What is Defi Kingdoms Land?

A parcel of virtual real estate defined by a non-fungible token is referred to as NFT metaverse land. The owner can utilize their property for socializing, marketing, work, playing, and other purposes depending on the platform. In this article, Now let’s learn what is Defi Kingdoms land.

You can purchase NFT metaverse land through a program’s land sale or by using an NFT market to buy straight from landowners. To buy the land, you will require a digital wallet and cryptocurrency. Land can also be traded to other people on various sites, and in the future, renting methods will be available.

Always buy your NFT land from a company in a land sale or discreetly on the secondary market through a recognized NFT exchange. Make certain that you thoroughly grasp the land’s linked project and that you are aware of the financial risks involved.

What is DeFi Kingdoms Game?

What is DeFi Kingdoms Game

DeFi Kingdoms is a blockchain-based crypto play-to-earn game centered on NFTs and its native coin Jewel. (DeFi, an abbreviation for decentralized finance, refers to fintech built on public ledgers that are not regulated by a single institution.)

It’s free to begin playing, but you’ll have to pay gas fees if you want to interact with the blockchain.

The game is constructed on the Harmony Protocol network, with its native currency One, and all operations in the game are made with the native currency Jewel. 

DeFi Kingdoms appears to be a standard pixel RPG. Players can tour the Tavern, Bank,, or Garden, as well as interact with the town crier and other eccentric NPCs, all while trading and earning money. Some have compared the art style to Runescape, but we think it’s more akin to indie, medieval games developed with RPG Maker and the homey game Stardew Valley.

DeFi Kingdoms is situated in Gaia, a fictitious world with intricate and engrossing lore. The continent of Gaia was once undivided, but over-cultivation ruined the land. Those who remained devoted to Gaia were taken to the Inner Grove, where a deity divided the once-single continent. Separate kingdoms grew and then rejoined over time.

Players begin the game in the Age of Heroes, where they collect Jewels. They summon warriors back into the realm using supernatural powers to protect their Jewel gardens and battle corrupted beasts.

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How to Play Defi Kingdoms Game? 

defi kingdoms gameplay

Follow these steps to start playing the Defi Kingdoms game:

  1. Signup in the MetaMask account, which is essential for gameplay.
  2. Put Harmony One tokens into your wallet to cover gas costs and then exchange them for the in-game currency Jewel.
  3. Go to the DeFi Kingdom website and click the Start Playing button.
  4. Make a character name and choose a profile picture.
  5. Play by choosing where to put your time, energy,, and Jewel.

By creating characters, you are mining an NFT – a transaction that needs you to pay a gas cost, which is validated using your MetaMask wallet. Because you didn’t alter your character’s appearance (yet! ), make your selection carefully.

How Does DeFi Kingdoms Game Work?

DFK is still in the works. Nevertheless, there are already perfectly functioning capabilities available to gamers using the ONE and JEWEL tokens. For in-game transactions, ONE is needed for gas fees. The native token JEWEL is necessary to purchase in-game products and fulfill particular objectives. To complete a task, players must visit specific areas or speak with specific people.

  • Marketplace: This is the game’s DEX. It is a vital location because JEWEL can only be exchanged here. Players can engage with the “trader” to exchange various tokens for JEWEL.
  • Bank: This is the location where JEWEL can be staked for xJEWEL. The bank will give you a number of xJEWEL equal to the amount of JEWEL you deposited split by the Bank Ratio at the time. This procedure assures that one xJEWEL is always greater than one JEWEL.
  • Garden: This is the game’s liquidity pool, where players can earn prizes by staking a pair of 2 tokens (JEWEL + Token of Choice).
  • Tavern (Not Open Yet): The NFT marketplace where players can purchase Hero NFTs to use in the game.
  • Portal (Not Open Yet): Once a Hero has been purchased, players can raise it with JEWEL here.

What is Defi Kingdoms Land?

defi kingdoms land

Defi Kingdoms Land is a plot of digital space that you can purchase in a Defi Kingdoms metaverse project. The owner of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) might use the land for a variety of purposes or simply for speculation. A metaverse project will typically divide its map into smaller sections and sell them in a single or numerous land sales. Payments are typically made in bitcoin, however, some initiatives accept money as well.

When space is acquired, it usually comes with a 3D virtual experience for the owner and guests to discover. Because the lands are NFTs, proving authenticity and ownership of these digital assets is simple. The owner has the option of selling their land on the marketplace through a 3rd-party exchange or through the virtual world project network.

How to Buy Defi Kingdoms Land?

To make purchasing DeFi Land easier, look for an exchange that accepts both fiat and bitcoin.

1. Compare DFL-supporting cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchanges differ in terms of fees, security, and payment options, so you’ll need to do your homework to choose which is the best fit for you. You don’t need a wide selection of features as a beginning, and you may always switch exchanges later.

2. Create an account on a trading platform.

By clicking the Go to site button, you can register for an account. This will bring you to the account creation screen, where you may enter your information, beginning with your name and email address.

3. Make a deposit into your account.

To purchase DeFi Land, fund your profile with a bank transfer, cash with a credit or debit card, or deposit cryptocurrencies from a cryptocurrency wallet.

4. Purchase DeFi Land.

Finish your DeFi Land purchase before looking for the finest wallet to hold your DFL.


When trading in NFT land, you must always follow best practices, just as you would with any other asset. If you purchase your NFT land, make absolutely sure to use the authorized project link or a reliable third-party marketplace. Before making purchases, thoroughly research and study the platform you wish to invest in.

Don’t forget that owning isn’t your only option; you might be able to rent certain land in the future if you want it for a certain reason.