What is Dawn Axie?

If you are interested in Axie Infinity, you must learn about its gameplay and classes first. In this article, we will talk about Dawn Axie. What is Dawn Axie? Why are they not preferred by players? Learn everything about Axie infinity gameplay and Dawn Axie in this post. Let’s get started.

What is Axie Infinity?

axie infinity

Axie Infinity is a virtual pet community where you may purchase animals known as Axies and use them to fight, explore, and breed with other Axies. It was created by the game firm Sky Mavis and operates on the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Although the game has an 18+ classification, it is aesthetically enticing to younger children due to its Pokémon-style design and lack of a clear age-verification mechanism.

There are two major methods to play the game, both of which require you to hunt out two separate assets. Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is one of them. SLP is earned by completing daily missions and playing adventure games or combat matches. SLP is a resource that can be used to breed Axies in an infinite amount. The other one is Axie Shards (AXS).

Game Modes and Rules

Axie Infinity’s core game play is very similar to those of the Pokémon franchise. Battles are contested in a one-on-one format, with each player fielding a three-axis team. These axes each have their own set of stats, and the battle is fought in turn-based combat.

There are cards in the conflict that must be used tactically. When it comes to Pokemon games, putting the cards together is much the same as picking attacks. There are certain aspects of chance in the matches, which contribute to the drama.

Overview on Axies

axies overview

Axies exist in a variety of forms and sizes, with varying amounts of value. The more costly an Axie is, the better its odds of winning battles are. Players may also grind to generate the Axies they believe would make a good match in creating stronger Axies since an Axie inherits roughly 50% of its traits and talents from its parent Axies. Each Axie may only be bred 7 times to avoid inflation of the game’s artificial animals.

The value of an Axie is determined by its qualities. They are split and categorized based on their body parts and class.

Axie Classes

There are 9 Axie classes:

  • Aquatic
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Bug
  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Meck
  • Plant
  • Reptile

Each class is stronger or weaker than another, so picking the appropriate one for combat is crucial. Axies with a class edge will do 15% more damage to the opponent, while axeies with a class deficit will inflict 15% less damage. The game uses a rock-paper-scissors approach to guarantee that all classes are proportional. One class might be stronger or weaker than the other.

Learn about Dawn Axie below.

Axie Body Parts

Axie’s bodily parts, in addition to their class, have an impact on their degree of skills. The Axies have six different parts of the body that may be customized: horns, mouth, eyes, ears, back, and tail.

Combining various body parts with particular classes may lead to additional stat enhancements dependent on the component’s class because each piece has its own class. An Axie can be built up of parts from a variety of classes. This is what sets each Axie apart.

Axie Abilities/ Cards

When facing other Axies, the Axies have four skills, maneuvers, or talents that they may utilize. Cards are used to symbolize these skills. The abilities of an Axie are determined by the bodily parts it possesses.

Axie Stats

Health: It shows HP, that is the total damage that an Axie can take

Speed: It denotes the turn of which Axie will attack first. You can attack first if you have the highest speed level.

Skill: It denotes the attacking ability of an Axie, you can hit combo attacks with high skill level.

Morale: It increases the chances of striking a critical hit and letting them to enter “last stand,” which allows them to strike a few more rounds before being wiped out.

What is Dawn Axie?

Dawn = Plant + Bird parents

dawn axies

What is Dawn Axie? Except for morale, Dawn Axis has no “poor” stats. They also lack a “strong” role that qualifies them for a particular function. They are nicely balanced and hence have no actual or obvious role. That is why they aren’t used in PVP. We believe they have the potential to play a unique role, equivalent to the bruiser but more subtle due to their underappreciated status.

They’ll be able to resist shots while simultaneously dealing enough damage to bring their dps down in the middle of the game. Dawns, we believe, will have benefits that others will not be able to obtain in the future, particularly in land games. They, like all special classes, have two natures rather than one, making them more valuable.

How to Play Axie Infinity?

The first and most important thing you’ll require is Axies. To start the game, the user must have a squad of at least three Axies. You’ll need to acquire these Axies using ETH from an exchange. So, first and foremost, you must construct an Ethereum wallet into which you will deposit the Ether you have purchased.

If you have an old wallet, you may also utilize it (eg. Binance, MetaMask). Then, on Axie Infinity, make an account. If you created your wallet with MetaMask, you may use that to log in immediately.

The cheapest Axies are likely to cost between $150 and $300 apiece. So, simply to get started, you’ll need to spend at least $600, but think of it as an investment because these $600 Axies might return quadruple the money in a short period of time. You’ll be gathering, growing, and employing Axies to fight other players for prizes, such as SLPs. After you’ve purchased the Axies, install the Axie Infinity gaming program on your device and begin playing.


What is PVE in Axie?

PVE is a game mode in Axie Infinity. PVE stands for Player Versus Environment. In this game mode, users must defeat monsters in all 36 levels. Players will earn SLPs and experience after each level.

Why does nobody use Dawn Axie?

Dawn Axies have less HP and speed as compared to others, therefore players prefer breeding other Axies.


We hope that you have learned a lot about Dawn Axie. However, you should learn about the other Axie classes as well to pick your own entity. It is important to learn about their strengths and weaknesses before opting for them in a game. You can breed them and make them more powerful than before.