income while playing Alice. Players can also buy or sell Alice NFTs through in-game marketplaces as well as external marketplaces like Treasureland. Now you must be having a rough idea about What is my Neighbor Alice? 

What is My Neighbor Alice


What more can you do while playing in the world of My Neighbor Alice? 

Multiple players can also interact with their neighbors, participate in enjoyable daily activities, and receive rewards. To join the My Neighbor Alice world, you must buy land and participate in insect harvesting, fishing, farming, and beekeeping. Activities shared missions, and competitions help players advance throughout the game.

Buildings, plants, trees, flowers, and animals from the game can be used to develop and decorate players’ territory. Players can also employ unique in-game tools like a Game Builder and an NFT Creator to tailor their game experience and experiment with the landscape.

While we were discussing How does my Neighbour Alice works? You will see the following game features:

How does my Neighbour Alice works


Now your question “what is my neighbor Alice?” is probably clearer than it was at the beginning of this blog but let’s move ahead and know; 

What is my Neighbour Alice Crypto? 

ALICE Token is the native governance coin of My Neighbour Alice, and it is an ERC-20 token. To secure its network, Alice employs proof-of-work (POW). You can buy in-game goods, lands, and avatar skins with ALICE. You can participate in the governance process as an ALICE token holder through the community council. 

The council operates by making suggestions for changes, voting on them, and agreeing on the budget. The council also makes choices about revenue distribution, game creation, and expansion. You can also utilize these tokens to gain staking incentives, thereby supporting the ecosystem.

Participating in in-game tasks, events, and competitions will earn you Alice tokens. You can play, invest, and participate in the game by using the token. You can also use gamified finance elements like NFT collaterals and rents.

Also, while the game is based on popular blockchain technology and is believed to incorporate characteristics of decentralized finance (DeFi), it does not require any prior understanding of blockchain or cryptocurrencies. 

What is more in the game?

In the My Neighbor Alice virtual world, buildings, plants, trees, flowers, and animals from the game can be used to develop and decorate players’ territory. Players can also employ unique in-game tools like a Game Builder and an NFT Creator to tailor their game experience and experiment with the landscape.

Players can purchase and sell various game products and NFTs on an in-game marketplace. Furthermore, users can customize their game characters with avatars and interact with one another in an on-chain forum. A progressive reputation system in the game motivates players to increase their status to obtain access to exclusive events and NFTs.


The mix of smart contracts, NFTs, and fun components in the form of games is one of the most intriguing applications of blockchain technology. It’s a massive, untapped market that’s still in its early stages.

If the expansion of NFT continues to be a boon, My nightbird Alice could become one of the most prominent blockchain-based game initiatives, globally. Now, it is left to you to think about if the ALICE coin is a worthy investment. 

Many NFT specialists believe ALICE is a good long-term investment since the My Neighbor Alice video game is unique among blockchain-based games that use NFTs. However, because cryptocurrency markets are more unpredictable, you should always proceed with caution and research before investing in any assets.