What is DeFi kingdoms ONE?

What are DeFi kingdoms ONE? Read on to learn all about it.

In DeFi Kingdoms, you’re not playing the usual P2P game. In addition to the myths and stories, it promotes DeFi literacy. Defi Kingdoms is a Dex + Yield Farm with a Zelda-inspired user interface.

DeFi terms and concepts that newcomers consider confusing are repackaged into easy-to-understand analogies. Today, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about the Defi Kingdom. DeFi Kingdoms is a game, a DEX, and a liquidity pool opportunity.

It is a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, all of which are presented in a classic fantasy pixel graphic style. DFK was created and traded on the Harmony ONE platform utilizing the UniswapV2 Protocol. Users will be able to receive rewards in no time because of the secure, fast, and affordable trading fees. 

DeFi Kingdoms is built around a decentralized exchange that runs on the tried-and-true UniswapV2 Protocol. One of the key reasons the team is interested in blockchain technology is because they aim to make investing entertaining and joyful for everyone in the kingdom.

What are DeFi kingdoms ONE?

defi kingdom

DeFi Kingdoms uses the Harmony Protocol blockchain for its native token ONE, which can be acquired on most major exchanges including Binance, Kucoin, Crypto.com, and others. One of the reasons why games like Axie Infinity appear to generate so much buzz is that they provide a simple on-ramp to Web3 concepts.

Even the greatest of crypto games use a familiar interface to create complicated crypto concepts, giving gamers a better understanding of what the technology can do. The concept of a utility-based NFT as a gaming item that may be owned, exchanged or sold appeals to me. Defi Kingdoms is built on the Harmony blockchain which is a blessing for gamers who have an interest in cryptocurrencies. 

In other words, it is a gaming project that gamifies the concept of a decentralized exchange  (DEX). You can experience the crypto exchange, whilst enjoying your gaming skills. We can check the statistics from this source.

The performance of Defi Kingdom has been tremendous. 

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What Sets DeFi Kingdom Apart?


DeFi Kingdoms is an ambitious assertion, but a closer look offers a framework through which we may comprehend the DeFi Kingdom as it exists today and may exist in the future. 

The game includes the following features:

  • A token-powered environment with a decentralized exchange
  • An NFT asset platform that has been reimagined as a high-fantasy adventure game.
  • In-banks and gardens are represented as liquidity provider pools.

How do I buy ONE for the DeFi Kingdom?

One of the many scaling solutions that Ethereum has been waiting for is Harmony. With the recent innovations and upgrades to the Harmony network, the price of the Harmony coin has reached a new all-time high. This post will tell you where and how you can Buy ONE for the Defi Kingdom?

Do your homework for Harmony ONE before purchasing it, and be aware of the danger associated with cryptocurrency investment. Purchasing the ONE token can be risky, as it can lose value over time, as with other digital currencies. 

Now, if you are assertive in your decision of buying Harmony ONE for the Defi Kingdom, first you need to buy the coin from an exchange platform that trades ONE, for instance, Binance, Kucoin, and more. After the final purchase of the coin from whatever currency you are comfortable with, you can send the ONE to your MetaMask wallet.

Once you have both exchange platforms from the browser and MetaMask set up with Harmony ONE in your wallet, you may proceed to enter the game. If you wish to know How do I buy one for the DeFi Kingdom? Then worry no more, read ahead as we have explained a step-by-step guide for buying Harmony. 

Step 1. Sign up for an exchange account

First, you have to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange account of your choice, we are going to tell you the steps required on Binance, however, the market is filled with options for platforms.
You can see the red rectangles where you have to register yourself to buy Harmony coin. This will get you started with buying other cryptocurrencies as well.

Step 2: Get Verification Done

You must complete the Identity verification process before you may use credit or debit cards on Binance.

Go to User Account > Identification. The current verification level for your account is displayed here. 

You must complete all steps of the identification procedure. You’ll be asked for your home nation, and each has its own set of requirements.

In general, the verification process on cryptocurrency exchange will request:

  • Copy of Government ID
  • Personal Information (First and Last Name, Date of Birth)
  • Facial Recognition 
  • Proof of Address

Step 3: Purchase a Harmony ONE token with a credit or debit card

After your Binance account has been authenticated, you can purchase ONE with a credit or debit card.

Go to Buy Crypto (top left) > Credit/Debit Card to buy bitcoin on Binance.

At the time of writing, you cannot acquire Harmony ONE directly; instead, you must buy one of the accessible cryptocurrencies. We’ll purchase bitcoin (BTC) and exchange it for Harmony ONE.

Search for BTC and then enter the desired amount. You may select your card details and pay for the coin. 

Step 4: Exchange BTC with Harmony ONE

This is the final step where you can buy Harmony ONE with two available options. Either convert the crypto at step 3 into Harmony coin or trade it on the “Market” tab. 

For beginners who do not want to make any mistakes, we recommend converting.

Click on Trade > Convert.


Well, you can buy Harmony ONE for $0.1238 to $0.1318 as per the statistical history of the coin till April 2022. However, the market for the coin can fluctuate but you can easily use it in the Defi Kingdoms.

$ONE tokens can earn block rewards as an incentive to secure the network. The Harmony currency can also be used to pay for services on the network, for instance, transactions, storage, and gas fees. Do we hope you are no more wondering about How to buy one for the DeFi Kingdom? Now go ahead and have a $ONE for yourself.