What is Alien Worlds Game?

Alien Worlds is a blockchain game where interested people can play games and mine NFT tokens, which allows them to make money. Play-to-earn games are gaining popularity because they allow gamers to receive incentives for their efforts. On Alien Worlds, you can engage in a variety of activities like questing, mining NFTs, and battling with other users. What is the Alien Worlds game? Read this post to find the answer.

What is Alien Worlds Game?

alien worlds game

Alien Worlds is decentralized finance (DeFi) metaverse in which gamers can earn prizes by playing games. Today, this network operates on a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). When users complete, they receive Trilium, the platform’s native currency.

This metaverse spans seven planets, and users can swap non-fungible tokens and native money for cash.

Alien Worlds has managed to receive new gamers since its inception. The relatively new platform now has millions of participants worldwide, making it one of the most popular games in the cryptocurrency industry.

Alien Worlds Game Basics

alien worlds game basics


Alien Worlds, like other blockchain games, makes use of NFT technology to allow players to interact with unique virtual treasures. Users may be required to purchase non-fungible tokens to gain access to certain unique functionalities. Similarly, they can sell received NFTs for fiat.


Furthermore, the website provides a means for users to stake virtual assets. Users can assist in governance and participate in decisions by staking the native token, Trillium. Staking, on the other hand, improves liquidity for the blockchain game, allowing parties to gain rewards.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Alien Worlds is a self-contained, decentralized organization (DAO). A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is controlled by the community rather than by a central entity. Platforms that run DAOs encourage system inclusiveness and decentralization. Members of the community can make suggestions, vote for candidates, and choose how to allocate the game’s wealth.

Game Cards

This platform also makes use of cards, allowing participants to devise their own strategies. Users can enjoy the gameplay by selecting NFTs cards from Binance or WAX, as per the official website. These cards can be used in combat, mining, and quests.

How Does Alien Worlds Work?

The game offers an engaging history that serves as a framework for the gameplay. The game, as per the official website, is about escaping Earth’s rising pandemic. However, the Federation, most Bitcoin’s evolved community, received signals from an alien race, leading to the discovery. The group discovered a wormhole and collected Trillium along the way. Six planets were established on the Federation of Alien Worlds as the game progressed, with residents fighting for resources.

how does alien worlds work

Everything in the game, including lands, minions, and firearms, is a token. Lands are among the game’s most valuable NFTs. When you own a land NFT, you can mine commodities and get prizes. In the video game, land NFTs represent parcels of land that can be mined or rented out. You earn a commission on assets mined when you rent them out.

In the virtual world, tools are also tokenized entities. Before you can mine assets, you must first acquire the necessary tools, which will make the operation faster and easier. To mine virtual assets, you must first choose a planet. Following your choices, you must choose a land parcel, which you may own or lease from the landowner. It’s also safe to say that new users start with shovels but can decide to enhance their tools. In addition, after each use, gadgets require a specified amount of time to charge.

How To Play Alien Worlds?

To begin, you must have a WAX account. Once you have the profile, you can create an Alien Worlds profile and begin playing the game. You then select a username that will be shown while playing.

how to play alien worlds game

Following the creation of your account, the following step is to select a planet. You can select whatever planet you want, and because it is a temporary location, you can change it whenever you want. When you choose your plant, the game transports you to the mining center, where you will spend the next ten years.

A mining hub is a location dedicated to mining activity. In the center, you will view your mining tools and land NFTs. Because new players are given shovels, you should be able to find a free shovel NFT in your inventory. Alien Worlds is primarily a mining game that you must mine to obtain rewards. You can begin your mining efforts by selecting “mine” from the mining center.

After mining for a while, you will obtain some tokens and possibly an NFT. It’s safe to say that lands vary, therefore some reward more digital content than others. If you lease land to mine on, you must pay the landowner a share of your profits. While the game defaults to 20% for landowners, they have the option to adjust the rate.

Is Trillium Worth It?

Trillium is a cross-chain coin that can exist on many chains at the same time. You may need to purchase Trilium to unlock certain game features. Furthermore, Trillium is a coin that connects different blockchains, allowing users to take advantage of this capability. This token has a lot of promise, particularly with the increased interest in NFTs and the metaverse. Nevertheless, before buying any coin, you should conduct a thorough study.

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How popular is the Alien Worlds game?

Alien Worlds has more than 760K users. It was the world’s most popular metaverse game in Oct 2021.

Is the Alien Worlds game free?

Yes, you can start the game for free.


We tried to cover all the important points of the Alien Worlds game. We hope that you found the post informative. Alien Worlds is a popular crypto game that can help you make some money. But again, the market is unpredictable, so be careful while investing. 

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