What is My Neighbor Alice Coin?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-building game with heavy aspects of decentralized finance and NFTs. It has raised awareness about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the gaming sector. What is My Neighbor Alice coin? Let us find out.

With the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there has been an effort to harness these advancements. One method is to play games that support cryptocurrency. It has played a significant role in raising awareness and adapting digital assets. Furthermore, blockchain games have appealed to a larger number of people. As a result, there are numerous gaming tokens such as Decentraland (MANA), Axie Infinity (AXS), The Sandbox (SAND), Gala (GALA), Enjin Coin (ENJ), and so on. MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) is one such cryptocurrency-enabled game. 

What is My Neighbor Alice?

What is My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice, or MNA, is a new multiplayer builder game that hopes to appeal to the broader gaming population and blockchain game players, thanks to its exciting player-driven storyline and accessible blockchain-powered features.

The game is set in Alice’s Wonderland and includes a series of islands on which anyone can buy and develop parcels of land by filling them with their creations. The game is akin to Animal Crossing in its quirky and whimsical style. Still, it also has a strong decentralized finance (DeFi) element, ensuring it appeals to the more specialized crypto audience.

My Neighbor Alice is a narrative-driven story and is a platform for social engagement and creativity, as players can construct their plots of land and show off their creations to their friends and other people. Most of the items in the game are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which the player completely owns.

It is being created by Antler Interactive, a mobile and VR-focused gaming studio with multiple popular games in its catalog, including Krystopia and SVRVIVE: The Deus Helix. The firm is run by CEO Anna Norrevik, a finance expert who has worked for renowned worldwide firms such as Credit Suisse and Accenture.

ALICE, the game’s native governance token, was released on Binance Launchpool in March 2021, shortly after DAO Maker’s February 2021 Strong Holder Offering (SHO).

How does My Neighbor Alice work?

how does my neighbor alice work

My Neighbor Alice is a building game. It features an open-world structure that allows players to explore Alice’s environment. So, you can interact with in-game characters and other players. The avatars of the players navigate the world of Alice. Players will eventually possess the various plots that make up the entire virtual land.

All the pieces of land are represented by a unique NFT that is highly customizable. It allows you to add decorations and customize the terrain to suit your personal preferences. Aside from lands, there are additional in-game assets such as limited-edition items. Furthermore, individuals have the option of manufacturing their commodities and determining their scarcity. In-game NFTs are constructed using the “Chromia Oringals” NFT protocol. 

Furthermore, Alice includes in-game objectives and activities for gamers. Aside from established quests, players can design their events and pool resources to complete them. The game is free to play and intends to profit through in-game asset sales and transaction fees. The game also has more utility-based elements.

What is My Neighbor Alice Coin?

ALICE is an ERC-20 token and My Neighbour Alice’s native governance coin. To secure its network, Alice uses proof-of-work (POW). You can buy in-game goods, lands, and avatar skins with ALICE. With the ALICE token you are allowed to be a part of the governance process through the community council. The council operates by proposing improvements, voting, and agreeing on the budget. The council also makes decisions on revenue distribution, game creation, and expansion. You can also utilize these tokens to gain staking incentives, supporting the ecosystem.

Alice tokens can be obtained by participating in in-game tasks, events, and competitions. You may play, invest, and be a part of the game by using the token. You can also enjoy gamified finance features such as NFT collaterals and rents.

What will Alice coin be worth?

We have compiled the most credible price forecasts for MyNeighborAlice (ALICE) from central forecast systems.

MyNeighborAlice Price Prediction for 2022

There are differing viewpoints on MyNeighborAlice pricing estimates for the remainder of 2022. TradingBeast predicts a rise to $3.29077 by the end of the year, while WalletInvestor predicts $6.033. Other experts, such as PricePrediction.net, are more gloomy about MyNeighborAlice’s future price, estimating figures as low as $1.971229 in December.

MyNeighborAlice Price Prediction for 2023

PricePrediction.net predicts that the coin’s price will rise above $3.291953 by December 2023 in their MyNeighborAlice price predictions for 2023. TradingBeast predicts that the MyNeighborAlice price will reach $5.91518 by that moment. WalletInvestor, on the other hand, continues to expect MyNeighborAlice price declines, quoting prices around $0.38 in 2023.

MyNeighborAlice Price Prediction for 2024

MyNeighborAlice price estimates for 2024 remain overwhelmingly negative, with some analysts predicting values in the $0.315–$2.10685 range (WalletInvestor, PricePrediction.net). TradingBeast believes the price might reach $7.38429 in December 2024.

What is Alice Coin used for?

The MNA has built-in lending and borrowing economy. NFTs buying and selling amongst participants is a trustless mechanism that employs smart contracts to ensure lenders always get their tokens back. ALICE tokens can also be traded at in-game and external marketplaces on various blockchains. ALICE’s overall security makes it a good currency to invest in.

Where can you buy Alice Coin?

Like all other tokens, the ALICE coin is available for purchase on various exchange platforms. Below, we list the major three exchanges, along with their benefits.


The perks of acquiring My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) at Binance include lower trading costs than other rival platforms. Its improved liquidity allows you to purchase and sell fast to capitalize on market opportunities.


They support a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, including My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), and they are frequently the first exchange to add new tokens to their platforms. They are staunchly opposed to any forms of market manipulation.


BitYard is a cryptocurrency exchange that facilitates the trade of over 100 cryptocurrencies, including My Neighbor Alice’s ALICE coin.


ALICE  is a blockchain-based multiplayer game that allows users to build virtual homes and farms and buy and own virtual islands. It is the native token of the My Neighbor Alice project. The ALICE coin can be used to purchase game things, governance, and network incentives. We hope you found this information to be useful.