What is My Neighbor Alice Pre Alpha?

What is My Neighbor Alice pre alpha? PA-MNA is a pre-alpha test of MNA and may have problems and errors. Alice is not accountable for any losses resulting from its use and offers no warranty. PA-MNA users are on their own.

This Pre-Alpha edition seeks user feedback on gender, age, and geographic area. Alice shall treat data in line with all applicable data regulations, including geolocated user entry data origination and travel rules. After evaluation, the data obtained and processed will be of no use, and its retention will be restricted to evaluation analysis and fulfilling duties for the return of Alice Token. Individual player data is irrelevant; only pseudonyms may be collected.

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What is My Neighbor Alice pre alpha?

What is My Neighbor Alice pre-alpha

Your acquisition of PA-MNA is conditioned on your unconditional acceptance and compliance with these Terms. If you disagree with the Terms, you can’t buy or use PA-MNA.

By testing, purchasing, accessing, or calling an action on PA-MNA or an intelligent Token PA-MNA contract, you accept these Terms (the “Acceptance”). Suppose you do not agree to these Terms. In that case, you are not authorized to download, test, purchase, acquire, use, access, connect to, or register to access PA-MNA or PA-MNA Tokens or interact with PA-MNA and must immediately stop doing so and remove or uninstall any application/s from all of your devices.

PA-MNA will only issue “fake” NFTs and PA-MNA tokens. Hence no ownership will be acquired. You acknowledge that using PA-MNA Tokens and PA-MNA is at your own risk and that they are offered “as is” and “as available.”

PA-MNA Tokens and NFTs can only be transferred within the game. Alice maintains the right to block transfers of PA-MNA Tokens and NFTs outside the PA-MNA ecosystem.

What is the Age Limit for PA-MNA Tokens?

Alice and PA-MNA Tokens are available to 18-year-olds. By buying, obtaining, accessing, or using Alice and PA-MNA Tokens, you represent and warrant that you can create a binding contract with Alice and meet the eligibility requirements. You must complete this criterion to buy, acquire, access, or use Alice and PA-MNA Tokens.

How to use PA-MNA Plots with NFTs?

The “fake” Plots and NFTs are gameplay scenarios in PA-MNA for introducing the key characters and universe of MNA to the Alice community and gathering user response. In MNA, Plots and NFTs are on Chromia Relational Blockchain or Binance Smart chain Network. In MNA, Plots are in finite supply, may have diverse qualities and relative worth, and may allow users to develop, acquire, transfer, and exchange unique digital game assets for game-making purposes or as collateral/security in MNA. Fake Plots and NFTs are only usable on PA-MNA. Contrived plots and NFTs are intangible.

The player will only be licensed for PA-MNA.

Alice has complete rights, title, and interest in

  • the Art and all proprietary source code, object code, and other PA-MNA technology; and
  • all additional content and resources available through Plots and NFTs, PA-MNA and PA-MNA-websites, connected applications, and all intellectual property rights;
  • Alice IP can only be used for personal, non-commercial plots.

Alice does not provide, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use Alice Intellectual Property or Plots and other in-game assets in a way inconsistent with these Terms without the prior written approval of Alice and any third party intellectual property owner.

Alice gives a non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license to display the Art for the following purposes:

  1. non-commercial use within PA-MNA.
  2. You can’t (or can’t let others):
  • change Art’s shapes, patterns, drawings, characteristics, color schemes; or
  • utilize the Art to promote or sell a product or service;
  • utilize Art to support or promote any third-party, entity, product category, charity, or service.
  • let a third party use the Art; or
  • use the Art in photographs, films, or other media or content that show or promote violence, hatred, sexual activity, illicit drugs, or anything else that could be considered hate speech or infringe on others’ rights;
  • utilize the Art in movies, videos, or other media for commercial use;
  • sell, distribute, or commercialize art-related items;
  • trademark, copyright, or otherwise obtain intellectual property rights in the Art save for the license granted under these Terms; or
  • utilize Art for commercial gain. If the Art contains third-party intellectual property, you may only use it in the Art (and subject to all of the restrictions set forth herein concerning your use of the Art).

This license only applies when the PA-MNA is operational. If you sell, trade, donate, give away, transfer, or otherwise dispose of a Plot or NFT, the license granted in these Terms expires, and you have no further rights in or to the Plot or NFT or the accompanying Art.

You agree not to delete any proprietary notices or labels on or in Alice Intellectual Property and bypass, modify, defeat or circumvent any technologies or techniques to deliver or protect the Plot or other Alice Intellectual Property.

Alice is not liable to you or any other person for any change, suspension, or discontinuance of Plots, NFTs, the PA-MNA platform, or associated software, applications, or capabilities.

What are the Pre-Alpha Test Version and Limitations?


Internal testing or QA does alpha testing.

An alpha test runs as follows:

  • First, alpha testers analyze the design spec and functional and non-functional criteria.
  • Next, a test plan is designed to produce all test cases.
  • Once the test plan and cases are ready, alpha testing begins. Here, checking for system flaws is a priority.
  • The team logs bugs or defects in a different system.
  • The development team fixes these bugs.
  • When the development team certifies the issues are fixed, the testing team retests. This testing cycle will continue until no bugs remain.

What are the Advantages of Alpha Testing?

Alpha testing has several advantages. Here are a few:

You do enough testing: Alpha testing involves black and white box testing. Black box testing tests input and output at a high level. The white box tests the system’s architecture and internal structure. It’s vital to check information and output flow for all required and conceivable circumstances.

Alpha testing improves software quality by simulating the production environment. This creates realistic test settings, empathizing with end-users. The team will get end-user input if the app goes into beta testing. Early feedback will improve the final product.

Usability and dependability tips: Alpha testing shows how a system will perform for end-users. The product team can measure the system’s usability and dependability in advance. These insights will help the product team make future system improvements.

Less rework and shorter delivery time: Alpha testing identifies production issues in advance. This helps the development team resolve production concerns before the system’s debut. This minimizes rework and release times.

What are the Disadvantages of Alpha Testing?

We recommend that teams find the time and resources for alpha testing.

Alpha testing has some drawbacks. Knowing about them should reduce their influence.

Alpha testing requires more time because the entire product is tested using black and white box methodologies. These delays push execution. The testing cycle depends on the product’s features and the number of flaws found. If a product has many features and bugs, testing will take longer.

Virtual environment limits non-functional testing. Alpha testing finds and fixes production issues. Yes, testing usability and performance is feasible, but not other non-functional needs. Maintainability, in-depth security, and reliability are hard to test in a virtual alpha environment.


An alpha test is typically conducted to assure the highest possible quality of the software system before it is released to the public. Therefore, an alpha test uses in-house testers (including team members, stakeholders, etc.) in a virtual environment that mimics the production environment.

Some of you may also be familiar with beta testing done by actual users after alpha testing is complete. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.