What is Lure in Minecraft?

What is Lure in Minecraft? In Minecraft, fishing is the best and quickest way to gather various items. You can just toss the fishing rod into any water source block and have the possibility to get your hands on items such as enchantment books, leather armor, treasure, and of course fish. The lure is basically nothing but a fishing rod enchantment that helps players to get a bite on the hook in less time, it eliminates the waiting time.

The entire process of fishing requires patience and if you don’t have it then it might become a very boring and tedious task for you. If you can wait then well and good, but you will be happy to know in Minecraft you can expedite the process which will save you precious time. 

There are several items such as armor, tools, and weapons that can be enchanted in Minecraft. Same way fishing rods can also be enchanted for players with the lure power-up. 

What is Lure in Minecraft? 

What is Lure in Minecraft

Lure allows you to reduce the waiting time to get a perfect bite. Players fish to get several types of loot from the water bodies. There are many things that a player can catch while fishing from fish to rare enchantment books. However, it takes time for players to get a good loot or catch, so lure enchantment comes to the rescue by decreasing the time to wait for a bite in the hook. So, players have more chances to get a good catch. 

The regular fishing rod takes approximately 30 secs to get, a catch. However, with lure enchantment, the waiting time decreases by 5 sec per level. You need to make sure you don’t use commands to increase the level of enchantment beyond 5 otherwise the wait timer won’t start and you won’t get any bite in your hook. 

How to get Lure enchantment in Minecraft?

In Minecraft how to get lure enchantment

Enchantment can be applied to items in 2 ways in the Minecraft world, first from an enchanting table and second from an enchanted book.

The lure is not the rarest enchantment so you can easily find it on an enchanting table. Or else you have to find a librarian villager that will trade lure enchantment books but remember they will ask for an item in return and be ready with that if you want to have a lure. Now you can set the lure enchantment in your fishing rod by using an anvil. 

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Now fishing doesn’t require patience, all you need to have is a lure enchantment that will allow you to get many bites in your fishing rod in a short time. The waiting game will be over, all you need to focus on is to get as much loot, fish, treasures, and more as possible.

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